Awesome Backyard Renovations To Make You Green With Envy

Transforming your outdoor space can seem daunting, but with some imagination, even the drabbest backyard can become an outdoor oasis. This article provides inspirational backyard renovation ideas to help you overhaul your backyard into a personalized outdoor living space.

From installing an outdoor shelter or playground to building a swimming pool or deck, we’ll explore popular renovations that can take your outdoor space from bland to grand. You’ll discover how simple additions like comfortable outdoor furniture, native plants, and decorative lighting can completely change the look and feel of your yard.

With the right renovations, you can create a backyard that serves as a multipurpose outdoor living area for relaxing, entertaining, and family fun. The following sections will showcase gorgeous backyard transformations and provide tips to plan your ideal outdoor living space. Get ready to bring your backyard dreams to life!

Building An Outdoor Living Room

Creating a comfortable outdoor living space is perfect for extending your home’s area. Add critical outdoor furniture pieces to design your ideal backyard living room. Comfortable seating is a must – look for weather-resistant options like wicker, aluminium or teak chairs, loveseats and sofas. Sectionals, loungers and padded deck chairs are other perfect spots for relaxing outdoors. Don’t forget the details like throwing pillows and cushions in bright colours or patterns to enhance the overall look.

If space allows, consider incorporating a coffee table, side table, or ottoman, which is perfect for holding drinks, books, and other living room necessities. Weatherproof rugs in natural fibres or synthetic materials are a good thing to define the space and make it feel more like an indoor room. String lights, lanterns and candles are stunning outdoor lighting options to illuminate your outdoor living room and create an ambience after the sun goes down.

A B R T M Y G W EWhen it comes to decor, the possibilities are endless. Add personal touches with plants, artwork throws and accessories to reflect your style. This is the perfect spot to display your favourite outdoor sculptures, flower pots or water features. Use your outdoor furniture arrangement to dictate how the space will be used – for intimate conversation, family gatherings or parties. The dream backyard offers versatile outdoor spaces for every occasion.

No matter the size of your outdoor space, the core components of seating, lighting, and decor are easy to start small and build up to your perfect backyard living room. Before you know it, your outdoor space will become a natural extension of your indoor living area that the whole family can enjoy.

Installing An Outdoor Shelter

Adding an outdoor shelter is a great way to expand your outdoor living space and get more use from your yard. Shelters like pergolas, gazebos and cabanas provide cover from the sun and light rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces in any weather. Attached shelters connect directly to your home, while freestanding structures are standalone. Consider an open design to allow sunlight and breezes or a closed shelter for more privacy and UV protection.

When choosing a shelter, think about your intended uses. A pergola over a patio or deck creates a shaded dining and lounging area. A cabana by the swimming pool offers a relaxing place to cool off. Gazebos work well for outdoor parties and gatherings. Measure the area and opt for a size that fits your needs while leaving ample room around it. Select durable, low-maintenance materials like weather-treated wood, powder-coated aluminium, or reclaimed wood.

A B R T M Y G W EPosition your shelter thoughtfully, factoring in sunlight patterns, views of your yard and access to the home. Use it to define spaces like a sitting area with chairs perfect for an afternoon coffee. Incorporate lighting like lanterns or fairy lights to illuminate it at night. Surround it with beautiful garden elements like planters and native plants. A nearby fire pit extends evenings outdoors. The options are endless for customizing it to suit your dream backyard.

An outdoor shelter adds function and beauty to any landscape design. Make the most of this versatile addition by using it as a dining room for al fresco meals, a lounge for parties, a playground for kids or a private oasis for relaxing with a book. Let your imagination run wild in creating the perfect sheltered spot in your yard.

Building a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a dream addition for many homeowners, offering endless family fun, exercise, and outdoor entertainment opportunities. When planning your pool, decide between in-ground or above-ground based on your budget and yard space. For lap swimming, opt for a narrow rectangular pool. Kid-friendly pools may feature playful shapes and interactive elements like slides and fountains. Consider an eco-friendly saltwater pool for lower maintenance.

Determine the ideal size and shape by mapping out your yard and existing structures. Account for proper circulation space around the pool perimeter and room for poolside amenities. Adhere to safety codes and legal requirements regarding barriers and access in your area. Carefully choose finishes like pebble, tile or concrete decking that complement your landscape.

A B R T M Y G W EStrategically place water features like cascades and LED lighting to create an eye-catching focal point. Establish designated activity zones like lounge areas with comfy seating and umbrellas. Define the space with garden plantings, pathways and string lights overhead. The pool surroundings should enhance functionality while adding beauty.

A major backyard renovation, like installing a pool, brings new life and possibilities for outdoor living. With an infinity edge, the water seamlessly blends into the landscape. A nearby seating area with plants lets you relax poolside with an iced tea. Outdoor gatherings in the evenings take on a magical ambience with the soft glow of pool lights. A custom pool truly has something for everyone to enjoy year-round.

Proper planning and design allow a swimming pool to add life to your outdoor space for years. Don’t just picture an ordinary backyard pool – dream big and create an oasis tailored for your family. Consult the experts at Aarons Outdoor Living today to start designing your backyard pool paradise!

Installing Playground Equipment

Installing playground equipment is a fun way to create a child-friendly backyard that encourages active outdoor play. The classic options like swings, slides, seesaws and climbing frames allow kids to develop strength, balance and coordination skills. Look for developmentally appropriate equipment for toddlers like rockers, push toys and low swings. School-age children thrive with more challenging activities like monkey bars, balance beams, rope ladders and obstacle courses.

Safety should be a top priority – installing soft landing surfaces beneath equipment and regularly checking for potential hazards. Gear made from low-maintenance materials like plastic and metal ensures maximum durability. Provide shade with umbrellas or canopies so the heat doesn’t limit playtime—position seating like benches nearby so parents can supervise comfortably.

A B R T M Y G W EWhen laying out your backyard playground, allow enough space between structures for safe circulation and active games like tag. Place noisy items like swings away from the house. Divide areas by age group and create personalized zones for each child. Think creatively about incorporating sports courts, water features like splash pads and custom elements like forts or playhouses. Landscaping around the playground adds beauty and visual interest.

The dream backyard seamlessly combines play and leisure for family fun. Kids burn off energy in the jungle gym, then relax in the nearby loungers with handheld video games—parents pot plants in the raised garden beds given the slides where toddlers squeal with delight. Inspiring photos of play spaces show that a backyard playground can be whimsical and stylish.

With so many options for exciting equipment, layouts and themes, your biggest challenge will be choosing which playtime elements to include! Aarons Outdoor Living can guide you in designing a play space for your family. Contact us today to get started making your backyard playground dreams come true.

Bring Your Backyard Dreams to Life!

This article explored several inspiring backyard renovation ideas to transform your outdoor space into a multipurpose living area. From building a comfy outdoor living room to installing play equipment for kids, we covered popular renovations like adding a pool, deck, or shelter to enhance beauty, function and family enjoyment. The core components of comfortable seating, decorative lighting and weatherproof furnishings are suitable to start small before creating your dream backyard.

Your ideal outdoor living oasis is within reach with proper planning and design. Contact Aarons Outdoor Living today for a free quote on quality playscapes and custom playgrounds or to discuss your vision for stunning outdoor features like a fireplace or garden. Their team of experts will help you brainstorm and plan the perfect additions to complement your landscape. Give them a call now to start making your backyard dreams a reality!

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