Turn Your Cubby Into A Winter Wonderland

During winter it might be more of a struggle to get your children to go outside. It’s cold and wet – they just want to stay inside. You can encourage your children to spend some time in their cubby house by turning it into their very own winter wonderland. Some ways to decorate your cubby include:

Paper Snowflakes

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This is something the whole family can get involved in! Every winter wonderland needs some snow. If you’re like most Australian’s and don’t live in the mountains, you’re going to have to get creative. Get the kids to grab some white or light blue paper, fold it in half or into quarters and cut patterns into the paper. Kids can make their snowflakes look however they want. Once you unfold the paper, you’ve got your very own individual snowflake! You can stick these to windows or the walls, or attach string and hang the snowflakes from the ceiling.

Frozen Themed

Frozen party featured at Kara’s Party Ideas

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If one of your kids are having a birthday party – why not hold it outside and have it themed after the movie Frozen? This means having everything blue and white – the cake, the decorations, the dress ups. Have a feature wall that is draped in blue and white material, and set up your food table in front. Decorate your table with paper, cardboard or tulle – whatever takes your fancy. Set up some paper snowflakes and balloons and you’re all set for a Frozen themed party in the cubby house.


Make a snowman with plastic cups. Add charm to any Christmas tree or gift box, and make charming and thoughtful holiday presents for friends and family members.

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No winter wonderland is complete without a snowman! There are endless ways to make a crafty snowman, depending on how big you want to make it. There are plenty of options that are easy and the kids can get involved with. Easy options include making small snowmen out of pinecones or polystyrene balls. If you want a bigger, more decorative snowman you can use paper cups. Then just add some cardboard decorations to give your snowman some eyes, a nose, buttons and a hat.

Animal Decorations

penguin decoration by lindsay interiors | notonthehighstreet.com- i love these, I have some at my office

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Kids love animals, so why not fill up your cubby house with various winter animals! This can include animals such as penguins, polar bears, deer, seals or huskies. You can buy stuffed animals and place them decoratively around the cubby house. If you’re feeling up to it, you can harness your D.I.Y skills and make your own animals. Using cardboard, you can make 3D animals by cutting out the silhouette. Alternatively, create animals using coloured paper or cardboard and even add googly eyes and stick them to the windows or walls.
For something extra, you can have an animal themed party and have masks for the children to wear that match the animals the cubby house is decorated with.


Source: Pinterest

When you think of snow, you think of mountains. To complete the winter wonderland, add some mountains to go with your snowflakes and animals.
To make 3D mountains, you can prop up sheets to make them appear like mountains. On top, add some paint, white sheets or cardboard to give your mountains some snow. If you’re having multiple mountains, use different coloured sheets for an added effect.
For 2D mountains, you can again use bed sheets but draped against a wall, with blue sheets for the sky and white or blue sheets making up a silhouette of the mountain. Alternatively, use layers of cardboard against the wall. Consider adding a bit of glitter to your cardboard display to make it stand out.

Decorate the outside

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You don’t want to just decorate the interior of your cubby house and forget about the outside! While it might be harder to decorate the outside, there are still many options. These will all vary depending on the style of cubby house you have. One option is to drape sheets from the roof onto railings. Just make sure your sheets are blue or white to keep with the winter theme. You can even add some tinsel to the edges of the doorway to give the cubby some extra sparkle. Add some snowflakes or cardboard animals to the exterior walls to complete the look.
These six steps will help you to completely transform your cubby into a winter wonderland and give your children the best party ever.
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