How to Clean Your Pergola

Looking to remove dust and grime from your pergola? Wondering which products are most effective for cleaning exterior wooden structures? Perhaps you’re ready to amp up your outdoor maintenance regimen or tackle the long-overdue deep clean. Whether your pergola has seen better days or simply needs a routine wash, Aarons Outdoor Living has just the cleaning guide for you!

Top 5 Recommended Outdoor Maintenance Products


1. Mild soap

We’re not kidding. For regular cleaning, mild soap (like Morning Fresh Eco or Earth Choice Concentrate) will do the trick and isn’t detrimental to the environment.

2. O’Cedar Outdoor Timber Care

If you’re looking to nourish and protect wood, try this. It’s silicone-free, so you’ll avoid that annoying sheen, which makes timber appear unnatural.

3. 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner

This is an easy spray-on and wash-off method, and it’s great for people on the go. You’ll get a deep clean. It’s safe to use around your garden, and it treats mould and mildew, destroying spores and discouraging re-growth.

4. Simple Green Outdoor Cleaner

Depending on the size of your pergola, you may need multiple bottles. This spray targets dirt, soot, moss, mould, mildew, lichens, etc.

5. Karcher Wood High-Pressure Cleaner

If you really need to show your pergola some love, consider a Karcher pressure washer. This wood soaking solution dissolves dirt and coats timber with a UV protectant. You’re ready to wash it all away in minutes.
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Routine Cleaning

The best treatment you can provide for your pergola is routine exterior cleaning. Clear your space of furniture, and sweep away loose dirt, debris, insects, cobwebs, etc. Then it’s so simple; you may not believe us: just hose down your pergola with hot water. Every other week, you may want to gently scrub with soap.
If it’s been a few weeks since any outdoor maintenance on your structure, you may want to go a step further. Do your sweeping, but also, get yourself a bucket, a long-handled brush with soft bristles, and a mild soap (as stated above). Gently wash your pergola with soap and hot water in sections. Rinse immediately after each section.

Deep Cleaning

If you haven’t washed your once-prized pergola in months (or years), or even if it’s just high-time you deep cleaned, you may be in for a chore. But your hard work will pay off! First, trim away vines and climbing plants that may be overcrowding your structure; though Aarons Outdoor Living offers strong and durable pergolas, you don’t want to stress your frame if you can help it.
Again, sweep first. You can then try mild soap, hot water, and tougher bristles. Stay away from wire brushes or anything wire-like, though; if you ruin the timber, all of this cleaning will be rather pointless. You may even try one of the deep cleaners previously mentioned. Follow all instructions on the containers as you prepare for outdoor maintenance.
Sometimes manual scrubbing won’t work. In this case, you’ll need a pressure washer. Pressure wash on a low setting as you apply cleaning solution. In minutes, shift to high power and spray away stubborn grime, moss, mould, etc.

Pergola Beam & Roof Maintenance

Pay special attention to food preparation areas. Wash beams above barbies to remove sticky grunge. For Colorbond® roofs, keep the exterior cleaning basic: again, use mild soap, hot water, and a long-handled sponge. Be gentle so you won’t scratch the steel. Rinse immediately to avoid spotting.

Frankly, the maintenance process is less burdensome when you’ve got the best product on the market. Aarons Outdoor Living offers stunning, durable pergolas constructed with treated timbers and skillion, Colorbond® roofs. Discover more today!

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