What You Don’t Know About Backyard Studios

Have you ever looked into your backyard and wondered how to use that space better? Have you ever wished for an extra room, a quiet place to escape, or a dedicated office space right at home? Let us introduce you to our backyard studios, a game-changer for optimizing outdoor space.

Backyard studios, also known as garden rooms, are versatile structures that can transform your backyard into an extension of your home. They offer the perfect solution for those who crave extra space without uprooting and moving to a larger house. Imagine having your own backyard home office, an art studio, a guest room, or a cozy retreat right in your garden. Intriguing, isn’t it?

In this article, we are set to convince you of the immense value that backyard studios can bring to your life. We will explore the versatility of these garden rooms, the financial benefits they can offer, and the potential they hold to increase the value of your property. We’ll also delve into how they can boost your productivity, primarily if you work from home, and how they can seamlessly blend with your existing home and garden aesthetics.

Don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading; you might plan your backyard studio before reaching the end. Trust us, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll see your backyard space in a new light.

The Versatility of Backyard Studios

Gone are the days when backyard studios were just glorified storage sheds. Today, the creative possibilities for these garden rooms are virtually endless. A backyard studio can be anything you want it to be. Need a quiet, dedicated workspace? Convert it into a backyard home office. Are you longing for a private sanctuary to practice yoga or meditation? A garden room can be your peaceful retreat. Do you often have guests over and wish for an extra room? Or a workshop, maybe? Voila! Your backyard studio can double as a comfortable guest room.

Converting the garden room into a pool house can be a brilliant idea for those who enjoy a good swim and sunshine in the summer. It provides a convenient space for changing, lounging, and storing pool equipment. This can significantly enhance your poolside experience and keep your main house free from wet footprints and pool clutter.

W Y D K A B SFrom Art Studio to Teenage Hangout

A backyard studio can also be a fantastic space for your hobbies or kids’ activities. Have you always wanted your art studio? Consider it done. Need a place for your teenagers to hang out with friends? The backyard studio is a perfect solution. From a quiet reading nook to a bustling game room, the versatility of garden rooms means they can adapt to your changing needs over time.

How Everyone Can Benefit from a Backyard Studio

Investing in a backyard studio is not just about adding an extra room. It’s about creating a flexible space to adapt and grow with your family. Whether it’s a home office today, an art studio tomorrow, or a guest room next week, a backyard studio provides a dedicated space for whatever you or your family need. It’s a solid investment that offers endless benefits to every family member, making it a versatile addition to your home.

The Tax Advantages of Backyard Studios

If you’ve been considering adding a backyard studio to your property, one aspect that might sweeten the deal is the potential for tax deductions. If you use your backyard studio as a dedicated workspace for a home business, some of the costs associated with the studio could be tax-deductible.

This can be a game-changer for artists using their garden room as an art studio, freelancers operating out of their backyard home office, or even those running a small business like a home bakery or a consulting service. The key here is the word ‘dedicated.’ It should be a space exclusively used for your work or business activities.

When Studios Qualify for Tax Deductions

While the possibility of tax deductions is undoubtedly appealing, it’s essential to understand the guidelines set by tax authorities. Generally, the space must be used regularly and exclusively for business purposes and must be your principal place of business.

Before making any decisions, it’s advisable to consult with a tax advisor or your local planning authority to understand the specifics. You should also check if you need planning permission for your backyard studio, especially for larger structures or granny flats.

Leveraging Tax Benefits

For small business owners, a backyard studio can offer more than just a functional workspace. Depending on your location and the nature of your business, you may be able to deduct a portion of your studio’s costs, including utilities, property taxes, and even depreciation.

Your studio’s floor plan can also play a role in determining the deductible amount. For example, if your studio takes up 15% of your total home area, you can deduct 15% of your eligible home expenses.

