Preparing Your Backyard For Crazy Weather Events

It’s easy to forget about all of the things on the outside of your home when you are readying for a storm or bushfire. Aarons Outdoor would like to remind you to consider all of your outdoor buildings, accessories and features as you prepare for storm season and for natural disasters. Taking just a few moments to prepare your outdoor space will not only protect your belongings but also have benefits for the rest of your home and your neighbours.

Australians are no strangers to crazy weather events and natural disasters. Cyclones, bushfires, land slides, heavy storms, and storm surges are not uncommon in many parts of the country. When readying your home for an impending storm or natural disaster, one of the most important things you can remember to do is to secure all of the small objects on the outside of your home. Lawn furniture, grills, and movable objects should all be brought inside, whether to your garage, basement or shed. These objects can become projectiles in heavy winds and could possibly harm your home, others’ homes, or people. When winds are not likely to be severe or when you are just readying things for the off-season, outdoor furniture can also simply be covered to protect it from UV and the elements.

One important thing you can do to protect your home during heavy rains is to be sure your gutters are cleaned well before any storm. Gutters keep water running away from your home and prevent many types of problems. Check your gutters regularly and make sure they are free of debris at the beginning of storm season.

Young trees are vulnerable to blowing over in high winds. If you have recently planted trees in your yard and they are still staked, make sure that the stakes are driven deep into the ground and that the ties are strong and secure. If you have a slightly older tree whose stakes have been removed in the past few years, consider re-staking it when a storm approaches to prevent it from blowing over.

Cleaning chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and motor fuels should be stored in areas that are secure and as high as possible. If you have any of these chemicals in your garage, shed, or workshop, make sure they are stored as high as possible to prevent floodwaters spreading them through your home or garage or into the water supply.

If you have a water garden, consider bringing valuable fish, such as Koi, inside in a large bucket of water dipped from the pond. Before a storm, fountains should be turned off and secured, and electrical cords should be unplugged, rolled up and secured.
If you have a pergola, Bali hut, or arbour in your yard, please make sure that all anchors and screws are tightened and properly secured when preparing for storm season. Our products are well-built but need regular checkups to ensure all fasteners are in working order.

If you know a big storm is heading your way, take some time to inspect the roof of your home as well as the roof of any carport, shed, or outbuilding you may have. Repair any loose shingles or problems to help alleviate any possible damage later.
The most important thing you and your family can do to prepare for a storm or natural disaster is to be sure you have a plan ahead of time and to be prepared with supplies. Know what possible damage could occur so that you can be prepared and have supplies ready in case of power or water outages.

By being prepared, you can ensure that storm season or other natural disasters have minimal impact on your home and family. Protect your investment in your outdoor space by taking the time to include these simple tips in your emergency preparedness plan.

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