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Margie's Home Renovation

Margie and Geoffrey Richardson were both police officers, who had worked for over 33 years between them. They first met on Margie’s first day on the job 15 years ago, with Geoffrey having worked [...]

Strathphine 360 Virtual Tour

Ever wanted to visit an Aarons Outdoor Living location, but never had the chance? Well, now you can with a 360 virtual tour on Google!   In a first for Aarons Outdoor, you can now explore [...]

What Is A Tiny House?

A good question to be sure. The phrase ‘tiny house’ can refer to just a very small home, but in the context of this article we’re talking about the portable home phenomenon that has swept the [...]

How to Protect Your Timber for Life

At Aarons, we take pride in our products and service.  Your timber products should last a lifetime – over and over again. A good quality timber stain ensures longevity in both the colour [...]

Hardwood Outdoor Furniture

Aarons Hardwood Outdoor Furniture Our unique timber furniture range is listed on our outdoor furniture page. Add the finishing touches to your yard with stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture. [...]

Mothers Day D.I.Y. Gift Idea

  The perfect, easy to create, D.I.Y., last minute gift for Mum this Mothers Day (Sunday 8th May). What you’ll need: Assorted Mini Terrecotta Pots Acryllic Craft Paint Wire Circular [...]

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