Aarons Outdoor Success Story Series – Bali Getaway

Want to transform your backyard this summer? Aarons Outdoor Living has the perfect product.
Purchasing a Bali Hut will make you feel like you’re on a constant holiday while in your own backyard. It will transform your entertainment area into a tropical paradise.
We take the construction of our Bali Huts seriously. We use a solid timber frame and the highest grade imported Alang Alang grass to give you the best looking Bali Hut. If you’ve got a certain idea of how it should look, that’s no problem! We can personalise the Bali Hut to make it perfect for you and your backyard.
Don’t worry if you’re not a DIY person. Aarons Outdoor Living offer a delivery and installation service, with professional installers there to build your hut. You won’t have to worry about your Bali Hut, all you’ll have to think about is which one you’re going to buy. But don’t just believe what we have to say. Our customers also rave about our sales and installation team:

“We recently purchased a Balinese hut through your wonderful sales person Dusty, and have so far thoroughly enjoyed having both huts in our backyard, which have stood up nicely to this latest wild weather. Dusty gave us an in depth information about the hut, and his presentation and customer services was outstanding. His construction of both huts was great and with a real quality finish, and we definitely recommend Dusty to anyone.” – Nives and Larry K.

Bali Huts come in five standard sizes. If you’re not sure what size will be right, don’t worry! Aarons Outdoor Living offers free site inspections so you’ll end up with the perfect sized Bali Hut.
It doesn’t just have to be any ordinary hut. Our Bali Hut’s can be customised to suit your wants and needs. Options include thatch table and chairs, cumaru hardwood decking, square cypress posts, ramp, steps, powder coated stirrups, manila rope and terracotta crown. There are also three finishes to choose from – natural, cedar stained or walnut stained.
Worried about it being too hot to be outdoors this summer? Think your hut might get wrecked in the tropical summer rain? Don’t worry! Aarons Outdoor Living’s Bali Huts are completely waterproof. The roof frames are angled to ensure water runs straight off the roof and keeps your outdoor furniture dry. Best of all, the Bali Huts will reduce heat by up to 10 degrees.
Have you had a positive experience with Aarons Outdoor Living that you would like to share with us? Send us a message to the relevant email address on our locations page or message/post to our social media pages! If you too would like Aarons to transform your backyard with a Bali Hut, you can visit our Bali Huts page for pricing or visit one of our superstores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide where you can see all of our products on display and see the quality for yourself!

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