Cubby Ideas To Get The Kids Off The Couch & Into The Backyard!

A cubby house is the perfect backyard addition for keeping kids entertained all year long. These classic playhouses allow children’s imaginations to run free, whether they envision it as a pirate ship searching for treasure or a cafe busy serving customers. Cubby houses provide kids with their own tiny homes where creativity comes alive.

Reasons to Get a Cubby House

Cubby houses encourage endless play opportunities. They provide a private space where kids can play imaginary games without limits, strengthening creativity and social skills. Cubby houses also promote physical activity as kids climb, scramble, and burn energy in their little domain.

Some key benefits of cubby houses:

  • Inspires Imaginative Play: With a private space designed just for them, kids assign cubby houses any identity their imaginations conjure up. It becomes a castle, pirate ship, and superhero headquarters – the perfect setting for imaginary adventures.
  • Develops Creativity: Open-ended play facilitates out-of-the-box thinking. When kids direct cubby play themes, they stretch their creativity by inventing characters, stories, and elaborate play schemes.
  • Promotes Social Skills: Cubby houses provide a central hangout for kids and friends. They imagine together, cooperate on play plots, and learn critical social skills like communication, collaboration, and compromise.
  • Encourages Active Play: Cubby houses inspire lively interactive play as kids scramble in and out, climb ladders, set up obstacle courses, and more. This is much-needed active time away from screens.

C I T G T K O T C I T BFun for Any Theme

One of the best things about cubby houses is their versatility. A basic cubby can transform into almost any location kids dream up with simple additions.

  • Pirate Ship: Add a telescope, captain’s wheel, parrot prop, and pirate flag. Bury “treasure” nearby or set up a map scavenger hunt. Kids will have a blast seeking gold and battling pirate foes.
  • Restaurant or Shop: Provide aprons, menus, kitchen utensils, a cash register, and fake food. Kids can pretend to cook and serve food or sell goods to customers.
  • Space Station: Decorate with planets, spaceship covers, and aluminium foil panels. Kids become astronauts exploring outer space and going on intergalactic missions.
  • Princess Palace: Fairy lights, flags, costumes, craft supplies, and a tea set help create a majestic cubby kingdom. Kids can host royal tea parties and reenact epic quests.
  • Sports Arena: Balls, foam noodles, cones, and jerseys provide equipment for drills and games. Kids will have a blast pretending to be athletes.

The options are truly endless! Let kids’ interests determine the theme as their priorities change.

Interactive Accessories

While a basic cubby is fun alone, adding interactive elements amplifies the play potential:

  • Chalkboard surfaces allow drawing, keeping score, and leaving messages
  • Nearby sandpit or water table enables imaginative sand and water play
  • Ball hoops, nets, and goals let kids practice skills
  • Play kitchen and fake food inspire chefs and restaurants
  • The performance stage sets the scene for talent shows and plays
  • Slide or fireman’s pole creates a quick and dramatic exit
  • Climbing wall builds strength and agility
  • Crawl tunnels connect cubbies or obstacle courses

Accessories like these encourage continuous active movement and interactivity during cubby play. Kids can challenge themselves physically while immersing themselves creatively.

Perfect for Backyard Birthday Parties

Cubby houses also make fantastic backyard birthday party venues! Pick a party theme and set up related activity stations involving the cubby. For a pirate party, hide treasure map pieces in the cubby, let kids reassemble them, and follow them to find the loot. At a superhero party, transform the cubby into a secret headquarters for completing missions.

Not only does using the cubby as a party central keep kids engaged, but it also saves money compared to expensive venue rentals. Parents can relax while kids enjoy cubby-focused games like house, storytelling, or setting up carnival booths.

Quality Family Time

In our busy modern lives, cubby houses provide an easy way to give children open-ended quality time and interaction. Kids can let their imaginations guide activities and play independently, but parents can join cubby adventures for bonding moments. Set aside time to paint cubby murals together or have your tea party. Your participation shows your child you respect their imaginary world.

C I T G T K O T C I T BUnlike scheduled activities, a cubby house is always available for your child’s creativity. With an enclosed playhouse designed just for them, kids have endless fun in your backyard.

Bring the Magic Home

Childhood is fleeting, but gifts like cubby houses create lasting memories. Every child deserves room for their imagination to stretch and grow. With a cubby house from Aarons Outdoors, you can provide a playhouse that launches a thousand adventures for your kids and the whole family to enjoy for years.

Browse our wide selection of quality cubby houses and accessories – we have exciting new products every season! Give your children the creative space they deserve and watch their imaginations come to life with their backyard cubby house.

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