10 Alternative Uses For Your Backyard Studio

If you’re finding your house is a bit cramped and full of stuff you need, but just can’t get rid of, then it could be time to consider purchasing a backyard studio. Studios are the cost-effective storage solution. However, they can be used for much more than just a storage space. Here are 10 uses for a studio you may not have considered:

  1. Home office

When you need your own private space outside of the house to completely concentrate on work, then a studio is often the perfect solution. A studio offers enough space to set up a desk and a computer. You can work distraction free, while never having to leave your own property.

  1. Music studio

For those who need a place to record and practice their music, but can’t quite afford all that time in an expensive private studio, then creating your own is the next best option.
Simply add a bit of insulation and soundproofing and you’re good to go. A studio is a great way to get the band out of the house and provides a private place to practice or record music, without disturbing the neighbours.

  1. Photographer’s studio

For those who are a bit more creative, you often need a place to call your own to complete your work. For photographers, you often need a quiet location to take photographs of your subjects. Having a studio can be the perfect solution. You can fit in all your equipment to ensure you will be able to complete your work interruption free. You could even design it to make sure there is less interference from natural light.
FT Architects created an enviable photography studio in Japan, with the design considering the impact natural light would have on the interior.

  1. Gardeners workshop

For those who love gardening, it’s a necessity to have a place to store all your tools. A studio gives you enough space to store and display your tools. It doesn’t just have to be storage – studios also give you enough space to transform it into a workshop. Simply insert a workbench, a few shelves, and hooks and you’ve got a fully functioning workshop. If need be, you can even have it function as a mini greenhouse for seeds and cuttings. You can completely transform your backyard by turning your studio into a workshop.

  1. Yoga retreat

Sometimes you just need to destress and take a break from your busy, hectic lifestyle. Unfortunately, yoga studios are often expensive or are in an inconvenient location. To overcome this, simply turn your backyard studio into the ultimate yoga retreat.

Leave the floor empty to give plenty of room to practice yoga and meditation. You can decorate the studio with items such as plants or candles which will help you to relax more. Ensure the studio is properly insulated so you are able to use your own private yoga studio all year round.

  1. Workshop

D.I.Y projects are becoming increasingly popular, and therefore more people are finding they need a space to store all their electronic tools. If you don’t like working with wood in the garage and need somewhere more sheltered than the backyard, then a studio may be the best solution. Studios are spacious enough to fit all your tools, as well as have a dedicated area for finishing projects. You’ll easily be able to fit all your materials into the studio. With a dedicated space, you’ll be able to finish all your D.I.Y projects in no time.

  1. Game Room

If you’ve got kids, a studio can provide a great opportunity for them to get out of the house and have their own space with a game room. When they’ve got friends over, they can all hang out in the backyard game room. Simply include some chairs, couch or bean bags, a gaming console, and screen and you’re set.
For adults, a studio can turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment area. As well as electronic games, you can also fit gaming tables such as pool or table tennis. Your guests are sure to be entertained with a backyard gaming room.

  1. Playhouse

For younger children, you can transform the backyard studio into a playhouse. The studio can be a giant toy room which will keep your children entertained. This area will help to develop their imagination and ensure they don’t get bored being stuck in the house. Children will be able to have another area to play in, without having to leave the property. This is perfect for when the weather is bad, or when your children have friends over.

  1. Gym

The new year has started, and many people decide that’s the time to have new fitness goals. Why not work to achieve those goals by having your own gym in your backyard. Now there’s no need to come up with excuses as to why you couldn’t make it to the gym! Having a personal gym means you can have all the equipment you need. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about paying a membership. Get active and achieve those fitness goals with a backyard gym.

  1. Art studio

Artists sometimes need a place to get inspiration and to complete work in a quiet space. A studio offers space for artists of any type to harness their creativity and produce their best work. You can decorate the interior to however is needed to help get inspiration. The options are endless – fill the room with art easels, canvases, paint, books, anything. A studio will help to get the creativity flowing while also ensuring the house remains free from any paint.
Aarons Outdoor Living has a huge range of studios available, perfect for any scenario. There are twelve standard sizes for you to choose from, so there will be one to fit every backyard. You can also customise your studio so it can have a verandah or gable end verandah. There are also several different finishes to choose from and various personalisations which can be made to make your studio just right for you. Contact Aarons today to find the studio that is right for you.

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