Why You Should Invest In A Bali Hut

Everyone needs a well-deserved holiday. When we think about a holiday, we think about kicking back at a tropical Bali getaway. We dream about blue skies, fresh air and relaxing under the shade of a big, beautiful palm tree.
The great news is you can bring that exotic holiday experience to your backyard with your very own Bali Hut!
Bali Hut with a deck

Let’s talk benefits…

So the big question here is: “What’s in it for me?”
Bali Huts will undoubtedly revolutionise your world of outdoor entertainment. At face-value, they are an incredibly attractive feature to add to any backyard, yet with aesthetics aside, there is much more to these structures than meets the eye.

Protection from rain

The roofs of Bali Huts are designed to be waterproof and carefully angled to ensure water slides straight off and away from your precious outdoor furniture. It also means that your outdoor entertainment area is still accessible even in rainy weather. Rain or shine, nothing will stop you from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Staying cool

Love being outside during the summer but hate dealing with that pesky Aussie sun? A Bali Hut provides vast, tropical shade complete with natural insulation to keep your outdoor entertainment area up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer. Don’t let the summer heat stop you from enjoying time in your outdoor entertainment area.

Why choose Aaron’s?

Consider purchasing a Bali Hut as an investment, which is why it’s extremely important to choose one that will last. A Bali Hut from Aaron’s Outdoor Living guarantees only the highest grade materials from Australian-owned marketing leading experts.
The roofing comprises of hand-woven Indonesian Alang Alang grass and solid timber frames to ensure you are being delivered the most durable, high-quality Bali Hut experience we can offer. You can be assured your Bali Hut will remain waterproof for 8-10 years complete with a 12-year limited warranty.

What are my options?

You have your own unique style, and your Bali Hut is no exception, which is why at Aaron’s you can fully customise Bali Hut to suit any backyard.
Your options include:

  • Size: Choose from 5 standard sizes and our incredibly popular Umbrella Thatch
  • To deck or not to deck?: Choose whether you want your Bali Hut to have a deck or not
  • Customisations: Decide whether or not you want those extra tables and chairs
  • Finishing: Choose between natural, cedar stained and walnut stained

The options are endless, so rest assured there is a Bali Hut out there for you!


A friendly installation team will ensure your Bali Hut is delivered and set up quickly, efficiently and conveniently. With a professional team backed with 22-years of experience, you can be assured that you will be greeted with top-notch service.
Maybe you’re more into DIY? No worries. We also offer DIY panels complete with easy-to-follow instructions ensuring the smoothest self-assembly experience possible.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards your Bali Hut journey, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today!

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