Awesome Painted Cubby Houses To Get You Inspired

When you’re looking at painting your cubby house, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, it helps to have a bit of inspiration before you go and buy your paint pallet and brushes. We’ve found some cubbies that are sure to inspire your own D.I.Y cubby house projects.

Crooked Cubbies

Source: Mum’s Grapevine

These crooked cubbies are not only well designed but have awesome colours too! The crooked look combined with the bright colours makes the cubby houses look like they’re straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Your kids are sure to love them! Combine the cubby with a porch so the kids can have even more fun in their new cubby house.

Bright colours

Source: Mum’s Grapevine

You can make your outdoor area look like the best kids playspace by designing your cubby with bright, candy coloured paints. Bright blue, pink, green, yellow – whatever you kid loves. Adding in your own colours will make your cubby one-of-a-kind and the brightest on the block. You can add even more colour by adding in a rock climbing wall, swings or a slide. You want to make your cubby a place your kids want to hang out and play in, and painting it a series of bright colours is a great way to achieve that.


Source: Realestate.com.au

Every little girl wants a bright pink cubby house. If you’re going to consider painting the main body of your cubby pink, make sure to use contrasting paints on the trimmings and roof for a more cohesive look. You can even complete the pink look with pink furniture and fittings inside the cubby house – consider adding in some curtains, seats, and cushions. Your princess will love spending time in her pink cubby house. She can have her very own castle, while not even leaving the backyard.


Source: Hire A Hubby

Painting your cubby house will all the colours of the rainbow is a great way to liven and brighten up your backyard. Your cubby house is sure to stand out being this colourful! Cubbies don’t need to be just timber anymore, so why not make it lively and bright. Use a simple white for trimmings and the roof – white will go with any colours you choose. Just make sure your rainbow colours have some type of order and don’t clash too much with the next colour.


Source: Kathryn Lowe

If you don’t want to commit to painting your cubby house just one full colour, why not consider having a pattern? Having stripes on your cubby is a great way to introduce multiple colours to your cubby, while not being too overwhelming. Using blue and white gives this cubby house a great sailor feel to it. This is great for houses near the ocean, and for kids that love ships and sailors. Painting a pattern can take a bit more time, but it will be worth it in the end!
Feel more inspired? If you have yet to purchase that perfect cubby house, Aarons Outdoor can help. We have heaps of cubby house options, with eight sizes and five elevation heights available. If you’ve been inspired and want to paint your cubby house, make sure you pick a natural finish when purchasing your cubby. Your kids will love spending time in their custom painted cubby house!

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