Backyard Studios as Home Value Boosters

Backyard studios are not just a great addition to your home in terms of functionality and aesthetics; they can also add significant value to your property. In today’s market, a well-designed backyard studio is viewed as a desirable feature by potential buyers, especially those who work from home or have multifaceted lifestyle needs.

Investing in a backyard studio adds another room to your home, increasing your property’s square footage and value. Realtors often highlight these garden rooms as a unique selling point, emphasizing their potential use as a home office, guest room, or hobby space.

Pool Area Studios

A poolside studio can be perfect if your property has a pool. It enhances the pool area’s functionality, offering a space for changing, relaxing, or entertaining right by the pool. This adds convenience and significantly boosts the property’s appeal to potential buyers who visualize the leisure and lifestyle benefits such an arrangement offers.

W Y D K A B SHow Studios Can Guarantee a Profit

When it comes time to sell your house, having a backyard studio can give you an edge in the competitive real estate market. A beautifully designed and versatile backyard studio can attract many potential buyers, increasing the demand and, subsequently, the price they are willing to pay for your property.

The cost of investing in a backyard studio can often be recouped and even exceeded when you sell your home, making it a savvy long-term investment. So, while enjoying your backyard studio’s extra space and functionality, remember that it’s also potentially padding your bank account for the future.

Backyard Studios and Increased Productivity

For those who have experienced the hustle and bustle of daily commutes, the idea of a backyard home office is a godsend. Backyard studios offer the perfect solution to cut down on commuting stress. Instead of spending hours on the road or public transport, you can now take a few steps into your garden and be at work. This saves you valuable time and energy, allowing you to start your workday fresh and relaxed, significantly boosting your productivity.

Studios as a Distraction-free Environment

While working from home offers advantages, it often comes with a fair share of distractions. Be it household chores, noisy neighbours, or the simple allure of the couch, maintaining focus can be challenging. Here’s where backyard studios come into play.

A backyard studio is a dedicated, distraction-free workspace where you can concentrate on your tasks. It provides the necessary separation from the main house, creating a psychological boundary that can help you switch into ‘work mode’. This can increase productivity, improve work-life balance, and improve work satisfaction.


Creating a Productive Space

Having a separate work environment in the form of a backyard studio can also increase your sense of professionalism. You can design and organize the space to suit your work needs, choosing furniture, lighting, and décor that inspire and motivate you.

Moreover, it provides a suitable space for business meetings or client visits, projecting a professional image while maintaining your home’s privacy.

In essence, a backyard studio can do more than provide extra space. It can create a productive environment that enhances your work-from-home experience, leading to better performance and greater job satisfaction.

Backyard Studios That Blend with Your Home

When designing your backyard studio, aesthetics are as important as functionality. The aim should be a structure that doesn’t resemble a storage shed but a seamless extension of your main house. This requires thoughtful design and careful selection of materials that complement your home’s existing architecture and décor.

Making Your Studio Blend with Your House

A simple yet effective way to ensure your studio blends with your home is through colour coordination. Match the exterior paint of your studio with that of your main house, or choose complementary colours. This creates a visual continuity that makes the studio appear an integral part of your property rather than an afterthought.

W Y D K A B SThe Appeal of a Well-Designed Studio

A well-designed backyard studio adds value to your property and impresses friends and family. It’s a testament to your taste and creativity and provides an additional space to entertain guests, making your home the go-to place for gatherings.

Blend in with your house and backyard.

Aarons Outdoor, a trusted name in backyard studios, is your perfect partner in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. Offering a wide range of studios in twelve standard sizes, Aarons allows for extensive customization to ensure your studio suits your style and taste. You can choose from options like a verandah, various finishes, modified doors and windows, and additional features like balustrades, steps, or ramps.

Aarons provides helpful DIY installation instructions to make the process even smoother, but if you prefer, their skilled team can manage the delivery and installation for you. If you’re considering enhancing your entertainment area with a backyard studio, contact the friendly staff at Aarons Outdoor today to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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