Are Solar Carports the Future?

Carports are fantastic additions to have. They protect vehicles, boats, and bikes from the outdoor elements, keeping them cool in the summer months and frost-free in the winter. A carport can also double up as a sheltered area to use for entertaining. But carports are now turning into more than just a convenient covered area. They are being put to use for solar panels. This trend is gathering steam and could soon be seen as the way all carports are built.

What are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are simply carports that have solar panels built onto the existing roof. It allows the space taken up by the carport to be used to harness the sun’s energy. Therefore no additional land space is needed for them making for the resourceful use of space. So, while you are keeping your car safe, your carport is doubling up as an energy provider.

Benefits of a Solar Carport

The biggest benefit to using solar carports is the effect it as on the environment, which is essentially non-existent. It shows a real commitment to using sustainable resources since it uses the power of the sun rather than non-renewable fossil fuels that in turn damage the environment. CO2 emissions are greatly reduced, helping against pollution and further damage to the ozone layer.
Because you are choosing solar energy, you will see a difference in your bills too. With solar energy, you only pay for the costs of the panels and installation. From there, the sun does all the work and it isn’t anything you need to pay for obviously. Using solar energy means you will save on household energy bills since you will rely less on electric. You may even not have any energy bills at all!

Have an electric car? You can use your solar energy to power it. EV charging points can be installed right in the carport to use solar power to charge your vehicle, really making your commute even more environmentally-friendly than it already was.
Also, solar panels are evolving and are no longer necessarily the big, awkward looking eyesores they once were. Solar panels now have a more sleek design, fitting wonderfully on the roof of the carport. Some solar panels can even be implemented into the roof instead of panels that lay on top. It’s all down to preference.
Of course, that all comes in addition to the benefits of having a carport. Carports will keep vehicles cool in the summer, not only making things more comfortable for when you get into the car but also helping reduce a/c running costs. This causes more fuel to be burned and more emissions. It also keeps the vehicle frost free, eliminating the need to defrost before getting on the road, saving you time and money.

Is there a difference between solar carports to rooftop solar panels?

Space and angle issues can often prevent a homeowner from investing in rooftop solar panels. A solar carport, however, will not have that problem. You can utilise the entire roof space of a carport.
It is easy to see why solar carports are growing in popularity. People love the fact that it not only helps cut electric bills using a space that is free to use, but also that it contributes to a greener way of life.
Thinking of adding a carport? Whether you choose to get solar panels or not, a carport can be a wonderful addition. Aarons Outdoor Living is here to help. We offer customised carports that fit your needs. Give our team a call today to discuss what you are looking for or just to get some advice to get started.

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