The water in your water feature: a how to guide on keeping it clean and changing it

Water features are excellent additions to any outdoor space. Water features provide natural, ambient noise, are a natural element to any outdoor setting and create a habitat for wildlife and birds. Aarons Outdoor water features transform your backyard into a relaxing escape, so it is important that you protect your investment by caring for your water feature properly.

Keeping your outdoor water feature clean is important to its longevity and overall appearance. Your maintenance schedule will vary depending largely on the size of your water feature but also on your particular environment. You should consistently monitor your water feature to be sure it always has sufficient water. A fountain without a proper water level means a pump that will run dry and malfunction.
Most fountain specialists recommend that you change your pond or fountain water every 4-6 months. This means removing all of the water from your water feature, cleaning all of the parts, and replacing fresh water in the fountain or pond.
If your water fountain is small, it will be easiest just to disassemble it to remove all of the water. Many features will come with a drain plug for this purpose. If your water feature is larger or does not have a drain plug, you can use the pump in your water feature to drain it. Attach a long tube or length of hose to your pump’s output and direct the tubing outside of your water feature. You can collect the water in a bucket or dump the water into your yard, whichever is most appropriate for your circumstance. As long as the pump is below the surface of the water, you are not damaging the pump. Once the water level reaches the level of the pump, turn it off and use other tools, such as buckets and smaller containers, to remove the remaining water.

Once all of the water has been removed, this is a good time to thoroughly clean the pump, basin, and any parts of your water feature. To clean the pump thoroughly, wipe any debris or build-up from it with a cloth. Open the cover and wipe down the inside of the pump as well. Any hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned out with an old toothbrush. Wipe down the basin or water-collection area with a clean cloth, using mild detergent if necessary to remove debris or build-up.
Once all your water feature parts are clean, it’s time to replace the pump and fill the feature with clean water from your garden hose. Remember to leave the pump turned off until the water level is well above the level of the pump.
Vacant spaces and unattractive areas can be instantly transformed by a water feature. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Aarons Outdoors can help you select the right feature for your outdoor space. Aarons range of garden and water features add creative design to any backyard to suit a range of styles.
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