How to Clean Your Pergola

Many homeowners invest in vinyl pergolas and other structures to enhance their outdoor living spaces. However, these fixtures can accumulate stubborn stains, dust and grime over time, detracting from the area’s enjoyment. Whether your pergola could use a refresh or is due for routine maintenance, finding the right product for thorough cleaning is essential.

This guide from Aarons Outdoor Living highlights effective solutions for removing built-up dirt and resisting stains. Their tested recommendations can cut through even the most persistent blemishes with targeted applications. With the proper cleaning method, homeowners can restore exterior wooden fixtures to their ideal condition and have pergolas primed for relaxing outdoors.

Routine Cleaning for Vinyl and Wood Pergolas

Whether you have a vinyl or wood pergola structure enhancing your outdoor space, routine cleaning is vital to maintaining its appearance and durability over time. The process is made simple with some essential tools.

The best treatment starts with clearing furniture to allow access. Use a broom or garden hose to sweep away loose dirt, debris and insects that may have accumulated. For most cleanings, hosing down the pergola frames with a hot water setting every other week does the trick.

Incorporate a mild soap into the process for a more thorough routine clean. Gently scrub vinyl and wood pergolas sections every few weeks using a long-handled brush and bucket of soapy water. Rinse each area immediately after washing to avoid unwanted marks or residue.

For vinyl specifically, its smooth surface wipes clean easily. Wood additionally benefits from the occasional application of a protective sealant. Both materials stand up well when maintained regularly using simple supplies like mild soap, a garden hose, and a basic pergola cleaning kit, including a brush.

A pressure washing kit provides deeper cleaning power on more stubborn stains or build-up. Regular exterior care keeps these pergola types in ideal shape for enjoying the outdoor area for many seasons.

Deep Cleaning Vinyl and Wood Pergolas

Plan for a deeper clean for pergolas that have gone an extended time without maintenance or require more thorough removal of stains and build-up across the entire structure. First, trim away any climbing vines or overgrown plants that may crowd the outdoor living space. While Aarons Outdoor Living offers structures engineered to withstand seasonal growth, it’s best not to stress the frame unnecessarily.

Start as always by sweeping away loose debris. Then, focus on targeted problem areas using extra scrubbing power. Warm water, a bristle brush, and diligent manual scrubbing can dissolve many surface-level stains with a quality cleaner. Rinse each section well after scrubbing to prevent residue.

Some situations demand stronger solutions. Your go-to deep cleaners will efficiently break down even persistent marks through the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t use anything too abrasive that could damage the material over time. If manual methods prove inadequate, a pressure washing kit on a low setting delivers a highly effective, quick clean while applying a protective solution across the entire structure.

Additional Tips for Wood Pergolas

Wood pergolas add natural beauty and shade to any backyard dream space. Some extra steps preserve their charm for seasons to come.

Reapply a protective sealant annually to guard against damp climates and corrosive fasteners. This shields the timber from weathering and extends its lifespan. Use a damp cloth to clean decorative, pretty climbing vines that may overtop the structure. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage delicate flowers.

For wood that sees direct rain and sun, sanding rough patches and then re-staining revived its colour as the original finish wears. This simple DIY project keeps the structure an inspiring backdrop.

Stubborn dirt and stubborn grime may require scrubbing crevices with an old toothbrush or repair kit tools. Pressure washing presents a more bottomless option when dirt is deeply embedded. Regular upkeep fights deterioration to maintain the pergola as a longstanding backyard focal point.

F PPergola Beam & Roof Maintenance

Pay special attention to food preparation areas under the pergola. Wash beams above barbecues using warm water and elbow grease to remove sticky grunge build-up. A low-powered pressure washer also efficiently cleans these heavy-use locations.

For Colorbond steel roofs, keep the exterior cleaning basic. Use mild soap, hot water, and a long-handled sponge, taking care to gently scrub without scratching the finished steel surface. Rinse immediately after cleaning to avoid spotting.

Inspect beams regularly for signs of damage from weathering, like spot splinters. Sand lightly and seal with an exterior touch-up kit to prevent further deterioration in these areas.

Cleaning provides an opportunity to survey the pergola for potential problems and address issues early. Frankly, the maintenance process is less burdensome when the structure is constructed from durable materials like the treated timbers and skillion roofs offered by Aarons Outdoor Living. Their stunning, long-lasting pergola designs are built to withstand outdoor conditions with proper upkeep.

The maintenance process is less burdensome when you’ve got the best product on the market. Aarons Outdoor Living offers stunning, durable pergolas constructed with treated timbers and skillion Colorbond® roofs. Discover more today!

Top Recommended Outdoor Maintenance Products

Caring for outdoor spaces requires the right tools to keep landscapes in good order. Certain products can make maintenance more manageable if you have a small backyard or extensive commercial grounds. This list explores ten highly-rated items for supporting a variety of landscaping needs. With selections for everything from cleaning to cultivation, these tried-and-true options receive praise from users seeking reliable solutions.

1. Mild soap

We’re not kidding. For regular cleaning, mild soap (like Morning Fresh Eco or Earth Choice Concentrate) will do the trick and isn’t detrimental to the environment.

2. O’Cedar Outdoor Timber Care

If you’re looking to nourish and protect wood, try this. It’s silicone-free, so you’ll avoid that annoying sheen that makes timber appear unnatural.

3. 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner

This is an easy spray-on and wash-off method, and it’s great for people on the go. You’ll get a deep clean. It’s safe to use around your garden and treats mould and mildew, destroying spores and discouraging re-growth.

4. Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner

Depending on the size of your pergola, you may need multiple bottles. This spray targets dirt, soot, moss, mould, mildew, lichens, etc.

5. Karcher Wood High-Pressure Cleaner

If you need to show your pergola some love, consider a Karcher pressure washer. This wood-soaking solution dissolves dirt and coats timber with a UV protectant. You’re ready to wash it all away in minutes.

6. Gorilla Tape

This ultra-strong, heavy-duty tape bonds instantly to seal cracked hoses, repair tarps, and much more. It’s 3x stronger than duct tape and sticks through all weather conditions.

7. Weber Grill Cover

Protect your grill investment from sun, snow, wind, and rain with a durable grill cover tailored to your model. Weber’s covers allow ventilation while keeping essential elements out.

8. 303 Aerospace Protectant

Revitalize faded outdoor furniture and surfaces with this UV shielding spray. Help prevent cracking, fading, and deterioration on patio cushions, umbrellas, shutters, and more.

9. Rain-X Patio Door Water Repellent

Make sliding glass doors, windows, and patio surfaces slip-resistant and repel water with this silicone-free formula. Just spray and wipe for streak-free protection.

O R PPamper Your Pergola for Years of Outdoor Pleasure

Regular, routine maintenance, as outlined, keeps vinyl, wood, and Colorbond pergolas performing in top condition season after season. Homeowners can easily care for these structures with the proper knowledge and supplies.

For those seeking to install a new pergola or enhance their existing outdoor space, Aarons Outdoor Living offers high-quality, durable products made to withstand Australian climates with resilience. Their expertly designed and constructed options come with the peace of mind of a strong reputation backed by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Aarons has many solutions to make any backyard an inviting outdoor living area. In addition to pergolas, they provide home studios, sheds, and children’s cubby houses. Whether expanding living or work areas, Aarons has the products at the best buy price to fully outfit any property and keep occupants enjoying the space for years to come. Their quality and service ensure customers’ pergolas and whole backyards stay beautifully maintained with minimum effort.

Interested customers can also receive a free quote to discuss their project requirements and find the ideal Aarons solution.

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