Awesome Painted Cubby Houses To Get You Inspired

Painting a cubby house is one of the most fun and creative ways to customize your child’s play space. The possibilities for painting a cubby are endless, from bright candy colours to fun patterns like stripes. We will explore some wonderfully inspired painted cubby houses to spark your imagination.

Whether you opt for a crooked Dr Seuss-style cubby in vivid hues or a soft pink princess palace, you will find fantastic cubby house ideas and colour schemes.

With a custom, colourful paint job, your child’s cubby will become the talk of the neighbourhood and their favourite place to play pretend for hours. Get ready for some enjoyable inspiration for painting your unique cubby house wonderland.

Colorful Crooked Cubby Houses

One of the most imaginative painted cubby ideas features bright, crooked cubbies reminiscent of the unique architecture in Dr. Seuss’s books. These whimsical wooden cubbies are painted in a fun rainbow of colours, no two quite the same. The quirky crooked shape combined with vivid purple, turquoise, orange hues and more makes a cubby unlike any other. Kids will delight in picking the perfect colour combo for their new crooked cubby house.

A P C H T G Y ILet your little ones get creative by using art supplies to add polka dots, stripes or patterns on one wall. See their personalities shine through in the colour palette and designs they choose. The fun colours and crooked angles will spark imaginative playtime as your wooden cubby is transformed into a unicorn’s stable one day and a dragon’s lair the next!

Candy-Colored Cubby

For kids who love bright, vibrant colours, painting their new cubby house in yummy candy colours is a dream come true. Choose sweet shades like bubblegum pink, Robin’s egg blue, lime green or sunny yellow to make your wooden cubby pop. The bright colours make your backyard an eye-catching play space for your little ones and their friends.

A P C H T G Y IAdd touches like a rock climbing wall painted purple, a sky blue slide, or a swing set in cherry red. The more colour, the better! Seeing their most loved colours come to life on their own cubby house will fill your kids with joy. And you’ll love seeing them laugh and play in their colourfully customized cubby for hours.

Pretty Pink Princess Cubby

For the pink-loving princess, painting her cubby house a dreamy shade of pink will surely spark joy. Choose a hot cotton candy or blush pink shade that exudes playfulness. Painting the entire exterior pink creates a sweet, whimsical look girls adore. To keep it polished, use crisp white paint on trims, rails and roof for a nice contrast.

A P C H T G Y IContinue the theme inside by painting the chalkboard walls pink to leave sweet notes or drawings. Add small chairs, tables and cushions in various pink prints and patterns. Fairy lights hung from the ceiling create a magical feel. With the perfect pink paint job and accessories, her cubby is transformed into a palace where tea parties and dress-up sessions happen daily. Watch her imagination come alive playing princess in her custom soft pink cubby house – every girl’s dream come true!

Rainbow Cubby House

Painting your cubby house in all the vibrant hues of the rainbow is a fun way to make your kid’s play space lively and unique. Use chalkboard paint for a rainbow-striped floor, or paint each wall a different colour like red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple. Ask your child to help pick the perfect colour order for their rainbow cubby.

A P C H T G Y IKeep the trims and roof crisp white so the rainbow colours stand out. The bright rainbow palette will inspire imaginative playtime as your little one transforms their cubby into anything their heart desires. They’ll delight in having their custom rainbow-coloured cubby to play in with friends. Painting your wooden cubby the colours of the rainbow lets your child’s creativity shine through, resulting in a cubby house unlike any other on the block.

Striped Sailor-Themed Cubby

Painting your cubby house like a sailor’s ship is perfect for seaside homes or kids who love nautical things. Use painter’s tape to create bold stripes in shades of blue paired with crisp white. Broad stripes on the exterior walls and thinner stripes on the roof complement each other nicely. Get creative with whale and anchor stencils so your cubby looks shipshape.

A P C H T G Y IThe blue and white striped pattern gives your cubby house instant maritime appeal. Your little sailor will delight in having their custom nautical-themed cubby ready for imaginary trips across the ocean and pirate adventures. Though painting the stripes takes more time and precision, seeing your child play happily in their seaworthy cubby makes it well worth it. Your striped and stencilled cubby ensures smooth sailing during playtime for your little first mate.

Unleash Your Creativity and Paint a Cubby Full of Wonder

Painting your cubby house is a fun, creative way to build your child’s dream play space. With Aarons Outdoor’s high-quality cubbies and your imagination, you can create a pink palace, rainbow wonderland or nautical oasis. Pick a natural finish cubby and customize it with a colour that will make your child’s cubby the talk of the neighbourhood! Call us now and get a free estimate!

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