The 10 Best Activities to do in Your Backyard Studio

A backyard shed or garden studio has more potential than just an extra space to stash overflow belongings. While they make practical storage solutions, a backyard studio can also provide you with versatile room to create space tailored to your interests right in your backyard.

This article will outline ten fun ways to get the most out of your backyard studio beyond using it for basic storage needs. From creating art to playing games, exercising, pursuing hobbies, or entertaining – you can customize a backyard shed into whatever you want.

These activities allow you to enjoy quality solo time doing what you love or gather together family and friends for shared experiences, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Creativity can transform a backyard studio into multipurpose areas the whole household can utilize.

Read on for an overview of 10 activities you can add to your backyard studio, whether renovating your shed or building a new one. Discover fresh ways to use this valuable space in your backyard!

 Art Studio

Transforming your backyard shed into a private art studio gives you a creative space with complete control to craft and make art your way. Use it as a craft studio for painting, pottery, sculpture, textiles, jewelry-making and other artistic endeavours.

Install shelving units to neatly organize all your art supplies and materials for easy access when inspiration strikes. Designate specific activity zones like an open floor space for sculpting, a tall easel for painting canvases, a pottery wheel and kiln set-up, and a large table for crafting projects.

T B A T D I Y B SAdd stools, chairs and tables to give you and your friends surfaces to work on. Scatter beanbags and floor cushions to create a relaxed, creative vibe. Maximize natural light from windows, and consider adding skylights to make your artwork pop.

With your backyard art studio, you can take classes with friends in the privacy of your creative sanctuary. Host a paint and wine night or throw a pottery party where you can learn new skills together. No more lugging supplies to a venue – you now have full creative control in your purpose-built art space.

There are endless options regarding artistic endeavours you can pursue in your backyard studio. Painting with oils, acrylics or watercolour, sculpting with clay, drawing portraits – let your inner artist flourish! You can also explore jewellery-making, candle/soap-making, sewing, paper crafts like origami, photography, and more.


Converting your backyard shed into a game lounge unlocks endless gaming possibilities. Install shelving to store all your board games, playing cards, puzzles and gaming console accessories, and create your man cave.

Add a large central table to gather for board game nights and card games like poker and euchre: scatter beanbags and floor cushions to fuel comfy competitive play. Design different zones catered to specific gaming activities. Set up a console gaming area for video games with a wall-mounted TV and comfortable seating. Build a tabletop zone for enjoying RPGs like D&D. And include a casual lounge area for relaxing and socializing.

T B A T D I Y B SWith your backyard game room, family game night will reach a new level without taking over your living space. And you can host competitive nights with friends playing ping pong, Foosball, pool or arcade games. With more space, you can live stream e-sports matches, install pro lighting, and create a professional audio set-up.

The gaming possibilities are truly endless in your custom backyard studio. Board games, card games, arcade cabinets, console games, VR rigs – build your dream game cave tailored to your hobbies!


Transform your backyard shed into a private music studio where creativity can flow freely. Soundproofing is critical, so insulate walls and use materials that absorb sound rather than reverberate it. Install acoustic foam panels on walls and ceilings to optimize sound quality so you can save money recording demos at home versus in a pro studio.

Deck your space with professional audio equipment like microphones, monitors, audio interface and recording software. Bring in any musical instruments you play, like guitars, keyboards, and drum kit – remember to include stands and protective cases.

T B A T D I Y B SWith your music studio, the possibilities are endless. Give private music lessons to earn extra cash. Invite fellow musicians for jam sessions—host listening parties to showcase your latest songs and demos. Build a mini stage for backyard recitals and shows, complete with pro lighting.

You’ll have full creative control over every aspect of your music shed. Customize it with soundproofing, instruments and gear perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, in a band, a producer or an engineer, your very own backyard studio lets your musical creativity flow freely on your terms.


Your backyard shed can become a peaceful sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life. Transform the space into a quiet outdoor retreat for meditation, reflection and spiritual connection.

Decorate your studio with calming elements to help create a relaxing vibe. Use soft pillows, floor cushions, paper lanterns, candles, incense burners, indoor water features and potted plants like bamboo or bonsai trees. Hang inspiring wall art and sacred symbols to enhance the ambience.

T B A T D I Y B SInstall dimmable lighting so you can set just the proper zen mood lighting. Soundproof walls and acoustic panels will help block out external noise pollution.

Now you have your custom meditation shed to practice mindfulness activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi or qigong. Hold new-age gatherings or reiki sessions with like-minded friends.

Customize your sanctuary with a meditation altar, prayer mats, Buddha statue, cross, mala beads, singing bowls, or any sacred items aligned with your spiritual beliefs. Your backyard meditation studio provides the perfect getaway to unplug from the world and reconnect with your inner self.


For book lovers, a backyard shed creates the perfect reading spot. Install tall shelving and bookcases to house your home library with enough space to store your collection and continue expanding—group books by colour or genre to create an aesthetically pleasing display.

Add cozy touches to make reading comfortable. Place plush armchairs, couches or beanbags for intimate reading nooks. Use soft rugs underfoot, drape blankets over chairs, and scatter pillows for extra coziness. Include thoughtful lighting like reading lamps or string lights overhead.

T B A T D I Y B SDesignate zones for varied reading activities. Create a quiet corner for intensive studying, a children’s area with kid-friendly seating, and a casual lounge for relaxing with a good book. Add charming accents like bookends, potted plants and wall art. Show off prized books and literary decor items.

Your backyard book nook is perfect for curling up with a cuppa and your favourite read—host book club get-togethers or reading groups with fellow bookworm friends in your custom bibliophile sanctuary.


Transform your backyard shed into a practical yet inspiring writing office. Install a spacious desk paired with an ergonomic office chair to create a dedicated workstation for your writing. Add adjustable desk lighting and storage for pens, paper and other supplies.

