The Ultimate Teenage Hangout in Your Own Backyard

Teenagers can be fickle creatures. They tend to get “bored” easily and are always looking for a place to hang out with their friends. They also love to have their own space, away from “uncool” Mum and Dad. You can solve all those problems while providing a safe hangout area for your teen and their friends with a cubby house from Aarons.

Cubby houses are actually perfect for kids of all ages. They can be transformed to “grow” with your child, so what was once a playhouse to play make-believe in can now be the cool place to hang out with friends with a few adjustments.

Hang Out Time

Rather than have the teenager and their mates go out, it’s great to have a space where they can just hang out at home. It’s a safe place, and you’ll know where they’re at, but it is also appealing to teens because they have a space away from the house that is their own.
There are so many things you can add to a teen’s cubby house. Fill the inside with bean bags to chill out on. Add a few small tables to put drinks and snacks. A small bookcase can even be put inside. Pictures, artwork, and posters can adorn all the walls too. On the outside, add a basketball hoop for something to do. It can be jazzed up with fairy lights or kept as minimalistic as you want. It looks great in the backyard too, adding a bit of rustic decoration but as space where teenagers can go.


A cubby house can be transformed into an amazing space where creativity can run free. If your teen is into art, this is the perfect place to store supplies and have the space to let that creativity out. A desk can be put on one side with shelving on the other to hold all the supplies. It will help save space inside the house and prevent any spills happening on your floors and furniture!

Other Uses for Cubbies

Once the kids are grown and off to do new things, you don’t need to necessarily feel like the cubby house won’t be used anymore. It can be turned into a studio for yourself, hold all those arts and crafts supplies that have been taking up space in boxes in the house. It can also be a shed, where tools and equipment can be kept safely and somewhere to do woodwork. The height is 1.9m inside, tall enough for most to enjoy comfortably.

Quality Cubbies for All Ages

Aarons wants you and your family to be able to enjoy your cubby home for years to come. While plastic playhouses don’t last very long and are not adaptable with age, our cubbies withstand the test of time. This is because we only use the highest-quality Australian sourced materials.
There are ten sizes to choose from, and there are features you can add to customise it to suit your style. Even the roof can be the shade to your liking thanks to our range of Colorbond colours.
At Aarons Outdoor Living, we can help you, and your teenager build their ideal cubby house that is just for them. It can reflect their own personal style and be an appealing place to spend time in. Because they are built to last, it can be transformed over the years to suit. Have a look at our gallery or call us to discuss what you had in mind and we will do our best to bring these ideas to life.

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