Top 5 reasons for getting artificial grass

Considering getting artificial grass but not quite ready to commit? Once you know the numerous benefits of having artificial grass, you’ll just be left wondering why you didn’t install it earlier.

The benefits of having artificial grass include:

1. Low maintenance

Maintaining grass is a pain. Constantly having to mow and water the grass is time-consuming. It may not even look great after putting in all that effort.

Fortunately, when you install synthetic turf, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. You won’t have to worry about pushing around a heavy mower or spending hours pulling weeds. You can spend more time appreciating your outdoor area instead.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

After putting so much effort into maintaining natural grass, it can often end up looking unappealing. It goes yellow in summer and can end up patchy and uneven, particularly when children are playing on it.

This is something you don’t have to worry about with artificial grass. It is extremely durable, so that it won’t go yellow in hot weather. It is also tougher, meaning kids can play and run around on fake grass without ruining it. Your outdoor area will look good all year round with quality artificial grass.

3. Cleaner

Kids spend ages running around on grass and can often end up dirty. The kids end up covered in dirt and then drag it into the house or Early Learning Centre, leaving the adults with a mess to clean up.

This is something you won’t have to worry about with artificial grass. Due to the material artificial grass is made with, you won’t even have to worry about grass stains being left on your clothing. Kids can play in the grass all day, and you won’t have to worry about soaking their clothes to remove stains. With artificial grass, you won’t even be exposed to dirt. You’ll have a cleaner backyard, house and clothes.

4. Looks and feels real

People are often hesitant about getting artificial grass because it is going to look and feel fake. This is actually a misconception. At Aarons Landscaping, our artificial grass looks and feels just like natural grass. While it is made from different materials, you won’t even be able to tell; you’ll simply think you’re walking on natural grass.

Best of all, artificial grass is allergy-free, so you won’t have anyone avoiding spending time in your grassy area due to allergies. Aarons Landscaping’s artificial grass is also lead and heavy-metal-free, so you know it is safe to install in Early Learning Centres.

5. Compliant with Australian standards

Thinking about installing artificial grass in your Early Learning Centre? We understand you will only want to install the best materials.

Aarons Landscaping’s artificial turf meets Australian fire rating standards: AS 1SO 923.91 – 2003. Furthermore, our grass is compliant with Australian slip resistance standards: AS/NZS 4586-2013. You can have peace of mind knowing the artificial grass you install is of the highest standard and won’t cause any accidents.

Ready to get artificial grass? Contact one of Aarons Landscaping’s friendly staff, who will be able to help you arrange to install artificial grass at your house or Early Learning Centre.

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