How To Weatherproof Your Pub Or Club

A lively beer garden or alfresco dining terrace can be the star attraction of any pub or club. However, the unpredictable Australian weather can dampen outdoor patronage and profits. By weatherproofing outdoor spaces with durable and stylish structures, venues can unlock their full revenue potential.

Protecting patrons from harsh elements means outdoor areas can be utilised in the morning, noon, and night, rain or shine. From chic aluminium canopies and natural timber pergolas to festive striped marquees and sleek steel umbrellas, venues can choose from a diverse range of robust materials and designs to upgrade their spaces.

With tailored outdoor additions, pubs and clubs can create all-weather outdoor oases for patrons to enjoy. Read on to discover key considerations for successfully weatherproofing your venue and working with specialist providers to implement creative solutions. Your new outdoor areas will be not only weather-resistant but also design-forward sanctuaries.

The Challenges of Outdoor Spaces at Pubs and Clubs

With Australia’s famously temperamental climate, pubs and clubs face considerable challenges in maximising their outdoor spaces year-round. The hot Australian summer sees beer gardens and alfresco dining transform into unrelenting heat traps by the afternoon without shade sails or shelters.

Sudden rainfall can instantly dampen profits by driving patrons back inside. Blustery winds make dining uncomfortable and unsafe if structures are not sturdily constructed.

These unpredictable conditions mean outdoor areas, even elaborate ones, are regularly underused for months on end. Lost revenue mounts up when fairweather periods could have seen patrons happily seated outside had weather protection been in place. The prime real estate lies dormant rather than driving sales.

The variability also limits the event-hosting scope and operational ease outdoors. Serving food and drinks, clearing tables and hosting functions become difficult without weatherproofing. Uncovered spaces struggle to accommodate events when the forecast is uncertain.

Rather than risk lost revenue from fickle weather deterring patrons from outdoor areas, targeted weatherproofing unlocks year-round potential. Venues can rely on outdoor spaces to consistently drive sales, events and atmosphere regardless of meteorological whims. Protecting patrons from the elements is key to maximising the value of outdoor areas across all seasons and conditions.

Benefits of Weatherproofing Outdoor Areas

Installing weather protection unlocks invaluable benefits for pubs and clubs seeking to maximise their outdoor spaces year-round. Purpose-built outdoor structures allow alfresco areas to remain inviting havens for patrons regardless of Australia’s notoriously temperamental weather patterns.

Properly shielding outdoor spaces from the harsh Australian sun, sudden heavy downpours and blustery winds provides venues with all-weather flexibility. Patrons can continue enjoying drinks or dining alfresco during all seasons while remaining comfortable and content. Operators also gain increased reliability in hosting functions, events and live entertainment outdoors when the forecast is uncertain.

Thoughtful weatherproofing means venues can adapt outdoor sections beyond standard seating or dining configurations for diverse uses. A weather-sealed outdoor area may serve as a designated smoking zone, private event space, area for live music, or even a kids’ play area, depending on demand. Operators gain greater scope for attracting patronage outdoors.

Weatherproofing also makes boosting total venue capacity and revenue streams possible. More covers can be placed in outdoor areas, knowing weather protection allows bigger crowds to be accommodated comfortably. Operators gain increased confidence in investing in more premium outdoor furnishings and features that will see year-round use.

Installing creatively designed weatherproof structures unlocks the true potential of outdoor spaces at pubs and clubs. For venues hindered by unpredictable weather patterns, durable and aesthetically pleasing weatherproofing is the key to maximising their outdoor areas 365 days a year.

Finding the Right Outdoor Structures for Your Venue

When selecting outdoor weatherproofing structures, pubs and clubs need to carefully consider their unique venue layout, any space constraints or restrictions, and the desired aesthetic they want to achieve. Meticulous planning ensures any new weatherproofing complements the existing atmosphere and venue theme.

