Why Bamboo Is the New Timber

There has been growing interest in eco-friendly building materials as alternatives to traditional timber. One trendy option that has emerged is bamboo. With over 1,250 species, bamboo offers an abundant and sustainable resource that can be used to create durable and aesthetically appealing products.

Bamboo has quickly become a highly versatile construction material, integrating everything from flooring to fencing. With continuing innovations in bamboo cultivation and product development, this natural material may soon replace traditional timber as the building material of choice for environmentally conscious consumers and contractors.

Who is Buying Bamboo in Australia

The use of bamboo products in Australia has grown rapidly in recent years. Australian bamboo flooring imports have increased by over 20% annually, while local bamboo plantations now span over 18,000 hectares. With over 500 bamboo species native to Australia, this renewable resource has become a popular sustainable building material.


Bamboo’s rapid growth helps reduce soil erosion and carbon footprint compared to timber products from slow-growing trees. Mainstream interest continues to rise as designers, architects, and eco-conscious consumers choose bamboo for its durability, aesthetics and environmental benefits over tropical hardwoods and traditional timber.

Bamboo building materials like decking, fencing and furniture mean less deforestation than timber. As Australia’s green building market expands, local bamboo species’ abundance and low maintenance provide an ideal, eco-friendly alternative to imported hardwoods. With innovative manufacturing, this fast-growing grass has excellent potential as a sustainable building material and may soon replace timber products in Australian homes and businesses.

Why Choose Bamboo Over Timber


Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials available today. Bamboo can grow a full meter within 24 hours and is ready for harvest in 3-5 years, compared to 10-20 years for most woods. This fast-growing rate means bamboo can absorb four times more carbon and produce more oxygen.


Bamboo has excellent strength and hardness, often higher than many hardwoods. Its tensile strength resembles that of steel. Bamboo is naturally durable and resistant to water damage, insects, and rotting when adequately treated. These properties make bamboo an excellent choice for exterior applications.



With over 1,000 diverse bamboo species, this grass offers incredible beauty, style, and design flexibility. Bamboo has a refined, elegant visual appeal, gaining popularity over the last ten years. It’s natural patterns and tones blend seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor environment.


As one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, bamboo can be harvested much more frequently than traditional wood. This renewable supply helps keep bamboo products more affordable and accessible. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that doesn’t sacrifice quality or value.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why bamboo usage has expanded exponentially worldwide. Bamboo is an excellent choice over traditional timber for eco-conscious consumers looking for a sustainable, strong, stylish material.

Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo has emerged as a highly versatile and eco-friendly material used in a vast range of products. However, it has become especially popular as a sustainable building material.

  • Rapid growth rate reduces soil erosion and carbon footprint compared to slow-growing woods.
  • Abundant supply as a renewable resource means faster regrowth and less deforestation.
  • Strength and durability provide quality, long-lasting building materials
  • Natural beauty and design flexibility allow it to complement any aesthetic
  • Meets sustainability standards and green building requirements
  • Ideal for flooring, fencing, decking, and more as an alternative to timber
  • Over 1,500 species are available to create customized bamboo building products

At Aaron’s Outdoor Living, our bamboo fencing and screens are built to last using this abundant, eco-friendly material. Discover our quality bamboo products today.

The Ideal Fencing Choice

Bamboo checks all the boxes for homeowners seeking a strong, beautiful, eco-friendly fencing material. Bamboo fencing provides an attractive, cost-effective option to transform your backyard.

Bamboo fencing can complement any aesthetic with height, style, and colour customisation options. Its natural visual appeal and tones blend seamlessly into diverse environments to create a tropical paradise or modern oasis. Bamboo’s strength surpasses traditional timber and can withstand winds up to 190 km/h. Its dense structure makes bamboo fencing up to 3 times stronger than wood.


Bamboo is naturally resilient against rot, insects, and termites. Proper preservative treatment protects it from moisture and sun damage. Properly maintained bamboo fencing can last over 20 years without cracking or warping. This longevity saves money over continual timber fence repairs and replacement.

Environmentally-conscious homeowners also appreciate bamboo’s sustainability. Bamboo regrows rapidly after harvesting and absorbs more carbon dioxide than slower-growing trees.

Bamboo is ideal for residential and commercial fencing projects for strength, beauty, value and eco-friendliness. Discover the natural beauty of bamboo for your backyard with Aaron’s Outdoor Living premium fencing.

Choose Sustainable Strength & Beauty

Bamboo’s sustainability, durability, and natural elegance make it the ideal eco-friendly alternative to timber. For quality bamboo fencing and screens, trust Aaron’s Outdoor Living. Our products showcase the environmental and aesthetic benefits of this remarkable renewable resource.

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