Transform Your Studio With This Year’s Top Design Trends

Is your beloved backyard studio in need of a fresh start? Whether you’re lacking inspiration or simply making sure you keep up to date with the latest trends, here are a few design ideas to help you create your dream studio:

1. Incorporate nature

Perfect working shed

Source: Residence Style

Whether it’s earthy colours, materials or a simple pot plant in the corner, people are taking a more natural approach to interior decoration. Plants in the studio can help develop a colour palette for the walls and furniture in the house by adding a fresh and more vibrant feeling to the space. This year there will be an increase in the use of wood and a shift towards sustainable and quality products. Pair this with natural lighting and glass doors and you have yourself a nature getaway in your own backyard.

2. Terracotta

FiredEarthReclaimed Terracotta

Source: Egetrom

Cool and white tones will be slowly replaced with warm tones in 2017. This year, you will find terracotta to be an extremely popular option, particularly in tiling and feature walls, with a natural matte finish. Going along with this year’s ‘natural’ theme, terracotta is extremely easy on the eyes and give off a strong earthy atmosphere, perfect for a studio in your outdoor entertainment area.

3. Green

Also Additional Apartment Apartment

Source: Zandart

This year is all about the colour green. Bright green was named the 2017 Pantone Colour of the year, and deeper greens have been finding their way into the world of trending interior design. The colour green gives off a vibe of refreshment and renewal, both feelings you want when you plan to spruce up your backyard studio. Whether you decide to go bright or dark, a bit of greenery in your studio goes a long way.

4. Artisan

artisan hardwood furniture

Source: Treske

Forget machine manufacturing. This year, artisan furniture and home decor are in. Handcrafted artisan furniture is taking over design trends as more and more people are beginning to look for a unique creativity. There is also an appreciation for the time and effort involved in the artisan design and craftsmanship adding a particular level of value to your interior design. Whether it be in your furniture, collectibles or lighting, going for an artisan style is sure to make any studio improvement worthwhile.

5. Marble

Gallery | Australian Interior Design Awards. Marble cocktail bar. White timber panelling.

Source: Pinterest

When we think about the emerging trend in marble for interior design, we’re not just talking about tiling, but also wall covering, carpet and fabric. Paired with wood and metal, marble hues add a sense of modernity and sophistication to any interior. Unsurprisingly, the material is becoming a growing presence in your everyday household and can also be used to add style to your studio.

6. Mixed Metals


Source: NY Now

The mixed metal trend has rolled into 2017 not only in gifts and novelties but in the decoration of household and studio interiors. And this is not just talking about the scale of small ornaments, but also on larger furniture. The mixed metal trend also holds a relationship with old artisan techniques and beautiful handcrafted design, making it a winner in every studio transformation.

Your dream studio

As you consider your next studio transformation, think of ways to add vibrancy, happiness, and life. The sky’s the limit so let your creativity go wild and don’t be afraid to try something new this year.
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