Benefits of Having a Playground in Pubs and Clubs

Having a playground at your pub or club may seem like an unusual idea at first. But more and more establishments realise the benefits of incorporating play areas into their space. Adding a playground can provide entertainment for kids, give adults a place to relax, and even become an attractive feature that draws in new customers.

Integrating a playground into your business can have multiple advantages if designed and executed thoughtfully. Read on to learn why more pubs and clubs are choosing to add playgrounds and how to make them a fun asset for your establishment.

What are the Benefits of Having a Playground in Pubs and Clubs?

1. Appeal to Families

One of the biggest perks of having a playground is broadening your customer base by attracting families with children. Many pubs and clubs don’t traditionally cater to kids.

But parents are always looking for dining and entertainment options where their children can be occupied and happy. A playground makes your business stand out as family-friendly.

Kids get bored sitting at tables for extended periods. A playground provides an engaging activity so parents can relax and enjoy their experience.

With enough space, you can create designated play areas just for children. This gives kids their own separate zone for running around and having fun while parents socialise.

Instead of avoiding establishments without kid appeal, parents will seek out your pub or club, knowing there is an amenity designed just for children. A playground brings in a whole new demographic beyond just adults and couples.


2. Keep Kids Entertained

Playgrounds aren’t just for attracting families – they also provide valuable entertainment for any kids accompanying parents to your venue. Whether it’s weekend afternoons when you host youth sports teams for lunch or special family-oriented events, an onsite playground can keep kids happy and occupied.

Children have short attention spans. They quickly get restless and loud when forced to sit through meals at a bar or event.

A playground gives them a designated area to expend energy, engage their bodies and minds, and interact with other kids. Parents can then relax knowing their children are safely playing nearby.

The playground creates a mini “kids zone” that provides activities tailored just for them. As a result, parents will be more willing to prolong their visit and come back more often for the kid-friendly amenities.


3. Offer an Adult Oasis

Along with entertaining children, a playground also provides a unique area for adults to gather away from the main bar and dining areas. After parents take their kids to the playground, they can stick around to chat with other parents while keeping an eye on the little ones.

Create seating areas around or near the play structures to become an impromptu hangout spot. Use picnic tables, benches, and lounge chairs or simply provide an open grassy area where parents can spread out blankets.

Many will welcome the chance to relax outdoors after a meal, sip drinks and unwind while the playground keeps their kids happily occupied. For regulars, it becomes a family-centric alternative to sitting at the bar. The play area lets parents enjoy time together in their own space.

4. Enhance the Ambience

Incorporating a playground into your design also provides aesthetic and experiential benefits beyond just functionality. The sights, sounds and energy of children playing inject warmth, nostalgia and a lively ambience that adults appreciate.

Seeing kids giggle, run around, go down slides and have fun produces an uplifting, heartwarming vibe. It reminds adults of their own childhood and establishes your venue as a family-friendly place. Many pubs and clubs are viewed as adult-only spaces – adding a playground visibly changes that perception.

Make the playground visible from seating areas through thoughtful design. Let parents experience the positive feelings of seeing happy children at play while they dine and drink. The energy and mood will rub off in memorable ways.


5. Bring People Together

Playgrounds create opportunities for community connections and relationships. Kids playing together establishes common ground for parents to chat, get to know each other, and forge friendships. The shared experience breaks down barriers.

Regulars will start recognising and greeting each other as playground kids become playmates. It cultivates an inclusive neighbourhood vibe. Friendship circles will expand versus the typical pub experience of sticking to the people you came with.

Adults may also join in playing with their children, strengthening bonds through shared activities. A recurring cast of families makes your establishment feel like an extension of home.

6. Usage Throughout the Day

A playground isn’t just a night and weekend asset – it also draws in customers during off-peak daytime hours. If located in a high foot traffic area, it becomes a neighbourhood hot spot for local parents and caregivers.

On weekdays, the playground will attract parents and nannies looking for an outdoor place to take kids to play during the day. They’ll appreciate a safe, enclosed play area and will likely grab lunch or refreshments after the playground session – capturing daytime revenue.

School groups or camps may want to use the playground for outdoor time. Promote the space for birthday parties and other children’s gatherings. A playground boosts your all-day usage, not just busy evenings and weekends.


Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

Design Considerations

When planning your playground, tailor it to your establishment’s brand and ambience. Think about playground themes and colour schemes that complement your decor. An elaborate fortress-style structure may make sense for a medieval pub, while a retro diner may opt for classic swings and slides.

Look for playground equipment made from durable, low-maintenance materials like metal, plastic and rubber. Pressure-treated wood accents can add warmth. Focus on installing commercial-grade structures made for public use’s heavy wear and tear.

Factor in spacing – be sure to leave enough room around play structures to avoid crowding or safety hazards. Rubber mulch, sand or turf surfacing absorbs impact. Include benches or tables alongside for parents.

Given the risk factors, prioritise safety in the design. Use enclosed play areas away from parking lots or busy pathways.

Separate equipment by age group if space allows. Consult playground experts throughout the planning process.

Outdoor Playground or Indoor Room?

An outdoor playground is the most traditional idea, allowing room for large structures, optimal access, and the use of fresh outdoor air to energise kids. But in some climates or settings, an indoor kids’ room may be the better choice.

An indoor playroom provides climate control and ways to contain noise, mess and energy! Stock the room with toys, books, games, arts and crafts and other amusements tailored to a range of ages.

Add colourful floor mats for sprawling out. Use windows to keep sight lines open to the rest of your business. An indoor room offers flexibility to customise activities.

Evaluate your environment, space and needs to determine if an indoor or outdoor playground (or both!) makes the most sense for providing kid appeal.


Make It Part of Your Brand Story

Adding a playground can become a distinguishing brand asset that sets you apart. Work it into your messaging and marketing to reinforce the welcoming, family-friendly environment. Feature the play area prominently on your website, social media, ads and other promotional materials.

Share photos and videos of happy kids using the playground to showcase the dedication to catering to families. Make it a central part of your brand story and mission. Tapping into family appeal gives you an edge over competitors.

Turn Unused Space into an Asset

For many pubs and clubs, a chunk of backyard or empty space goes unused. Transforming this into a lively playground creates an engaging draw for customers. Take advantage of square footage that may be sitting underutilised.

Even smaller play nooks and standalone play structures can work with creative use of the area. Look for ways to carve out playground zones in forgotten backyard corners or bareside lots. With the right vision, unused areas adjacent to your building can become a playground oasis.

Think Long-Term Investment

Though a playground requires an upfront investment, carefully weigh the long-term benefits versus costs. Once installed, an outdoor structure should last 5-15 years with proper maintenance. Spread across that lifespan; the costs become more reasonable when factoring in the revenue, customers and brand value generated.

Also, consider savings compared to other draws like extensive renovations, entertainment additions or promotional marketing. Plus, playgrounds often strengthen community ties that lead to lasting loyalty and referrals. As a long-term asset, a quality playground delivers lasting rewards.


Creating Family-Friendly Appeal

Incorporating a playground into your pub or club takes creativity and vision but can transform your business into a beloved neighbourhood spot for families. Kids get dedicated playtime, parents have a gathering spot to connect, and your brand becomes known as an inclusive option for all ages.

Taking steps to accommodate children and parents benefits your bottom line while also strengthening community ties. With strategic planning and design, a playground can upgrade your offerings in memorable ways.

For a customised consultation on adding a playground that fits your establishment’s brand and needs, reach out to the team at Aaron’s Outdoor. Their playground experts can help assess your space, schedule and budget to design an ideal playground that makes your business shine. So, contact us today!

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