Play Never Ends with Aarons Cubby Houses

Christmas is right around the corner, and many parents are already making a mental list of what to get their kids. Tech seems to be the top of everyone’s list, but instead of confining imagination to a screen, open their eyes to a whole new world of imaginative play with their very own cubby house from Aarons.

Aarons Cubbies are not your standard playhouses. They are works of art designed just the way you want it. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with different colour roofs and more. Your child will love having their own house to play in and be whatever they want to be.

Built to Last

While plastic playhouses can distort in the Australian sun, break easily and not last very long, you won’t get any of that with our cubby houses. Only the highest-grade materials are used so your cubby house can get played in every day for years without worry. Our cubbies are made with wood, giving a better look and feel than plastic. It’s a great natural look that kids will love to play in and you will love to have in your backyard.

Choose Your Size and Finish

Aarons Cubby Houses come in ten different sizes from 1.7m x 1.8m cottages to the 3.1m x 3.3m Taj Mahal. Have it look the way you want with a natural wood finish, stained, or ready for you to paint yourself.

Add Some Height

While most people think of cubbies on the ground, why not add a little elevation and make some play space underneath? Another benefit to adding elevation is all the fun features you can add! Slides and rock walls are popular choices of ways to get up and down. We also do scramble nets, fireman poles and more. The extra space underneath can be turned into a sandpit for even more creative play.
Elevation kits are great for those who don’t have level ground. It will save you from having to do some extensive landscaping works for it.

Pick Your Accessories

Two cubby houses joined with bridge between
There are many accessories you can add for the perfect finishing touch! A letterbox would make a cute way to “send” letters to your child (and encourage writing!). Have a chef in the making? Then a cubby servery is a super cute way to play pretend restaurant service. You can also add a flower box and plant some gorgeous flowers with your child. These accessories make the cubby house more than just a place to run around in. It is a place where creativity takes over. Imaginative play is a key part of a child’s development. Having different ways for them to play and express themselves is more beneficial than many realise.

It’s More Than Just a Cubby House

900 elevated cubby
You get more than what you just see on the outside. With your cubby house, you get your choice of roof colour, a skylight, stable door, telescope and steering wheel. As you can see, imagination and creative play is endless with a cubby house with so many things to do and see inside!
Aarons Outdoors has 22-years’ experience of bringing joy to families by creating amazing outdoor spaces. We take this experience along with the finest, highest grade materials to bring quality products like cubby houses that kids can enjoy for years. See some examples of the cubby houses we’ve already made that are bringing joy to families right now or contact us to start creating your own!

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