Why You Need a Carport, No Matter What Vehicle You Own

No matter what type of vehicle you have, a carport will prove to be highly beneficial. For homes without a garage, a carport can be the perfect solution for providing protection. From large campervans to motorbikes and scooters, carports from Aarons Outdoor Living will provide a safe spot for your second largest asset. Here are some of the benefits you will get when you invest in a carport.

Protects from the elements

The Australian climate can sometimes be harsh. This can lead to paint peeling, chipping or fading, weathering, and damage from hailstones and wind. Having a carport protecting overhead is an effective way to prevent that. It can also prevent frost where it tends to get cold, protecting exposed parts, such as on a motorcycle, from damage. No more will you have to wait for your windshield to defrost before being able to go!

Protects from theft and damage

Parking under a carport may help defend your vehicle against vandalism and other damaging attacks. Also, just having a carport near your home acts as a deterrent against would-be thieves as they are more in the open and often in a better lit-place if close to the home. If you are parked in a carport, you may be able to keep a better eye on your vehicle than if it were parked in the street.

It isn’t just for cars

The name may be “car”-port, but that doesn’t mean it is only for cars! Many like to use carports as places to keep their boats, trailers, and motorhomes. ATVs, scooters, and motorcycles can also be found under a carport. Even homes with a garage may have an additional carport for these types of vehicles if there isn’t any room in the garage.

They add value

Carports can add value to your home as they are a desirable feature to have, especially if your home does not have an existing garage.
Insurance companies also love carports! Having the added protection can help you save on your car insurance.
Regular garages also can be climate-controlled, have an electric motor and lighting. This all comes at extra costs that don’t come with a carport.

The eco-friendly choice

As previously mentioned, carports don’t require electricity to work for you. They save on energy and are made from environmentally-friendly, sustainable materials, like those from Aarons Outdoor Living. They’re also built-to-last with only the best materials available, so you can enjoy your carport for many years to come.

It’s more than somewhere to store a vehicle!

The cover of the carport makes for a great place to entertain outdoors. You don’t need to let the weather ruin your plans when you have the shelter of a carport. They can be a real focal point of any party. Thinking of using it strictly for entertaining? You can add a deck/flooring to them to complete the look.
Carports don’t have to be the big aluminium structures that you normally think of. Aarons Outdoor Living designs carports from arsenic-free cypress or treated pine in a range of natural finishes and tops it off with a skillion or gable roof in your choice of Colorbond colours. We’ll create something that is not only fit-for-purpose but also looks fantastic with your home. Our fully-customisable carports come in a range of sizes starting from 5m x 6m, so we’re certain we can help you create the perfect shelter for your needs. Give our team a call today to discuss them and to be on the way to getting that perfect shelter that suits you.

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