Summer Pergola Party Essentials

With the Australian summer fast approaching, it’s time to take advantage of that beautiful back garden of yours, break open the barbeque and invite friends and family around for an overdue outdoor party. When you have a pergola, it provides the perfect setting for any type of gathering. The pergola is a focal point that gives shelter and shade, so you and your friends can enjoy an outdoor party without having to sit directly in the Australian sun. But it isn’t just pergolas that you need for that ultimate summer party. Here are a few more essentials that will be a great hit.
BBQ cooking

The Main Event

Australians are known for their awesome barbecue and for good reason. It’s almost tradition so to now break out the barbecue during this time of year would be unheard of. Use the barbecue to cook meats low and slow, but also to grill up burgers, chicken and fish quickly. You can also grill fruit kebabs for a nice refreshing treat that is full of flavour.
You can use your barbecue for simple dishes where the smoke adds to the flavouring, or go all out and make elaborate meats feasts full of garlic, chilli, ginger and other delicious flavours.

Finger Foods

Foods that guests can pick on during the party is a must. Mini quiches are easy to make ahead of time, and you can put anything in them from bacon to various veggies. Try homemade sausage rolls – always a hit.
Cheese and vegemite scrolls, a kid favourite, is excellent for your smallest guests. They are simple to throw together. Expect an empty plate soon after putting these out! Pie is also a great choice. You can either have mini ones or a large one as the main dish. You can pretty much choose any ingredients you want for your pie – chicken pie is always a sure hit!
Why not finish off the day with some classic damper? You can turn it up a notch with some banana for a nice summery taste.

Get the Drinks In!

Finally, don’t forget that you and your friends will be wanting to quench that thirst that comes more often with the warmer, sunnier days. On days like these, nothing beats an ice-cold beer, and no doubt Australia makes some good ones. XXXX Gold and VB are two popular choices. Go for a Carlton or Tooheys for another sure hit. Corona Extra is also a good choice too – don’t forget the lime just in case any guest really wants that refreshing summer taste!
Australia is known for its wonderful red wine, but in the heat, it isn’t always the most refreshing. Luckily, we also have some excellent white wines from the cooler regions of the country. They’re an excellent choice to have chilled on the warm days.
Want to impress your guests with some fun cocktails? Mojitos, margaritas, or a Tom Collins and Jameson summer punch, will surely be welcomed! Show off your bartending skills or invite guests to make their own.
Make sure your guests have a way to get home or have a bed for the night. While some beers have a low alcohol level, they can still impair, and the heat will only add to that – so always make sure you and your guests drink responsibly!

Get your pergola ordered now and ready for the summer! Aarons Outdoor Living will provide the perfect size pergola to any backyard. Choose to have yours with or without a deck. You can also choose from a wide range of options like a ramp or steps to make your pergola accessible for all. Check out our gallery for inspiration or call us today for more information.
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