Colour Ideas To Brighten Up Your Cubby House

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to customize your child’s cubby house and make it uniquely theirs. Your colour can transform a basic cubby into a bright, lively backyard playspace with personality. The painting possibilities are endless, from subdued neutral tones to vivid shades like a bold rainbow.

This article will explore five fun and creative colour schemes for painting your cubby house. Whether you want to create a princess palace or liven up a natural wood finish, these colourful painting ideas will help you design a cubby house your kids will surely adore. With a charming new coat of paint, your child’s cubby will become the most eye-catching play nook in the neighbourhood.


What better way to make your wooden cubby house pop than by painting it in a vibrant rainbow of colours? Use chalkboard paint to create a fun floor pattern of rainbow stripes throughout the interior. For the walls, stick with a neutral white or beige to keep the overall look from becoming too busy. The neutral walls will allow the bright rainbow colours to stand out.

C I T B U Y C HLet your kids get involved by helping paint one wall each in their favourite colour. Seeing their artistic contributions will make the cubby feel like their unique space. For smaller areas like railings or the cubby’s exterior, have fun mixing custom colours like purple, orange and lime green. Applying multiple coats of outdoor acrylic paint will make each rainbow shade bold and durable. With a few brushes and some painting supplies, you can quickly transform a drab cubby into the most eye-catching and lively kids’ play space on the block!


For the princess lover, painting the cubby house pink is a dream come true. Choose a light cotton candy shade that feels soft and playful. On a sunny afternoon, apply two fresh coats using a medium nap roller and roller tray. Use painter’s tape to create stripes or patterns with different shades of pink for extra pop. You can paint the entire exterior or paint the flower boxes, railings and trimmings pink to brighten a natural wood finish.

C I T B U Y C HFor the interior, go wild with bright pink chalkboard paint on the walls for leaving messages and drawings. Add a drop sheet first to protect the floor—a pink cubby calls for equally pink furniture, like a play table and chairs. Affordable decor finds like pink curtains, rugs, and wall decals accessorize the space. With the right girly paint job and accessories, your once basic cubby becomes a sweet play cottage perfect for princesses and tea parties.


Try a cheery shade of blue for a cubby that pops against the green backyard. Use lighter sky blue on the upper exterior with a bolder royal blue on the trims and rails. Paint interactive elements like ladders, slides or telescopes in varied blue tones to colour-code the different play zones. Ensure proper prep by gently sanding and cleaning the wood, then apply primer. Use long strokes and a medium nap roller to apply two coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint.

C I T B U Y C HOpt for a fun chalkboard blue wall inside the kids’ cubby for creative expression with art supplies. Mix in some lighter sky-blue wooden furniture and decals of clouds, birds or trees. The multi-hue blue colour palette complements nature, so your little ones can feel like they’re playing in a cloud clubhouse. Seeing their favourite bold colours covering their special cubby will make playtime more enjoyable.


Painting your cubby house with grey or neutral tones doesn’t have to be boring. Opt for a crisp white with dark charcoal trims for contrast. Or try a light tan shade that works with most home styles. Start painting the walls using long, even brush strokes. Stop halfway to add painter’s tape and create stripes with two neutral tones.

C I T B U Y C HWhile neutral can look understated independently, you can liven things up with eye-catching touches. Paint the front door a bright teal or red. Add colourful flower boxes below the windows. Use colourful outdoor decor pillows and kid-sized furniture for pops of fun. Your kids will love customizing and playing in their cubby, even with a simple neutral palette. And you’ll love that it still matches the overall aesthetic of your outdoor living space. With creative accents, a neutral-painted cubby can be stylish and fun for kids.


For a whimsical spin, paint your wooden cubby an enchanting shade of purple. Go for a lighter lilac shade on one side and paint the other a bolder eggplant purple for dramatic contrast. The dual purple colour scheme adds visual interest while still feeling cohesive. Apply using long, horizontal brush strokes for smooth, even coverage.

C I T B U Y C HWhether you choose a dark, mysterious purple or a soft, whimsical mauve, this stunning colour will surely spark your little ones’ imaginations during outdoor play. First, apply a primer layer with deep purple shades for best results. And don’t forget to paint the roof a complementary neutral tone so the vibrant purple pops. Choosing suitable colour schemes for your cubby is a great way to reflect your kids’ unique personalities. With a palette of purple, your wooden playhouse becomes the fantastical castle, cottage or forest hideaway of their dreams.

Paint Your Cubby in Colors that Spark Imagination

Painting your cubby house is an easy DIY way to customize your kids’ playspace and showcase their personalities. With colour options ranging from a vibrant rainbow design to a soft princely pink, you will find the perfect hue to brighten your child’s cubby. Aarons Outdoor has a beautiful selection of quality cubby houses ready to get a fresh and colourful coat of paint. Give your kids a colourful cubby to help their imaginations soar. Call us now and get a free estimate.

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