Cubby House vs Fort: Which One Is Right For Your Family?

When buying outdoor play equipment for your family, you want fun structures that kids will enjoy while balancing space and budget. Should you choose a cubby house or a backyard fort? Making the best decision involves critical considerations.

Cubby houses provide kids with personalised spaces for creativity and roleplaying. Backyard forts encourage active physical play with climbing walls, swings, and slides. Assessing your budget, yard size, and children’s interests helps determine whether a cubby house or fort suits your family’s needs.

We will present the factors to weigh when deciding between cubby houses and forts. You can select the ideal backyard structure by evaluating your family’s constraints and children’s preferences. You will find a perfect fit with Aarons’ wide range of imaginative cubbies and forts.

Budget Comparison

When buying a backyard play structure, set realistic expectations based on your budget. Cubby houses from Aarons start at just $1595, while larger forts begin at around $2495.

Knowing these price ranges ahead of time prevents disappointment if you promise your kids a bigger fort that is out of reach financially. Constantly evaluate your budget first when deciding between cubby houses and forts.

C H V FThe excellent news is that Aarons offers both at various price points. This makes finding the ideal cubby or fort that matches your budget easier. Just be sure to discuss costs with the kids so everyone understands how much you can spend on providing them with a fun, new, safe space for play and imagination.

Backyard Size Considerations

The space in your backyard is crucial when choosing between a cubby house and a fort. Limited yard area favours more compact elevated cubby houses.

Aarons offers small cubbies under 2m x 3m, like the Cottage at 1.7m x 1.8m. The Tower and Villa are slightly larger at 1.7m x 2.7m. Even with a small yard, these provide kids a cozy, private space.

Larger forts with swings, slides, climbing walls, and monkey bars need ample room for play activities. Avoid cramming an oversized fort into a tiny yard. Make sure to match the structure’s footprint to the available backyard area.

Measure your yard and look at sizing dimensions to find a cubby or fort scaled appropriately for your space. This ensures kids have room to enjoy their new safe play space fully.

Kids’ Interests and Needs

Cubby houses are ideal play spaces for kids wanting private personalised spaces to encourage imagination. Kids can decorate cubbies to reflect their interests, host tea parties with friends, or enjoy alone time. Cubby houses allow staying active outdoors even in bad weather.

Backyard forts with slides, swings, monkey bars, and climbing walls suit kids who love being physically active. Climbing walls and playing equipment on forts help develop strength and coordination.

C H V FForts and cubby houses can be customised with Aarons’ imaginative accessories to match your child’s personality. A steering wheel or pirate flag makes a cubby a ship, while a fireman’s pole or rock wall maximises active play on a fort.

Consider whether your child prefers roleplaying in a private cubby house or exhausting energy on a playset. Observe what types of imaginative play they engage in now with cardboard boxes or play kitchens. Assess their preferences to select the ideal backyard structure.

Best of Both Worlds

Aarons offers combo designs that provide the best of both worlds for families unable to choose between a cubby house or a backyard fort.

The Taj Mahal elevated cubby house includes private play spaces up top and active fort elements like a slide, climbing wall, and ladder below. Adding a sandpit underneath provides bonus play space.

C H V FJoining open and closed cubby house modules is another approach to maximising play options and backyard square footage. Connect an enclosed villa or castle cubby with the open tower style to double the fun and flexibility.

Modular and combination structures allow customising based on your kids’ interests. Incorporating swings or monkey bars on a cubby house design blends physical activities into their private, safe space for imaginative play.

Explore Aarons’ innovative cubby house and fort combinations to get all your family’s desired features. This creative mixing and matching ensures maximum enjoyment while maximising your available yard area.

Choosing What’s Best For Your Family

Choosing between a cubby house versus a fort involves considering your budget, backyard space, and kids’ personalities and needs. Aarons’ friendly staff can provide advice to help you select the ideal pick for your family.

Visiting a display centre allows exploring different options hands-on so that you can visualise structures in your yard. Keep communication open with kids about their playtime hopes and expectations, too.

Try mixing and matching cubby house types for families with multiple children to accommodate everyone. Prioritise must-have features while working within budget and space constraints.

Most importantly, focus on choosing equipment to promote active outdoor play and quality time together. As your kids grow, the right cubby or fort will spark creativity and fun for years.

With some thought about your family’s unique needs, you will select a backyard structure that becomes your children’s favourite space for roleplaying and making memories.

Let Aarons Bring Your Family’s Backyard Dreams to Life!

Choosing a cubby house or backyard fort involves weighing your budget, yard size, and kids’ interests. With Aarons’ wide selection, you can find the perfect custom structure for your family. Visit a display centre to explore imaginative cubby and fort options hands-on. Aarons’ expertise will help select the ideal backyard play space. Investing in a quality cubby or fort from Aarons creates magical memories as your kids play and grow.

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