Top 5 Reasons for Getting Artificial Grass

Maintaining a natural lawn can be a real hassle. Constantly mowing, watering, and removing weeds is time-consuming and exhausting. What if you could have a beautiful outdoor space without all that work? That’s where artificial grass comes in! This guide will explain the many benefits of synthetic grass, showing why it’s a better choice than natural lawns.

You’ll understand why artificial lawns are so great, from requiring little maintenance to looking and feeling like natural grass. Get ready to learn how artificial grass can give you a fantastic outdoor area without the constant upkeep of a natural lawn.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of artificial grass is how low-maintenance it is compared to natural lawns. With synthetic turf, you can say goodbye to the constant upkeep required for natural grass. No more mowing the lawn weekly or hauling the hose and sprinklers to water it. And you won’t have to spend hours bent over, pulling weeds from your yard.

Choosing artificial grass will eliminate all those tedious and time-consuming tasks. Instead of wasting entire weekends taking care of your natural lawn, you can spend that time enjoying your beautiful outdoor space with family and friends. Synthetic lawns allow a lush, green yard without the backbreaking work. Once you install fake grass, you can sit back and appreciate your low-maintenance synthetic turf for years with minimal effort. Installing artificial grass gives you a stunning outdoor area while freeing up your schedule!

Cleaner Option

If you have kids, installing an artificial lawn can make your life much cleaner and easier. Children playing on real grass often lead to dirt and grass stains covering their clothes. Those stubborn green smears get tracked all over the house when they enter. Unlike real grass, artificial turf doesn’t harbour dirt or cause those unsightly grass stains.

Artificial lawns allow kids to run, roll, and play without you having to worry about them getting filthy. They can spend hours outdoors on the artificial turf, and you won’t have to scrub grass-stained clothing frantically afterwards. No more dirt or mud getting grounded into your carpets, either! With low lawn maintenance requirements, your backyard, home, and kid’s clothes all stay cleaner when an artificial lawn is installed. You can let your children enjoy the great outdoors without the mess!

Realistic Look and Feel

A common misconception about artificial grass is that it looks and feels fake or artificial. However, at Aarons Outdoors, our low-maintenance artificial grass is designed to be virtually indistinguishable from natural grass in appearance and texture. The blades are soft and lush, mimicking real grass so well that even up close, you’ll have difficulty telling it’s not real.

Our artificial lawns provide a plush, real grass-like surface ideal for children and pets to play on year-round without worrying about grass allergies. They are pet-friendly and free from lead, heavy metals, and other harmful substances, making them perfectly safe for installation at Early Learning Centres. With Aarons’ artificial grass, you get an authentic lawn experience, excellent durability, and amazing low-maintenance benefits.

Compliance with Australian Standards

Meeting Australian standards ensures safety in artificial grass installations, especially for early learning centres with play equipment. Our artificial turf meets stringent Australian fire rating standards (AS ISO 923.91 – 2003) and Australian slip resistance standards (AS/NZS 4586-2013). This provides peace of mind, as you can be confident our low-risk surfaces won’t contribute to accidents.

In addition to safety compliance, our artificial grass offers drainage benefits, eliminating muddy footprints that plague real lawns. You also avoid the environmental impact of maintaining a real turf lawn, reducing your carbon footprint. Whether for a residential or commercial space, the benefits of artificial grass include superior safety, less mess, and eco-friendly advantages over traditional lawn options.

Ditch the Hassle, Embrace Effortless Outdoor Living

Artificial grass from Aarons Outdoors is the right choice for busy homeowners and businesses seeking a low-maintenance, beautiful outdoor space. Our friendly experts will guide you through the process, ensuring artificial grass is installed seamlessly, transforming your yard into an inviting oasis.

You can finally ditch the hassle of constant lawn maintenance and frequent landscaping bills with artificial turf. Instead, enjoy a lush, green lawn year-round without lifting a finger. Artificial grass is rapidly becoming famous for its incredible convenience and natural look. Contact us today to experience the modern luxury of an artificial lawn!

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