Cubby House vs Fort: Which One Is Right For Your Family?

When you’ve got a young family, you want to ensure they have the best play equipment. After all, it’s good to get the children playing outside rather than spending all their time indoors. To do that, you have to buy equipment they will truly enjoy. This is where you have to make the tough decisions. Do you invest in a cubby house or a fort? What do you do when your kids want both?
There are a few things to consider before making a purchase that will help you decide whether you should get a cubby house or a fort for your family.

What is your budget?

For some people, the budget will be the most important factor. After all, you don’t want to promise your children that you will buy them one thing, only to find out that it’s too expensive.
To avoid disappointment, check out the price ranges of cubby houses and forts before deciding on one or the other. Aarons has a vast range of cubbies and forts for you to choose from. Our cubbies start from $1595, while our forts start from $2495.

How much space does your backyard have?

If you’re limited by space, then deciding to buy the biggest fort isn’t the most realistic decision.
If your backyard is small, then it may be best to consider a cubby over a fort. We offer several cubbies that are not elevated but are still big enough for the children to be entertained in. We offer the Cottage, which is 1.7m x 1.8m. We also have the Tower and Villa options, which are both 1.7m x 2.7m. These options will allow your child to have their own space outdoors, without it taking up the whole backyard.

What do you kids enjoy doing?

It’s good to consider what the children are interested in before settling on an option.
Do your children need their own personal space outside? A cubby provides a safe place where children can play outside. Cubbies are great as they allow kids to have their own space to personalise. It’s also a good option for when it’s raining – kids can still get that all important time playing outside of the house, while not getting wet.
Aarons range of cubbies can be completely customised to encourage imagination in young children. We offer accessories such as a letterbox, flower box, car steering wheel, boat and ship wheels, telescope, jumbo binoculars, cubby severy, pirate flag, skylight, plastic handgrips, steel ‘D’ handles, alternative roof colour and extra window. You’ll be able to host lots of tea parties with your children once you buy a cubby.

If your child prefers to climb, slide, or swing, then you’re better off investing in a fort. Forts will help children to develop their coordination skills and body strength. There are a variety of ways Aarons range of forts can be designed. This ensures your child remains engaged, both mentally and physically.
Aarons standard fort includes a slide, ladder, rope ladder and rock climbing wall. You can choose packages with swing frame, swings and monkey bars, or swings, monkey bars and lookout with a spiral slide. As with cubbies, Aarons forts work to develop a child’s imagination and can be completely customised with many accessories.

What if I can’t decide?

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to decide on one option over the other. Don’t worry, we have the solution.

Aarons offers the Taj Mahal cubby house. This is the perfect option for children who need their own private space, but still enjoy being active and likes climbing and sliding. The Taj Mahal is elevated off the ground and includes a slide, ladders, and rock climbing wall. Underneath the elevated cubby house children can also enjoy a sand pit. This is the perfect combination of fort and cubby house.

You can also double the fun by combining two cubbies together! This gives your children much more space to run around, while also providing them with a sheltered indoor area. Your children can get the best of both. A popular option is to join the open style Tower Cubby with a traditional cubby design such as the Villa or Castle.
These questions will help you to decide what option is best suited for your children and your backyard. The friendly staff at Aarons Outdoor Living can help make the decision easier and are ready to answer any of your cubby or fort queries.

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