Which One Is Right For You – Play Equipment or Cubby House?

When you’ve got kids, you want to make sure you have the best entertainment possible. Otherwise, the kids are just going to stay inside and be bored. Fortunately, there are lots of options when looking for outdoor entertainment for children. You can consider a cubby house, or maybe you’d prefer play equipment instead. So how will you know which one is right for you and your family?


One of the biggest issues when deciding what to install in your backyard is how much space you have available. If you’re limited by space, your best option would be to consider play equipment such as monkey bars or swings. This will ensure your kids still have some equipment to play on, without it being the main focus of the backyard.
If your kid has their heart set on a cubby house, Aarons Outdoor offers 8 different sizes, with our smallest cubby, the Cottage, measuring 1.7m x 1.8m.

Your kids

A factor to consider is the age and skillset of your kids. Why bother installing equipment that is age inappropriate and will go unused? If you’re installing monkey bars or swings, or elevated cubby houses, make sure your kids have the physical skills necessary to use the play equipment.
However, if your kids need a space to call their own and let their imaginations run wild, then it’s perhaps better to consider buying a cubby house. To encourage the imagination of kids, our cubbies come with a bunch of optional accessories, including boat wheel, telescope, pirate flag, letterbox and cubby servery, to name a few. You can even add an elevation kit so your kids can still climb and slide in and out of their own private cubby house.


When considering what equipment to buy for your children, a big factor will inevitably be the budget. You don’t want to commit to buying something you can’t afford. If you’re looking for cheaper play equipment, your best option is to consider timber swing frames, which are from $445, or monkey bars, which are from $695. Meanwhile, the Cottage cubby, with a 1.7m x 1.8m size starts from $1595. Swing attachments and cubby accessories will also be an additional cost. Make sure to factor this in before committing to one choice over the other.

Why not have both?

If your kids want a space to call their own and let their imaginations run wild, but still want to jump, swing and slide, then why not consider combining play equipment and a cubby house? You can double the fun by adding an elevation kit to your cubby house. This allows you to add fun accessories such as a scramble net, slides, rock wall, fireman’s pole or steps for kids to enjoy. You can even consider adding monkey bars to the side of your cubby house. Your kids are sure to want to spend all their time outdoors when they have play equipment and a cubby house.
Whatever you choose, Aarons Outdoor has it! We have eight different sizes for cubby houses, with five elevation kits, and tons of accessories so you can create the cubby house that is perfect for your backyard and your family. Meanwhile, our play equipment is sure to get your kids challenging their minds. Pick up some monkey bars, timber swings, freestanding swings, pirate ships, speed boat or play trains. Your kids will never want to leave the backyard after you buy your new cubby house or play equipment from Aarons Outdoor.

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