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As the festive season approaches, parents across Australia contemplate the perfect Christmas gift for their children. There’s an increasing trend to move away from tech gadgets, which often tether young imaginations to screens, and instead to seek out gifts that foster active, outdoor play. A cubby house is an exceptional choice that encourages children to engage meaningfully with the world around them.

Aarons specializes in crafting cubby houses and cubby houses that are masterpieces of design and creativity. Each cubby house is a blank canvas that invites endless play, learning, and growth possibilities. These robust and beautifully designed structures are far more than playthings; they are catalysts for adventure, where every child can feel like the master of their little universe. The festive season is the perfect opportunity to gift a piece of wonder, a space where the only limit is the sky and a child’s capacity to dream and create within their own outdoor cubby house.

The Art of Imaginative Play

Aarons Cubby Houses are more than mere structures; they are the foundations upon which children can build their best life, especially during their child years, which are crucial for development. With diverse designs and customizations, these playhouses can be tailored to suit any preference or garden space. Whether it’s integrating a garden bed for green thumbs or crafting a fairytale castle for little dreamers, each cubby house is a unique sanctuary for imaginative play.

C I T B U Y C HCatering to the individuality of each family, Aarons offers the flexibility to personalize these spaces. Options range from whimsical colour palettes to functional add-ons, all at a regular price that reflects the quality and durability of an Australian-owned brand. Parents can opt for additional features like slides or climbing walls, enhancing the physical aspect of play that is vital in a child’s growth.

The importance of such imaginative play cannot be overstated. The invisible thread weaves through the fabric of childhood, shaping cognitive skills, emotional strength, and social understanding. Aarons understands this and has committed to providing environments that foster this development. Using Apple Pay for a more straightforward purchase process ensures that buying an Aarons’s cubby house is as clear as rewarding. When investing in an Aarons cubby house, you’re not just buying a playset; you’re investing in a platform that supports the boundless creativity and development of your child’s early years.

Durability and Quality

Choosing between a plastic playhouse and a wooden cubby house is not just a matter of preference but also of quality and durability. Aarons cubby houses stand in stark contrast to the conventional plastic alternatives, offering a robustness that withstands the test of time and the harsh Australian climate. With each wooden cubby house crafted to endure, families can trust that the regular price reflects both the superior materials used and the enduring nature of the investment.

Plastic playhouses may succumb to the elements, fading under the fierce sun or cracking in variable temperatures, but Aarons’ cubby houses are designed to thrive. The wood used in these structures imparts an aesthetic warmth and is also treated to resist decay, ensuring that these spaces can be the backdrop to a child’s life throughout their years.

A P C H T G Y IMoreover, integrating garden beds alongside the cubby house encourages a connection with nature and teaches responsibility. The ease of transaction with payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay at regular price points underscores the commitment of this Australian-owned company to customer convenience and satisfaction.

When purchasing a cubby house from Aarons, parents are not just acquiring a play area but a legacy – a durable space where memories are made, creativity blossoms, and the joys of childhood are celebrated day after day.

Choosing the Perfect Size and Style

Aarons Cubby Houses are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Recognizing that every family’s backyard and taste are unique, Aarons offers an extensive range of sizes and finishes, ensuring a perfect match for every scenario. From compact models that nestle into cozy garden corners to expansive structures that command wide-open spaces, the choice is yours to tailor.

C H V FPersonalization is at the heart of Aarons’ ethos. Whether it’s a rustic look to blend with nature or a bold statement piece that pops with colour, Aarons has finishes that satisfy the most particular preferences. The flexibility extends to the interior and exterior, allowing families to create a cubby house that reflects their style and meets their functional needs.

With Aarons, the journey to the ideal backyard play area is one of collaborative creativity, where each cubby house is transformed into a bespoke haven of fun and imagination.

Unique Add-On Features

Elevated cubby houses take the concept of outdoor play to new heights—literally. These structures provide an exhilarating perspective for children, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery. The elevation offers practical benefits, too, such as protecting the play area from ground moisture and adding a layer of security.

C H P S A D T A TAarons don’t stop at elevation; they embellish these playhouses with various add-on features that multiply the fun. Slides offer a quick and thrilling exit, while rock walls challenge youngsters to develop their climbing skills in a safe environment. Sandpits become the site for imaginative play and sensory development, allowing children to sculpt, dig, and delve into creative scenarios.

These features are more than just accessories—they’re tools that assist in children’s physical and cognitive development, turning playtime into a growth opportunity. With each add-on, an Aarons cubby house becomes a comprehensive playground that captivates and develops young minds and bodies.

Accessorize and Personalize

At Aarons, the personal touch is vital to transforming a cubby house into a child’s domain. Accessory options abound, enhancing the play experience and encouraging a child’s sense of ownership and creativity. From practical letterboxes that invite kids to engage in imaginative play as they send and receive their own ‘mail’ to serveries that set the stage for aspiring chefs to dish out mud pies or host tea parties, each accessory enriches the play’s narrative.

C H P S A D T A TThese customizable options extend to flower boxes, telescopes, and chalkboards, turning the cubby house into a hub of endless possibilities. Children can decorate and modify their space, learn decision-making and express their personalities. By choosing their accessories, they’re not just playing in a cubby house—they’re curating their adventures and crafting memories within their own space.

A Hub of Creativity

An Aarons’s cubby house is a canvas for imagination, with inclusive features that catalyze creativity. With every purchase, a selection of roof colour choices awaits, inviting families to personalize the cubby’s appearance and harmonize it with their garden’s aesthetic. The customization continues inside, with an array of interior accessories designed to inspire and accommodate various forms of play.

C I T B U Y C H MThese thoughtful details create an immersive play experience. A well-chosen roof colour protects young ones from the elements and adds to the space’s fantasy—a firefighter’s station or an astronaut’s command centre. Inside, the accessories serve as tools and props for elaborate scenarios, whether the cubby house is a fortress, a restaurant, or a hidden den in an enchanted forest. Each feature is a thread in the tapestry of a child’s evolving story, ensuring that the cubby house is a hub of creativity, day after day.

Aarons Outdoors’ Commitment to Family

For 22 years, Aarons Outdoors has been crafting quality outdoor spaces that become a legacy of joy for families. Their cubby houses are more than play areas; they’re the setting of countless cherished memories. For lasting value and the pure joy of childhood, Aarons is the choice to make. Explore their work or contact them to begin your family’s adventure.

Begin the Adventure with Aarons

Embarking on the journey of joy with Aarons is just an email, phone call, or appointment away. Discover the options that will delight your family with Aarons’ professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming service. Reach out today and take the first step towards a world of imaginative play and lifelong memories.

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