7 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Benefits You and Your Dog

Artificial grass could be your next lawn care solution that works not only for you but also for your canine mates. Aarons Landscaping can install artificial grass in your yard or outdoor space, and your dog will thank you for it.

There are lots of reasons pet owners might consider artificial grass. Here are a few you may ponder when pondering your next lawn or garden project.

  1. With artificial grass, your pooch won’t be tracking mud or dirt back into the house every time he goes out. Create a clean, outdoor environment for your pet and your family when you select artificial grass for your next ground cover. You can eliminate so much dirt and debris from entering your home when you install artificial grass in your yard.


  1. Artificial grass is durable, which means your yard can stand up to tough dogs and all their messes. No more holes in the yard to trip over because your four-legged friend tried to make an escape. No bald spots in the grass where your rowdy dog was playing. No more brown spots on the lawn from pet urine. Artificial grass will last a long time and can withstand even the biggest beasts.


  1. With artificial grass, you’ll also have no more worries about prickles or other lawn weeds hurting your pooches tender paws. Artificial grass means you won’t have any surprises lurking in the blades of grass. Create a safe space for your dog when you add artificial grass to your outdoor space.

  1. Artificial turf is perfect for toilet training your new puppy, as it is super easy to clean. Liquids can drain easily while solids remain on the surface for easy cleanup. This type of surface means a healthier, safer yard for you and your family, as messes are a breeze to clean up. No more surprises hiding in the tall blades, making it easy to clean up and no the mess is gone.


  1. No one in the family appreciates itchy, toxic, or parasitic critters. It turns out that fleas, ticks, ants, and snakes don’t really like synthetic turf. An artificial lawn means summer can now be a fun season for your dog. Protecting your lawn, family, and pets from pests can be a lot of work, so artificial grass can make your life a whole lot easier. And, you won’t be adding any chemicals to your grass to control pests, making your home a safer place for everyone.

  1. Artificial grass is extremely comfortable for you and your pet to walk on. If you have a tender-footed pup, or if your pet is finicky about where she walks, artificial grass is a great solution. Artificial grass is extremely comfortable to walk on, whether you are two-footed or four.


  1. An artificial lawn means your grass will also look great, regardless of how your pet treats it. You can create an endlessly green outdoor space that saves you time (no mowing) and money (no watering) without worrying about how much damage your dog will do.

While your dog will love artificial grass, so will you! Imagine a world where you no longer have to mow your lawn every weekend, worry about keeping it watered in the dry season, or treating for bugs and weeds. Reclaim your weekends by taking the headache out of yard work when you invest in artificial grass.
Aarons artificial grass can be used in nearly any environment and makes a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Contact the experts at Aarons Landscaping to learn more about installation, care, and maintenance, or to get an estimate on your new artificial grass area.

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