Colour Ideas To Brighten Up Your Cubby House

If you’re buying a cubby house, you might want to consider painting it. This will make the cubby more suited to the individual, and your kids are sure to love it. There are so many options when it comes to colour schemes, where do you even start? Fortunately, we’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to make your cubby house look like the best in the neighbourhood.


painted cubby house
If you can’t decide on one colour, why not have several? Featuring a rainbow of colours can make your cubby house look creative and make it stand out. It also means you can keep the main walls of the cubby a neutral colour, such as white. The cubby house won’t be too bright and overpowering, while also not being dull and boring. Considering having a floor pattern to brighten up the room.


pink painted cubby house
For the princess of the family, you can’t go past pink. You can either paint the whole cubby pink or consider brightening up your cubby house by having pink trimmings. Pink trimmings are enough to make the cubby stand out, without being too overpowering. You can even use pink furniture or have a pink feature wall within the cubby house. Your little princess is sure to love having her very own pink cubby house.


blue painted cubby house
Blue is a great tone to consider when thinking about colour schemes for your cubby house. It brightens up the cubby house, while also complementing the trees and plants in the backyard. Consider what elements your cubby house will have – a rock climbing wall, a slide, steps, a telescope, a wheel – there’s so much to choose from! These can all be colour coded. Consider using various colours of blue to give your cubby a bit of contrast.


neutral painted cubby house
Who said painting your cubby house grey or neutral tones had to be boring! While it might not be the most colourful option you can choose from, it does give you more opportunities to brighten up your cubby house elsewhere. Consider adding a bright slide, handrails, or even a bright door to give your cubby house some variety. You can even add some colour to the porch rails to liven things up. Your cubby house will still be a mainly neutral colour and match your outdoor entertainment area and house, while not being completely dull.


purple painted cubby house
Painting your cubby house purple is a great way to add some colour and really brighten up your backyard. There are so many shades to choose from – you can go with a soft purple or a darker shade for a more dramatic effect. Make sure you use different shades – if painting the cubby a light purple, use a darker shade on the roof, and light trimmings for a bit of contrast. Your kids will be sure to love coming home and playing in their own purple cubby house.
If you’re wanting to paint your own cubby house, Aarons Outdoor is here to help! We have a huge range of cubby houses that you can choose from. All cubby houses are finished with an arsenic-free treatment, which protects them from rot and termites. If you’re creative and decorating your own cubby house, choose a natural finish.

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