The DO’s & DON’T’s With A DIY Backyard Transformation

Just look at the popularity of TV shows like ‘The Block’ and the surge in recent house prices. There’s something fulfilling in turning a property into something special, particularly when you’ve done a lot of it yourself. A recent study by realestate.com showed that 78% of future renovators will complete some, or most of the work, themselves. It proves that Aussies love a bit of DIY.
Aarons help transform around 50 properties every week, so we know a little bit about the DO’s and DON’T’s of DIY. So here are the main ones to ensure you get on, and stay on, the right track.

DO Protect Yourself

This should be obvious. Safety/protective gear is a must have when getting your hands dirty, especially around power tools. A 2012 DIY safety survey by 3M revealed that 90% people do understand the importance of wearing protective clothing, but 60% don’t bother to wear any! If you’re getting to work on a cubby for the kids or a man cave for you and your mates, don’t neglect gloves and protective eyewear! It could be the difference between an awesome renovation and a trip to the hospital.

DON’T go near electricity!

Unless you are certified electrician, you should never do any electrical work yourself. In fact, it’s illegal to do so. Failure to listen to this could result in faulty electricity, electrical fires, or even serious injury or death. If your backyard build requires some electrical work, contact a certified professional to make sure everything runs smoothly.

DO make sure to check local council and building regulations

If you’ve decided to build the backyard studio you’ve always dreamed of, you might want to make sure that it meets local council regulations and size restrictions. The last thing you want to do is have to pull down all your good work! If this seems confusing, Aarons can take care of the entire process for you! Let Aarons start with a site inspection and guide you all the way through to final certification.

DON’T play with gas!

Like electrical work, even the most confident DIY builders should never try to install and connect gas appliances. This too is illegal and dangerous. Avoid the risk of unlicensed gas work by contracting a professional gas fitter to get your backyard hangout ready to cook up a storm.

DO follow instructions

All of Aarons products come with a PDF set of instructions which are emailed to you upon the pick-up of your item. Make sure you read them! The last thing you want is to get halfway through a build and realise you’ve put it together incorrectly. Confidence is great when it comes to DIY, but don’t let it make your job harder than it needs to be!

DON’T rush

You know the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? This applies to DIY too. Rushing your DIY job can result in your new product not looking up to scratch, or worse, could even lead to an accident. Before you begin work on your new backyard living product, estimate how long it will take and work around this. If you are pushed for time, leave it and come back the next day.

DO ensure you are using correct, quality, and working tools

Ensure you have access to all the required tools for the job. Don’t put yourself at risk. Only use tools for what they are designed for. You should also check that all the power tools are in good condition before switching them on. Damaged or tangled electrical cables are a big no no!

DON’T forget to clean your workspace as you go

Think of your project as you would your bedroom. You wouldn’t want clothes all over the floor when you’re about to vacuum, so why would you leave power tools and nails everywhere!? Keep the area clean to ensure a safe work environment, avoid nasty accidents and above all, save time.

DO have fun with it!

Now it’s time to let your style and personality shine. Finish off your build by painting it using a creative colour scheme to add the final touches to the exterior and bring everything together nicely.

DON’T hesitate to ask for help

Whilst DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”, you shouldn’t be afraid to get help if necessary. Call your mates over to help read over the instructions and take a bit of the work off you. If you don’t feel up to the task, call a professional. And remember if you’re buying an Aarons product, we offer an installation service where we can do all the work for you!
Contact us to find out how Aarons can help you transform your backyard!
This article was written by Callum Youla, an ongoing content contributor to the Aarons Outdoor Living blog.

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