Why Aarons Use Treated Pine

At Aarons, we utilise a variety of supplies when constructing the products you love. But the most used product, and therefore the most important, is our timber.
Aarons use treated pine in nearly all of our products. Pine is used in a wide range of building applications due to its robustness, excellent growth rate, and versatility. Aarons use Pine as it is structurally sound for domestic and commercial constructions. Pine is one of the easiest timbers to work with. It stains well, is easy to saw and can be cut, nailed and screwed using ordinary hand tools. Better still, Pine is renewable, recyclable, energy efficient and helps reduce carbon emissions.
Pine is vulnerable to invasion by insects and absorbs moisture easily, so we use only treated pine products. Treated pine is a timber which has been impregnated with a chemical solution containing two major components; fungicide and insecticide, giving it a long-term resistance to decay, insects, and other wood destroying organisms. This effective and long lasting protection makes it very durable to applications exposed to the elements such as pergolas, retaining walls, gazebos, and cladding.
And don’t worry about the kids – it is illegal to use CCA pine these days, so all of Aarons play products are made with kid-safe timber only.

One of our treated timber cubby combos soaking in the sun!

One of our treated timber cubby combos soaking in the sun!

Being a natural product, over time your pine may go slightly grey if left unstained and in the weather. This is a natural process that occurs because of weather on the timber and is a completely natural occurrence. Some people even prefer this effect and try to encourage it in their timber (watch almost every episode of Grand Designs!). You can slow this effect by re-staining roughly 12 – 18 months after purchase and stain can be ordered from your local Aarons store (or any water based stain will do the job!).
Stain from Aarons also works great as an undercoat if you’re looking to paint your new product at some point. For more on staining, read our blog on protecting timber for life!

Some prefer the weathered look.

Timber will also often show surface cracks, commonly known as checks. This is also a natural occurrence, especially in pine. At Aarons, we get a lot of queries regarding these cracks, with customers thinking their new cubby may fall apart! DO NOT WORRY! These cracks will swell and contract during the seasons and do not affect the structural capacity of your product.
At Aarons, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We’ve installed our products, ready for you and your family to come, try (and buy) at all of our display yards across the country. Come and see for yourself the quality you will be buying!
If you’d like to read more about timber, visit here (PLEASE NOTE: Links are to external websites and are not affiliated with Aaron Outdoor Living in any way. Aarons cannot be held responsible for any content on external websites).

If you’d like to order an Aarons product you can find your closest store here or browse our various products through the rest of the Aarons website! For anything else, feel free to contact us.
This article was written by Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog.

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