Your Kids Will Go Crazy Over These 5 Awesome Play Sets

We all remember those carefree childhood afternoons, spending hours climbing and playing on the big play set in the backyard. The imagination would run wild in those days! The play sets took one on adventures where one was a brave explorer, a superhero saving the day, and even an astronaut venturing into outer space. For young children, backyard play unlocks a world of creativity and adventure.

Outdoor playtime is essential for a child’s development and well-being. Play equipment like playsets, sandpits, and swings help create a delightful playground space where children can explore, learn and let their imaginations run free. These toys get the creative juices flowing, get children moving and allow sensory exploration – critical elements for little ones. Studies show outdoor play improves children’s motor skills, focus and emotional control.

Y K W G C O T A P SWe will highlight five top play options to bring the magic of playtime to the backyard. From fun playhouses to classic swings, one will find tips to transform the garden into a playground paradise. We’ll examine the choices, features and developmental benefits of play sets, sandpits, swings, cubby houses and splash pads. Designing a fun backyard playground can give children childhood memories that’ll last a lifetime.

No playtime is complete without an adventure on the high seas. There is no shortage of ways for your little pirate to customise and create the ship of their dreams. They can hoist up their flag, choose their crew and give their precious vessel a name. With a spin of the wheel and a peek through the telescope, your child will have the time of their life.
I hope you’re not the one who walks the plank!

Playhouse Ideas

Playhouses spark endless imagination in little ones. From cubby houses and cottages to ships and rocket ships, playsets allow young kids to roleplay and dream of exciting adventures. Kids love whimsical designs that feel like their forever home.

Consider sturdy construction if buying pre-made playhouses. Seek quality materials built to handle energetic play. Check dimensions to ensure an appropriate fit for your best deals on backyard space. Most playsets accommodate 1-4 children.

Y K W G C O T A P SFor one-time investments, prioritise safety, durability and design elements that will stand the test of time. Add charm with flowerboxes, mailboxes, and doors that open and close. Bonus add-ons like slides, climbing walls, and chalkboards enhance play value. For easy customisation, choose wood or canvas materials to paint. Design the playhouse of their dreams!

If a store-bought playset doesn’t fit your budget, build your own with scrap wood or recycled items. Add flair with curtains, pretend stove or steering wheel. Whether store-bought or DIY, a playhouse lets little ones’ imaginations run wild for years.

Sandbox Basics

Sandboxes encourage open-ended creativity and sensory play for little ones. Let their imaginations run wild as they dig, pour, sift and mould the sand. Kids love designing castles, race tracks, volcanoes and more with this classic outdoor toy.

First, decide on an in-ground dig pit or contained box frame for sturdy construction. Pick a shady spot and add a sail or umbrella to keep your young kids comfortable while they play for hours. Opt for soft, fine sand over pea gravel for comfort.

Y K W G C O T A P SAdd toys like buckets, shovels, sifters, moulds and diggers to enhance play. Rotate new toys into the box to keep it exciting. Storage benches are great for keeping toys contained and dry. Rinse toys regularly to maintain a clean play space.

No need to spend big bucks on store-bought sandboxes. Make your own with wood, tyres or plastic liners for one of the best deals on yard playsets. Just be sure to use child-safe, durable materials. Proper drainage is also vital.

With the proper setup, a sandbox can provide endless fun and learning. Let your little one’s creativity take hold in their new forever home!

Classic Swing Sets

Swing sets are a timeless favourite for young kids. The soothing motion and feeling of flying through the air provide endless enjoyment. Kids love options like regular swings, glider swings, infant seats and tire swings.

Safety and durability should be the focus when choosing swing set kits or designing custom playsets. Look for sturdy construction with thick, galvanised steel frames and chains. Make sure the structure is cemented securely into the ground. Soft ground cover like rubber mulch or sand helps prevent injuries.

Y K W G C O T A P SSwinging builds coordination as little ones learn to pump their legs and maintain balance. It teaches vital skills like taking turns and patience. Add fun touches like a steering wheel, bell or flower basket to spark their imagination. For infants, baby swings with harness seats provide comfort and security.

Swing sets are one of the best investments for your backyard play zone. Let your kids burn energy and soak up the joy of swinging for hours. The simple pleasure of swaying through the air on their own swing set will create fond childhood memories that last a lifetime. Just be sure to teach them proper safety and supervision. Then watch your happy little one soar!

Treehouse Inspiration

Treehouses encourage adventure and imagination in kids. An elevated play space inspires exciting roleplay as your little ones dream up stories featuring princesses, pirates, superheroes and more! Young kids love escaping to a secret hideaway that feels like their own.

Consider pre-fab treehouse kits or DIY builds using scrap lumber for one-time investments in their backyard fun. Focus on safety with sturdy construction, weight limits and railings. Attach securely to trees without damaging them. Teach kids to care for living things.


Include a ladder or staircase and add accessories like a slide, pulley system, play stove or binoculars. A chalkboard, steering wheel and telescope spark creativity. Position near a window to toss snacks from the “crow’s nest.”

Treehouses make great forever homes for playsets. And you don’t need large trees or big backyards to add a raised fort. Mini versions with ramps work, too. Just keep designs focused on your child’s imagination, not your own! With a spirit of adventure, their treehouse will quickly become their favourite place to play.

Splash Pad Perks

Splash pads are a summertime favourite to help little ones beat the heat. Kids love running through sprinklers, splashing in wading pools, and getting soaked by sprayers. Water play encourages creativity and provides hours of fun.

Focus on safety by using slip-resistant backyard turf and ensuring proper drainage. Pour a shallow wading pool or water table and watch their imaginations run wild with beach toys like buckets, shovels and moulds. Use quick connects on the hose so you can easily change sprayer attachments.

Y K W G C O T A P SConsider durable sprinklers and sprayers made for outdoor use. Splash pad water slides bring extra excitement. Just be sure to keep a close eye on young kids. Storage benches keep toys organised when not in use.

While splash pads provide a blast of fun, they require cleanup, too. Teach children to put toys away, drain pools, and coil hoses when finished. Supervise closely and limit playtime to prevent exhaustion.

With the proper safety precautions, splash pads are one of the best backyard playset additions on hot summer days. Watch your little ones enjoy hours of magical water play and beat the heat!

Make Memories in Your Backyard Playground Paradise

We explored five types of play equipment to spark imagination in your backyard. From playhouses to splash pads, structures like playsets, swings, sandboxes and treehouses encourage creativity, movement and sensory skills in kids. Most importantly, outdoor play provides endless memories your little ones will cherish.

So visit Aarons Outdoors today and request a free estimate for custom playsets, cubby houses and playground installations. Transform your outdoor space into a magical playground kingdom tailored to your child’s dreams. Give the gift of play and watch their imaginations soar! The memories made playing in their backyard wonderland will last a lifetime.

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