Why Bamboo Is the New Timber

In recent years there has been an ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday living. One popular example of an ongoing trend is the use of bamboo as an alternative to timber and other hardwoods.

Who is buying bamboo?

Bamboo has been identified as the potential “future of retail”, with the capability to produce quality, aesthetic products to capture and maintain mainstream interest. According to the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) trade database, the annual export in 2000 came up to about US$2.5 billion. At the time of the report, the annual export of raw bamboo came to about US$89 million

Why choose it over timber?

We are all familiar with the benefits that everyone is buzzing about. Bamboo is known for its sustainability. It can grow to full maturity in four to six years as opposed to taking decades for other trees to grow, meaning that it can be harvested more frequently without doing harm to the environment.
It’s also extremely durable, being stronger and harder wearing than hardwood. It’s known for maintaining strength despite cracking and discolouration. As well as lowering your carbon footprint and being an extremely resilient material, it is also known for being more affordable than alternative fencing options.
You don’t need statistics for this next fact: bamboo is really easy on the eyes. It’s natural beauty can turn any home into a tropical paradise. And this is not limited to any particular type of home. Bamboo is extremely dynamic and design flexible, meaning it can practically blend into any environment.

What can you do with bamboo?

The dynamic nature of bamboo means that people are using it for everything. From garden tools to clothes to ingredients for food and medicine, you can find an endless range of bamboo products on the market. However you will most commonly see a lot of people talking about bamboo as a durable, modern building material. Once such example is the use of bamboo in outdoor fencing.


Bamboo fencing is a cost-effective decorative fencing option which can completely transform the look of your backyard.
The height and style of bamboo fences can be customised to suit all of your backyard needs. Bamboo has a unique, natural look to blend into any backyard. Alongside a bali hut and swimming pool, the look and feel of bamboo will create the perfect tranquil paradise in your backyard.

A bamboo fence is three times stronger than a normal timber fence, naturally more resilient to termites and can even hold up in strong winds. Consider your fence rotting problems a thing of the past, as bamboo fencing can easily last anywhere up to 20 years, as long as it is properly maintained and not put into direct contact with the ground (as it can potentially erode).

Make the switch to bamboo!

A shift to bamboo means an investment in sustainability, affordability and overall aesthetics. When you measure all the benefits, it is pretty fair to say that bamboo is indeed the new timber.
If you enjoyed this article, check out our extensive bamboo range at Aaron’s Outdoor Living.

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