How To Take Your Entertainment Area From Drab To Fab

When you’re renovating your backyard, you’re going to want to make it as beautiful as possible. There are a few simple tips you can consider to create the best possible backyard entertainment area.


The first thing you have to consider is the layout of your backyard and what you’re wanting to include. You don’t want to cram your backyard with too many items. Keep in mind what you are going to use the entertainment area for. Is it going to be an area people are mostly standing, or does it need a dining table? This will ultimately alter what you include and the size of your entertainment area.
To make your backyard interesting, you can create different zones, with an area dedicated to entertainment, while still having space for the kids to play.


poolside deck
A deck is a great way to create an outdoor entertainment area for your family and guests. Decks will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your house but will increase the value as well. Decks can be completely customisable and can be attached to your house or freestanding.

Huts and shelters

If you are planning on hosting a lot of events in your outdoor space and seating area, then you’re going to want to consider installing some type of shelter. Shelters will provide a cool, shaded area for guests to relax. They can also completely transform the look and feel of your backyard and give your entertainment area some wow factor.
Depending on your style preferences, types of shelters to consider include Bali Huts, African Thatches, Pergolas or Gazebos. These make for a great area to put an outdoor area for dining table and chairs, or perhaps work as a shelter over a spa or next to the pool. You won’t want to leave your backyard when it looks this good.

Garden Lighting

garden lights

Source: Corospark

If you’re always arriving home in the dark, or planning on hosting dinners in your outdoor entertainment area, then installing some garden lighting is a must. In your driveway, around the perimeter of your backyard, or along a walkway or stairs, you can install Path Lights or deck lights. This will help to guide your way in the dark and avoid any accidents.
If you’re after something more decorative, consider fairy lights or even lanterns. These can be draped along a fence or throughout your shelter.

Feature item

Consider having a feature item as a focus point to your backyard entertainment area. This will make your backyard more unique and will cause guests to want to venture outside. Some decorative ideas include ceramic and terracotta pots, ornaments, sculptures or fountains. You could even include a water feature to create some white noise and give your backyard an extra element of relaxation.


Your fence doesn’t have to be boring any longer! Make it a bit more interesting by installing some bamboo panels. If you’ve already got a Bali Hut or African Thatch, then this is the perfect addition. If not, bamboo panels will help to bring some of that tropical paradise to your backyard. This is an attractive way to completely transform your backyard. Bamboo panels look great as a feature behind a pool or spa, as fencing around your property or around a thatch.
Installing these items into your backyard will make your entertainment area be completely transformed and will increase its wow factor.
Aarons Outdoor Living can help you design an entertainment area with our lifestyle and entertainment range, with something to suit every backyard.

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