Use shelving units to hold reference books within arm’s reach as you write. Add a whiteboard for visualizing ideas and plotlines. Ensure your tech needs are met with strong Wi-Fi, laptop charging station, printer and scanner.


Include a lounge area with a cozy armchair to read and contemplate story threads. Reduce external noise with acoustic panels, rugs and soft furnishings. Decorate your writer’s sanctuary with art and objects related to your niche to stimulate ideas.

With your private writing studio, you can designate set times to write distraction-free. Write alone or invite other wordsmiths to join writing sessions. Host workshops or coaching clinics if you teach writing skills.

Your backyard office allows you to immerse yourself in the writing process fully. Use it for penning blog posts, screenplays, poetry, fiction, non-fiction books, academic papers, speeches, and other literary pursuits! Express yourself freely in your backyard writing retreat.


For the avid woodworking hobbyist, converting your backyard shed into a woodworking studio is a dream come true. Start by installing sturdy workbenches equipped with vice grips to hold wood securely steady for cutting, drilling, sanding, joinery, and other wood manipulation.

Proper lighting is vital, so add adjustable task lamps that illuminate your work zone. Use the walls to organize tools when not in use via pegboards, shelving units, cabinets and tool chests. Contains sawdust and debris with dust extractors and air filters. Consider zoning different work areas like lumber cutting, project assembly, finishing, drill press station, etc.

T B A T D I Y B SNow you have the ideal woodworking shed to build DIY projects like furniture, cabinets, decorative items and unique gifts for loved ones. Take up specialized skills like wood carving, whittling, lathe turning, marquetry inlay, chip carving and more. If you’re an experienced woodworker, hold beginner classes and workshops to teach others your craft.

Your custom backyard studio has all the room you need for essential woodworking tools. Stock up on must-haves like saws, drills, sanders, chisels, planes, routers, jigsaws, clamps, drivers, and more. Carefully choose between hand tools for detail work and power tools for strength and speed. Build your ultimate woodworking haven tailored to your skills and projects.

Home Gym

Transform your backyard shed into a home fitness oasis. Start by installing durable flooring that withstands workout wear and tear, like rubber gym mats over concrete or wood.

Bring cardio machines like treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and ellipticals. Dumbbells, kettlebells and weight sets cover strength training. Designate floor space for bodyweight, yoga and aerobic workouts. Install mirrors along one wall so you can check your form.

Use the walls to hang equipment like punching bags, pull-up bars, and resistance bands. Fill the space with fitness accessories such as exercise balls, foam rollers, yoga mats, towels and water

bottle holders.

T B A T D I Y B SInstall proper lighting, ceiling fans, AC unit and sound system for an optimal exercise environment. Add a wall-mounted TV screen to stream workout classes and instructional videos.

Your private home gym allows you to exercise on your terms. Grab friends for group training sessions, or hire a personal trainer to lead customized workouts within your studio.

With all the fitness gear you need, and ample space for cardio, strength and flexibility training, your backyard gym provides the perfect workout sanctuary.


Convert your spacious backyard studio into a private spa sanctuary for the ultimate in luxury. Dim the lights, add some mellow spa music, and transport yourself to a relaxing oasis without leaving your property.

Section off space for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tanning and hairstyling stations. Invest in a professional massage table and quality equipment for various spa therapies. Dedicate an area for mani/pedis, complete with a chair, basin and comprehensive nail supplies.

For facials, use a comfortable reclining esthetician’s chair and purchase high-end skincare products and tools of the trade. Add a styling station with a salon chair, mirrors and hair products. Add a spray tan booth or vertical tanning bed for that sun-kissed glow.

T B A T D I Y B SDecorate your backyard spa studio with calming elements like soft lighting, scented candles, plush robes and tranquillity-inducing wall art. Infuse the space with smells of eucalyptus or lavender to aid relaxation. The possibilities are endless when designing your luxury pampering haven.

Hire massage therapists, estheticians, nail technicians or other wellness professionals to provide indulgent treatments in the privacy of your home spa sanctuary. Host pamper parties with your closest girlfriends, or spend a day treating yourself to some much-needed “me time”.

With the proper planning, your backyard spa studio can provide a five-star oasis to melt away stress and return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Backyard Cafe

Convert your backyard studio into a charming cafe for the ultimate staycation spot. Use part of the space to prep food and drinks by installing countertops, cabinets, a sink and handy appliances like a coffee maker, toaster oven and mini fridge.

Add an outdoor barbecue station on the deck alongside patio furniture to create an alfresco bistro dining area. Designate a lounge zone furnished with cozy couches, rugs, and low coffee tables for more casual nibbles.

T B A T D I Y B SWhen you want a more formal dining experience, bring in a lovely table and chairs and set it up cafe-style. Dress it with cute tablecloths, fresh flowers, napkins and tableware. Add mood lighting like string lights or candles to complete the ambience.

With your whimsical backyard cafe, every day feels like a relaxing getaway. Meet a friend for afternoon tea or a latte. Host intimate dinner parties and craft imaginative menus. Have weekday breakfast in your private cafe before work. Or settle in on weekends with the morning paper and croissants.

You can tailor your backyard cafe studio to match your tastes. Opt for vintage chic, island tiki vibes, Parisian bistro feels or modern Scandinavian aesthetics. Let your imagination run free when crafting your cafe paradise.

Customize Your Backyard Studio Into Your Private Paradise

Looking to get more use out of your backyard studio? The team at Aaron’s Outdoor can help design and fit out your studio for any activities you have in mind. With over 15 years of experience building high-quality backyard structures, we can create your dream studio tailored to your family’s needs. Contact us today for a free design consultation!

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