Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Your Kids Will Love

It’s nearly Easter which means it’s time for the kids to eat lots of chocolate! But what Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt? You can just hide eggs around your backyard or outdoor entertainment area. Or you could follow a few simple tips to make your Easter egg hunt the most interesting yet.

Set up Easter bunny tracks

What’s better than an Easter egg hunt? An Easter egg hunt set up by the Easter bunny! For extra effect, set up some personalised notes and bunny tracks throughout the house or backyard. Your kids will love waking up and seeing the Easter bunny has arrived!

Golden Egg

Make the Easter egg hunt into more of a competition by including a special prize for the kids to find, such as a golden egg. This will make the kids more likely to take the hunt seriously if they know one of them can get a prize. If you have a hollow egg, you can even include a prize, such as money or lollies, inside the golden egg.


Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Source: Be A Fun Mum

Depending on the age and interests of your kids, you can get them to wear and make their own rabbit’s ears and egg baskets. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – paper plates or cardboard will do! This is something you can get the whole family involved in and is a bit cheaper than expensive store-bought baskets.

Have a station

If you’ve set up lots of eggs and if you don’t have baskets, then it’s helpful to make a station as a point for children to come back to. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a table, some cushions or a picnic rug will do. This can be a place kids can return their eggs to or get some water while they’re hunting.


Outdoor Party Games for Kids Egg and Spoon Race

Source: ParentMap

To make the most of Easter, why not organise some games for your kids to play. Simple egg-themed ideas include egg and spoon races, or egg toss, where teams of two throw a raw egg between each other and take steps back after each round. These games are sure to keep your kids entertained and outdoors after the Easter egg hunt is complete.

Scavenger list

For the older kids, why not make the easter egg hunt a little more challenging, but still fun at the same time. Make a scavengers checklist for your kids and get them to find objects you’ve hidden in the yard. This can be various objects or just a certain number of different coloured eggs. For an extra challenge, set a time limit for the objects to be found.

Source: Pinterest

There are a few things to keep in mind before you set up your Easter egg hunt, including:

  • Setting boundaries: you don’t want your kids wandering too far. Tell kids they won’t have to go beyond the backyard fence, or whether they will have to move objects to find the eggs.
  • Inspect your boundaries: to avoid tears, make sure there aren’t any hazards in your backyard. Avoid hiding eggs near plants or grass that has prickles or thorns.
  • Have a map: if necessary, make a map of where you’ve hidden all your Easter eggs. You don’t want to have a disappointed child not being able to find eggs, or coming across eggs days later.
  • Have a backup plan: you’ve planned the perfect Easter egg hunt, and then it rains. Make sure to have a backup plan of indoor activities in case the weather is bad.

Follow these simple tips for an Easter egg hunt your kids are sure to enjoy.

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