What’s The Best Christmas Present? A Backyard Renovation!

Looking ahead to Christmas and wondering what to get your loved ones? Of course, you could pick up a tiny trinket or the latest gadget. But if you want a gift that will make memories beyond the holiday season, why not give the gift of an outdoor living space transformation? Investing in a backyard renovation cost is a present the whole family can enjoy for years. Read on for excellent ideas to create the ultimate outdoor area everyone loves.


If you have kids, a cubby house may be the perfect backyard addition this Christmas. Children will be thrilled to have their own outdoor space to play and let their imaginations run wild. Aaron’s cubbies come in 10 sizes ranging from 1.7m x 1.8m to 3.1m x 3.3m, so you can find one to suit your backyard layout.

W T B C P A B RThe cubbies can be installed on flat or sloped yards and combined with a bridge. You can add fun extras like a letterbox, steering wheel, telescope, etc. Your kids will have the best Christmas ever playing in their new cubby house.

You can even add extras to encourage your child’s imagination. Extras include:

  • Letterbox
  • Flowerbox
  • Car steering wheel
  • Boat and ship wheels
  • Telescope
  • Jumbo binoculars
  • Pirate flag and much more!

Bali Huts

Don’t forget gifts for the adults! Bring a tropical vibe to your yard with a Bali hut, the ideal spot to relax or host gatherings on Christmas day. Imagine unwinding under your Balinese-style hut near the pool or seating area as you soak up the summer sun. A thatched roof means these huts reduce heat by up to 10 degrees, keeping you cool.

W T B C P A B RAaron’s offers five standard hut sizes, or you can custom-make one to suit your outdoor space. For smaller areas, try their 2.5m umbrella thatch. Give your adults an outdoor room to enjoy the great outdoors in style this Christmas.


A backyard studio is a flexible addition suitable for all ages. Use it for storage, a gym, a games room, a home office or any purpose you need more space for. Converting an outdoor area into a studio is an excellent investment for extra room when hosting larger groups this Christmas.

W T B C P A B RWith customisable options like windows, electricity, plastering and more, Aaron’s can create a studio tailored to your requirements. Family and friends will love having this versatile outdoor space to enjoy.


Entertain in style by adding or extending a deck in your yard. Decks maximise your outdoor living potential, providing the perfect spot for hosting gatherings this festive season. Aaron’s expertise ranges from small decks to large sprawling entertaining spaces with features like balustrades, steps, built-in seating and planter boxes. Install a new deck and be ready to host the perfect Christmas outdoors with family.

W T B C P A B REntertaining Areas

Creating a defined entertainment or seating space is one of the best investments for your outdoor area. This provides a designated spot to host family gatherings during the holidays and year-round. A simple paved space with outdoor furniture can work well for small yards.

W T B C P A B RLarger backyards offer options like an alfresco dining setting, a BBQ area, or a fire pit with seating around it. Incorporating levels, decking, lighting, and varied plant heights and textures will take your entertaining zone to the next level.


A landscaping project can transform your backyard’s look, functionality and enjoyment. Well-designed landscaping should enhance sight lines, focal points, visual interest and flow. It can also help define functional spaces like play areas, entertaining zones and garden beds.

W T B C P A B RApproach landscaping with a plan that considers both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Critical elements like plant selection, hardscaping, elevation, irrigation and lighting play a role. Many variables mean working with a professional landscape architect is advisable for the best backyard design.

Outdoor Rooms

Dividing your outdoor area into designated “rooms” is a great way to get more use and enjoyment from your yard. An outdoor room is a section suited to a particular purpose. For example, you could create separate dining, BBQ, lounge and playrooms.

W T B C P A B RScreening, fencing, decking, planting and visual divides help define the spaces. Linking them with pathways ensures an overall cohesive layout. Outdoor rooms are the ultimate flexible backyard design, allowing spaces tailored for all needs.

Low Maintenance Gardens

For time-poor homeowners, opting for a low-maintenance garden can be an intelligent landscape choice. Setting up the garden with clean lines, quality hardscaping, drought-tolerant plants, and efficient irrigation makes upkeep easier. Minimising lawn areas further reduces mowing and watering needs.

W T B C P A B RMulched garden beds with a mix of hardy shrubs, ornamental grasses and groundcovers provide visual interest without high demands. Focus plants around focal points rather than scattering them. Low maintenance doesn’t have to mean boring. A well-designed garden can be visually appealing and straightforward to care for.

Kid Zones

Creating a dedicated kid’s zone allows children to enjoy backyard playtime. Rope off an ample flat lawn space for ball games and other activities. Add a playground set or cubby house as a fun focal point. Include a sandpit for younger kids. Plant colourful flowers around the edges or divide the area with hedging to create an enclosed play space.

Make sure to consider seating for supervising adults. Setting up a designated kid’s area lets you keep your yard neat while encouraging play.

W T B C P A B ROutdoor Kitchens

For entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have yard addition. Having cooking facilities and extra storage outside provides flexibility when hosting family and friends. Your outdoor kitchen design can be as simple or deluxe as you like. A basic covered BBQ area is a good starter option.

W T B C P A B RAdd features like a sink, fridge, food prep surfaces, storage units, and lighting for a complete alfresco cooking space. Weatherproof materials are essential for durability outdoors. Locate your kitchen near other entertainment areas for convenient access when hosting festive gatherings.


Outdoor lighting serves both aesthetic and functional purposes in your yard. Path lights provide visibility and safety at night while accenting garden beds and features. Uplighting trees or walls washes surfaces with light and creates dramatic effects. String lights add ambience to outdoor seating and dining spaces.

W T B C P A B RConsider installing lighting zones throughout your yard to highlight critical areas. Automation and dimmers allow you to control when areas are illuminated. Quality lighting opens up your outdoor possibilities after dark and adds special touches.

Garden Structures

Structures are an easy way to enhance the aesthetics and enjoyment of garden spaces. Arbours, pergolas and archways all create focal points while letting you divide areas and link zones. A backyard studio, garden shed or gazebo provides extra functional space.

W T B C P A B RCubby houses inject a playful element. For relaxation, incorporate a day bed, hammock or hanging chair. Fire pits, benches, planter boxes and water features complete the scene. Garden structures add visual interest and expand how you can use your outdoor spaces.

Pools & Spas

For the ultimate backyard indulgence, add a pool or spa. A pool lets you swim, play and lounge outdoors. Spas provide a tranquil relaxation spot. Ponds and water features offer water’s peaceful ambience without the total commitment. Consider sun positioning, privacy factors and costs when locating water elements.

Nearby patios or decking create adjacent entertaining spaces. With Australian summers, water additions help you keep cool while having fun outdoors with your family.

W T B C P A B RRetaining Walls and Privacy

Retaining walls allow you to manage elevation changes effectively while opening up yard space. They range from masonry to wood, with variable height options. Using quality materials ensures structural integrity and avoids potentially costly mistakes.

R WRetaining walls help create usable areas like raised garden beds on slopes. Combined with screening, it provides privacy solutions. You can also plant in front of walls so greenery eventually covers and softens the structures. Retaining walls and screening lets you maximise every inch of your outdoor area.

Bring Your Backyard Dreams to Life this Christmas with Aaron’s Outback Oasis Creations

At Aaron’s, our team has the backyard know-how to bring your yard dreams to life. Whether you want to add an entertainment deck, outdoor kitchen, pool, or studio or completely transform your landscape, we can deliver a fantastic result.

Our years of experience designing and building outdoor spaces means we consider all elements to meet your specific requirements on any project. Contact us today to start planning your dream backyard makeover this Christmas!


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