Numerous outdoor structures are available, each suited to different needs and spaces. Retractable folding arm awnings and cantilevered canopies can provide adjustable shade and weather shelter above outdoor seating areas. Timber or aluminium pergolas lined with durable polycarbonate sheeting create transparent overhead roofing for unobstructed views of the skies. Cafe blinds give demarcated enclosures flexible outdoor walls for defined spaces. Motorised aluminium umbrella systems enable modular coverage that can be adjusted as needed.

The structures are commonly constructed using materials like natural timber, powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel cabling, PVC shade cloth fabric and impact-resistant polycarbonate sheeting. Elegant timber pergolas can exude timeless warmth. Sturdy powder-coated aluminium frames withstand harsh weather conditions. Taut PVC fabric sails create a modern angular shade. Crystal clear polycarbonate is durable and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Matching new weatherproofing structures with your existing venue style is important to avoid a tacked-on look. Heritage-style pubs may opt for all-timber pergolas and classic striped canvas. Contemporary bars could choose minimalist steel cantilevered canopies and clean lines. Resort-style sites might install nautical-themed sails and fabrics. Vibrant colours or striped fabrics can complement more lively venues.

Branding through custom colours, signage, and logos also helps new outdoor additions to harmonise with current branding. Signwritten nameplates along pergola beams add a signature touch. Umbrellas or sails printed with branding make a bolder visual statement. Subtle signage on cafe blinds maintains a stylish, uncluttered look.

It’s wise to work with experienced outdoor structure providers who understand both aesthetics and the operational needs of hospitality venues. They can design tailored solutions specifically for your individual space and intended patronage. Factory pre-fabrication also ensures consistent quality.

Choosing the right weatherproofing involves carefully balancing durability, aesthetics and functionality. With careful selection, new structures can shield patrons from the weather and enhance your venue’s atmosphere.

The Value of Professional Weatherproofing Providers

Installing durable outdoor weatherproofing structures requires partnering with experienced specialist providers who offer custom design services, professional installation and ongoing support. Their expertise ensures your new additions are tailored for your space and built to last.

Reputable providers collaborate with you on a bespoke design suited to your venue’s specific spatial requirements, brand aesthetics, and intended functionality. They understand how to create weatherproofing that blends style with practical weather protection. Their professional installation teams then actualise the design efficiently with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Quality providers offer multi-year warranties and continued maintenance support after installing new structures. This provides invaluable peace of mind that your weatherproofing will keep looking pristine and functioning reliably for years of intensive use. Reputable providers promptly service any defects and make alterations as required.

When selecting a provider, thoroughly research their experience, sample work and client testimonials. The ideal fabricators use high-grade aluminium and timber that withstand harsh Australian conditions. They have strong attention to detail in both design work and physical construction. All electrical work should comply with Australian safety standards.

Investing in a purpose-built weatherproofing solution from specialist designers and builders ensures you get maximum value compared to makeshift DIY attempts. By leveraging their expertise, venues gain custom structures that both shield patrons and enhance their spaces for the long haul.

Weatherproof and Maximise Your Venue with Aaron’s Outdoor

Take your venue to new heights with Aaron’s Outdoor. For 25 years, we’ve been Melbourne’s premier weatherproofing specialist – creating tailored outdoor structures so venues can maximise their alfresco spaces year-round.

Our award-winning designs blend durable, natural materials and stylish aesthetics for solutions that seamlessly enhance your venue’s atmosphere. Our team collaborates with you on custom layouts matching your unique brand and space. We professionally install structures from retractable awnings to transparent pergolas that withstand Australia’s unpredictable weather.

Our priority is providing hassle-free weatherproofing that complements your venue perfectly while requiring minimal maintenance. We use quality timber and steel built to last for decades.

Don’t let Melbourne’s changing climate limit your outdoor potential. Contact Aaron’s Outdoor to discuss a tailored weatherproofing solution for your venue. Our expertise in creative design, sturdy construction, and professional service allows venues to utilise outdoor spaces fully, rain or shine.

Please speak to our team today about taking your venue outdoors!

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