The Ultimate Teenage Hangout in Your Own Backyard

Finding space for teenagers to hang out with friends can be a challenge. They crave their own space, away from mum and dad, to chill out and have backyard fun. At the same time, you want to keep them close and provide a safe living space. Cubby houses from Aarons create the ideal solution – giving teens their hangout right in your backyard.

These durable cubby houses allow teenagers to make the space their own – decorating it, filling it with beanbags and board games, and transforming it into the ultimate teen hangout. Parents can feel reassured knowing their teens have a supervised yet independent recreation area for hanging with friends. A backyard cubby house keeps them close while giving teens the freedom of their space.

We will explore how Aarons cubby houses can become cool, customised hangouts for teenagers. You’ll discover how these adaptable structures grow with them, from childhood playhouses to teenage retreats. Let’s look at creating the perfect teen hangout in your backyard.

Hang Out Time

A cubby house creates the perfect hangout space right in your backyard. It gives teenagers their space to decorate, fill with fun and make their own.

The interior can be styled as a lounge room, with beanbags for chilling out, small tables for snacks and drinks, and a bookcase stocked with books and board games. They’ll love creating posters, photos and artwork to reflect their style. Add some cozy rugs and lighting to make it a fantastic living space.

T U T H I Y O BThe backyard outside the cubby also offers many activities and hangout options. Add a basketball hoop on the exterior for shooting casual hoops with friends. Outdoor furniture like picnic tables allows a place to gather. String up some backyard fairy lights to set the mood. Teens can make the cubby house and surrounding yard their personalised hangout space.

Most importantly, it provides a supervised place for teens to spend time with friends so parents can feel reassured about safety. A backyard cubby house gives them independence and space while remaining in the comfort of home. It becomes their cool teen hangout, away from Mum and Dad.


A backyard cubby house can provide creative teens with the perfect place to explore their passions. With a bit of imagination, it transforms into a studio space for art, music, crafting or any interest they want to pursue.

Their cubby becomes the ideal art studio if your teen is into art or drawing. Fill it with shelves to store sketchbooks, paints, brushes and other art supplies, keeping them organised and damage-free. Add a desk or table to spread out and get creative. It’s their own thing – a unique art-making space just for them.

T U T H I Y O BA cubby studio is also great for craft hobbies like jewellery-making, sewing or model building. Store all those little parts and equipment safely outside the main living areas. Teens can spread out, make messes and clean up easily after crafting to their heart’s content.

Soundproofing the cubby allows musically inclined teens to play instruments without disturbing the whole household. They’ll love having a practice and recording space to hone their skills.

A backyard cubby house allows teens to explore interests without cluttering the family home. It becomes their studio to unleash creativity.

Other Uses for Cubbies

The great thing about a quality cubby house is that it adapts as your kids grow up. This versatile backyard structure gets years of use beyond the teenage years.

Once they fly the coop, repurpose the cubby as a studio space for your hobbies and interests. Use it to hold arts, crafts, sewing, painting and more – keeping your mess contained. The interior height allows most adults to move around comfortably.

T U T H I Y O BA cubby also makes a great storage shed for household tools, equipment and outdoor gear. Keep all those shovels, hoses and boxes neatly organised in your backyard workshop. With some workbenches installed, you could use the cubby for DIY woodwork or fixing things around the house.

For empty nesters, it becomes a peaceful place to read, meditate or enjoy some alone time. Add a chair and some bookshelves to create your backyard sanctuary.

The possibilities are endless with a versatile Aarons cubby house. Well built from quality materials to last for years, this adaptable structure transitions smoothly to your family’s changing needs.

Quality Cubbies for All Ages

An Aarons cubby house stands apart from flimsy plastic playhouses thanks to its solid construction from quality materials built to last. Unlike those boxed kits, Aarons uses only the best Australian timbers and handcrafts in each cubby in Australia.

Aarons wants you and your family to be able to enjoy your cubby home for years to come. While plastic playhouses don’t last very long and are not adaptable with age, our cubbies withstand the test of time. This is because we only use the highest-quality Australian-sourced materials.

T U T H I Y O BThere are ten sizes to choose from, and you can add features to customise it to suit your style. Even the roof can be the shade you like, thanks to our range of Colorbond colours. The difference is immediately noticeable – from the beautiful natural wood textures to the sturdy, durable framework that withstands weather and heavy use for years.

At Aarons Outdoor Living, we can help you and your teenager build the ideal cubby house just for them. It can reflect their style and be an appealing place to spend time in. Because Aarons cubbies are built to last, they can be transformed over the years to suit your family’s changing needs.

Our specialised carpentry team meticulously constructs each component for strength and aesthetics. The result is a magnificent backyard cubby house that grows with your kids from playhouse to teenage hangout to adult studio space. Look at our gallery or call us to discuss your thoughts; we will do our best to bring these ideas to life.

A Teen Hangout Built to Last

An Aarons cubby house creates the ideal fun hangout for teens – built with quality to last through their teenage years. These customised cubbies adapt to their needs while providing a safe backyard for freedom and fun with friends. Durable Australian timber construction ensures your investment will enrich family life for years. View the gallery to get inspired, or contact Aarons to discuss designing your teen’s perfect backyard hangout today!

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