Cubby Ideas To Get The Kids Off The Couch & Into The Backyard!

In years gone by, children’s playtime was spent frolicking around friend’s backyards and making up games using whatever items they could find. These days, things are a little different. With recent advancements in technology, many children now spend more time on their iPad’s than outside playing. In fact, according to a recent report from the Active Healthy Kids Australia research group, Australian kids are currently among the least active in the world!
So Aarons think it’s super important that kids become more active, get off their mobile devices and get back outdoors. And the best way to do this is with a Cubby House. Aarons have A LOT of experience selling cubby houses, with literally thousands of happy families all over Australia buying an Aarons cubby over the last 20 years.

Why? Because cubbies provide kids with an area they can call their own. It’s a place where imaginations can run free. Where adults see a timber structure, kids see their own little home where they can cook, host tea parties, sell ice-creams, battle pirates, shoot aliens, operate a fruit and veg shop… A cubby will create an endless pot of inventiveness and ‘no-limits’ fun.

We list our top ideas to take the average cubby house into a child’s play wonderland!

A Blank Canvas

Kids often let loose with their artistic talents. Just ask any Mum who’s found their walls covered in crayon! If your kids have a cubby, they can bring out their inner Picasso without the fear of a lecture. Consider a cubby house with blackboard doors, walls and/or frames where your children can turn their private space into a work of art.

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It’s Always Tea Time

A child’s imagination is one of the most wonderful things in the world to experience. Even the smallest of spaces can be re-envisioned into a spaceship, a castle, or a banquet hall. A cubby house is a great way to support these imaginative ideas. Decorate your cubby in their favourite theme and the children won’t want to come inside – they’ll be too busy spending quality time with real, or imagined friends, building on their social skills in the process.

Party Central

Speaking of friends, a cubby house could serve as a great spot for social occasions. If your child’s birthday is coming up, you could save money by hosting the party at home. Dress on up, add a theme and set up a variety of games involving the cubby for the kids – they will love it! And don’t forget the weekend BBQ where the cubby keeps the kids entertained while the grown-ups catch up over a glass of wine – getting the whole family outside.
Kids Fort - Tower

Set A New Record

One of the great things about cubby houses is how customisable they are. Transform your children’s new play area into a fun obstacle course with additions such as a slide, rock wall, fireman’s pole, scramble net and many other play equipment options. Encourage exercise by getting the kids to race around the cubby to see who can rack up the fastest time. This is sure to keep them off of the couch for hours! These sorts of activities are great for parties (as per our point above) and are the perfect way for your kids to get their 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

‘X’ Marks The Spot

Do your kids have a knack for finding toys you thought had been lost forever? Perhaps a cubby house with a sandpit could help encourage them to release their inner treasure hunter! Add a ship’s wheel, telescope and pirate flag to your cubby, and set up a scavenger hunt that leads the kids to the backyard to the ‘X’ in the sandpit under the cubby house. What a great way to develop your child’s imagination. Just make sure they don’t plunder all of your gold!


Rain, Hail or Shine

With a cubby, there is no longer an excuse like ‘but it’s raining’. Cubby houses are the perfect shelter for children whether it’s wet or dry. With a quality Colorbond roof, your kids won’t have to worry about getting wet or sunburnt when living out their dreams inside the cubby, on the verandah or even underneath in the sandpit. A cubby is an all-purpose backyard winner!
A cubby is a castle fit for a princess. An obstacle course to test future athletes. A pirate ship headed for buried gold. They are the perfect way to get your children spending time outdoors and truly bring their thoughts to life.
This article was written by Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog.

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