What You Need To Know Before Changing Your Outdoor Colour Scheme

An exterior colour scheme significantly impacts a home’s personality and curb appeal. When it’s time to refresh your home’s look, updating the exterior colour scheme with new paint colours can transform even the drabbest facades. Whether you opt for bright colours that pop or darker, more subtle hues, revamping your exterior colour scheme is a dramatic but cost-effective way to breathe new life into your home’s architecture and street presence.

Exterior paint projects are increasingly popular as homeowners seek affordable ways to give their homes an instant facelift. Are you tired of drab beige or bleak Dark colour? The good news is that refreshing your exterior colour scheme is easier than ever, thanks to the available refreshing paint colours. With some planning and forethought, you can implement a cohesive new exterior colour scheme that reflects your style and enhances your home’s aesthetic.

Read on for tips on selecting and coordinating paint colours to create a seamless, eye-catching exterior colour scheme makeover.

Planning Your New Exterior Colour Scheme

Careful planning and coordination are crucial to implementing a cohesive new exterior colour scheme when designing your refreshed colour palette, researching trends and evaluating your architecture.

When selecting your new colour palette, look at popular exterior colour schemes and trends. Darker, moodier hues are in, while bright primary colours are out. Consider a darker colour as your home’s foundational hue, with lighter accent colours on details.

Also, factor in your home’s architectural style. A historic Victorian may suit a colourful, contrasting scheme with different colours on siding, roof tiles, window trim and brick colours. For a mid-century modern home, a more minimalist colour palette of muted earth tones may enhance the clean lines.

Choose 2-3 core colours for your main surfaces like siding, roof, and decking. Neutrals like warm white, beige and grey create versatility. Then, strategically use accent colours like vivid red, deep green or navy blue on front doors, window frames, shutters and other exterior features. Limit accents to 1-2 pops of colour.

Researching, evaluating architecture, and coordinating your core and accent colours will revamp a cohesive, on-trend exterior colour scheme.

Picking Paint Colours and Finishes

When selecting exterior paint, consider the paint type and finish to create a cohesive look.

Evaluate paint types like acrylic latex or oil-based formulations. Acrylic latex is standard for exteriors, offering good durability and colour retention. Oil-based paint provides a glossy, protective finish but requires more prep.

Consider different paint sheens, from matte to semi-gloss. Flat or matte paint hides imperfections but is less durable. Eggshell has a soft glow, working on many exteriors. Satin offers a slight sheen and easier cleaning. Semi-gloss is very shiny, smooth and most resistant to wear.

Be sure to test paint swatches on your actual exterior surfaces before committing to a colour. The same colour can look different on siding, brick, stucco, etc. Order samples in your top colour choices.

Choose colours that coordinate with your home’s architecture and style. Aim for a cohesive exterior palette where your accent colour front door, for example, complements the primary siding colour.

Selecting the right exterior paint type and sheen results in a durable, consistent finish that enhances curb appeal.

Refresh and Enhance Your Exterior With a Color Change

Updating your home’s exterior colour scheme can provide an instant facelift and dramatically improve curb appeal. You can achieve a seamless, cohesive new look by following key steps and tips throughout the colour selection and application process. First, research current colour trends and evaluate your architecture to guide colour choices.

Test swatches of core and accent colours on all exterior surfaces to ensure they complement each other as intended across siding, window frames, garage doors and more. Coordinate your colour palette across house surfaces, hardscaping, landscaping and outdoor furnishings. Tie it all with exterior fixtures and decorative accents in colours drawn from your new exterior scheme.

Consider hiring a color consultant. Their expertise can save time and create the perfect cohesive exterior colour plan. With careful coordination and adherence to your colour palette, even significant colour changes can refresh your exterior aesthetically.

Don’t settle for a dull, dated exterior. With strategic planning and preparation, a new colour scheme can dramatically enhance your home’s personality and curb appeal. Breathe new life into your architecture by exploring the possibilities for your exterior colour revamp. Contact our team today to get started designing your refreshed exterior makeover.

Achieving a Unified Exterior Color Scheme

Creating a cohesive, polished look requires careful coordination of your perfect palette across all exterior surfaces. Use the same core and accent colours on house surfaces like siding, trim, fencing, and deck. Tie in hardscaping like pathways and driveways by selecting materials or paints in the same colour scheme.

For surfaces like Austral Bricks retaining walls, paint a sample pot of your colours on the actual surface to see how the hues complement each other. Colours can look different on varied materials. Ensure your accent colour pops against brick as intended and doesn’t clash.

Also, apply your exterior colour scheme to landscaping. Use mulch or gravel to coordinate earth tones and incorporate plants with foliage that complement the palette. Strategically placed garden d├ęcor in your accent colours ties everything together.

Planning your exterior colours, testing swatches on all surfaces, and coordinating paint, materials, hardscape, and landscaping creates a polished, cohesive look from top to bottom. A unified application of your colour palette makes an exterior colour change seamless.

Refresh Your Exterior With a Color Change

In conclusion, updating your exterior colour scheme can give your home a quick makeover and better curb appeal. Following these top tips will save time and lead to a good look. Do your research, evaluate your architecture, test colours, and coordinate your palette across all surfaces.

For a seamless revamp, consider hiring a colour consultant. Their expertise can help you land on the perfect cohesive exterior colour scheme. Breathe new life into your home’s look by exploring fresh paint and material options for your makeover.

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