Benefits of Educational Playgrounds

Educators and child-care professionals have known for decades the benefits of outdoor play for children of all ages. Through structured and unstructured play, children learn about themselves and the world in which they live. By creating an educational playground for young children, parents and educational organisations will notice many of these differences. The professionals at Aarons Outdoor can assist you in creating an outdoor playground that will benefit your students or children in many different ways.

Play is an important part of learning for young minds. When play takes place outdoors, instead of in structured, indoor environments, students begin to see learning as a life-long process, not just something that happens in a classroom. Outdoor play encourages the use of all senses, strengthening the neural pathways as students explore and learn new concepts and ideas.
Outdoor play is also great for encouraging children’s creativity. Away from the constraints and confinement of indoor play, outdoor play stimulates children’s imaginations and allows them more freedom to explore and create experiences they find fun and interesting.

Outdoor play has been shown to help children focus better in a classroom setting and to enhance readiness for learning. Outdoor play encourages learning and problem-solving skills, which can help children perform better in the classroom. Unstructured outdoor play even promotes creativity, which children can apply to their academic learning.

There are even numerous health benefits to playing outside. Children are often more active when playing outside, which helps them to build strong bones and good fitness levels. Research tells us that children who regularly play outdoors are less likely to suffer from obesity and have higher levels of fitness. Children who play outdoors are more resistant to stress and have a lower incidence of behavioural disorders.

As outdoor spaces are usually less crowded and structured than indoor settings, children often interact socially more frequently and with different children. Outdoor play encourages children to join in games and activities, providing more opportunities to talk to different children and make new friends. Outdoor play develops social skills through the playing of games and the creation of imaginary places and events.

Outdoor play encourages risk-taking and independence while still in a supervised setting. Children also learn how to take turns playing games, to pick themselves up when they fall, and how to negotiate unfamiliar equipment, teaching self-reliance. Outdoor play equipment can help children to learn to push their boundaries and become good at risk assessment.

Perhaps the best-known benefit of outdoor play is the development of gross and fine motor skills. When playing outdoors, children are using their bodies in new and different ways, they are strengthening motor connections through use, and they are exploring how their bodies move and explore. Play is a significant teaching tool for young children that has long-lasting benefits.
The professionals at Aarons Outdoor are here to assist you in designing the outdoor playground best suited to your needs. Contact us today to discuss all of our options for creating the outdoor play and exploration space that is perfect for your students or children.

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