Maintenance Tips For Your Water Feature

Water features like fountains, ponds, and waterfalls create beautiful, tranquil settings in any backyard. But like any outdoor feature, water elements require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking and functioning at their absolute best. This article will provide helpful tips for properly cleaning different types of outdoor water features and fountains.

We’ll cover why consistent cleaning is crucial for your water feature, the necessary supplies, and recommendations for specialized water feature cleaning solutions. You’ll also find easy step-by-step instructions for cleaning the various components of fountains and outdoor water features. You can keep your water feature sparkling all season long with simple, regular care. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of your outdoor water feature for years to come.

Why Regular Cleaning is Crucial

At first glance, flowing water seems like it would prevent build-up and keep fountains clean. However, regular cleaning is essential for proper water feature function and appearance. Algae growth, calcium deposits, and excess debris can quickly accumulate. Fountains and water features need thorough cleaning every 1-2 months to prevent issues.

M T F Y W FSmaller fountains with less water volume require more frequent deep cleans, sometimes monthly. Allowing build-up to persist causes clogs, pump damage, and an unsightly green or white scale build-up. Regular cleaning removes leaves, dirt, and other debris that enters the water. It also prevents algae and mineral deposits from accumulating. Proper maintenance keeps water features looking pristine and operating smoothly. Neglecting routine care can lead to big problems down the road. Get into the habit of periodic deep cleaning before cold weather arrives to keep your water feature running optimally.

Helpful Supplies to Have on Hand

Cleaning your water feature or fountain thoroughly requires just a few basic supplies. A non-abrasive scouring pad, a bucket of water, mild soap or cleaning solution, a water clarifier, clean rags, and an old toothbrush are essentials. For large fountains, a shop vac can help empty all the water. Specialized water fountain cleaning solutions also simplify the process.

M T F Y W FPopular pre-made options include Aquapro Bionatural, which uses natural plant extracts to prevent algae build-up. Clearpond effectively controls algae but should not be used in ponds with fish. For DIY options, distilled white vinegar works to descale and disinfect, while oxygen bleach cleans and deodorizes without toxins. Having the right supplies on hand makes cleaning hassle-free so your water fountain can stay submerged entirely and deter mosquito larvae. Remember to purchase a water pump protector for the off-season when cold weather arrives.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning your water fountain or feature requires getting into all the nooks and crannies. Start by turning off the fountain and removing any decorative elements like stones. Empty the water – use a shop vac for large fountains.

Use a non-abrasive pad and mild soap or cleaning solution to scrub the entire interior basin. Focus on areas with white scale or algae build-up. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

The pump is next. Unplug, disassemble, and use an old toothbrush to gently clean the propeller, intake grate, and interior housing. Rinse under running water until all debris is gone.

M T F Y W FFor statues, bowls, or other decor, use a toothbrush to scrub crevices and textures where build-up collects lightly. Check rock work, mosaic tiles, and grout for scale or grime.

Clean basins with an all-purpose cleaner and soft rag. For vinyl or plastic tubing, flush out with running water and use a pipe cleaner to remove gunk.

Once all components are cleaned, reassemble your fountain. Refill with clean water to an optimal level for proper pump functioning and sound. Consider adding a water clarifier or cleaning solution to prevent future build-up.

To keep your water feature sparkling, change the water and rinse all components every 2-4 weeks. Remove debris with a skimmer weekly. Deep clean the entire fountain every 1-2 months, depending on size. Proper care will keep water moving and your fountain functioning for many years.

Keeping Your Water Feature Sparkling

Proper maintenance keeps your water feature working and looking pristine. Here are some quick tips for regular care. Skim out leaves and other debris weekly, which only takes a few minutes. Change the water monthly to prevent build-up. Wipe down the fountain exterior whenever needed.

Use chemical treatments in moderation to avoid damage. Test strips help find the right balance. Drain and cover outdoor water features before the first freeze to prevent cracking. Move statuary out of direct sunlight or cover with a tarp to prevent fading.

Monitor the pump, tubing, and moving parts. Replace any worn or faulty pieces right away to avoid more significant problems. Repair any minor cracks in concrete, tile, or finish quickly before they spread.

M T F Y W FDo a thorough deep clean at the start and close down every season. Scrub away scale and build-up, rinse all components, and refresh with distilled water to prevent algae. Disconnect the hoses and the power source. Maintain water features regularly rather than letting issues compound.

With the proper care, you can keep your flowing water clean, clear, and working optimally for many years. Take time to maintain your investment regularly, and your fountain can become a lifelong backyard treasure. Enjoy the beauty and tranquillity that water features add to your garden!

Keep Your Water Feature Flowing Fabulously

As we’ve covered, consistent, thorough cleaning is crucial for proper water feature function and beauty. With routine maintenance to remove build-up, repair cracks, and protect from weather, your fountain can provide lasting enjoyment for years. Don’t let natural debris or mineral deposits stop you from installing a gorgeous water feature in your yard.

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Thank you for reading these fountain cleaning tips. We hope you’ve found them helpful. Please reach out with any other questions and share your best practices for sparkling water features. Happy cleaning!

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