What you don’t know about backyard studios

Have you been considering building a studio in your backyard, but not quite convinced it’s the right choice for you? There are many reasons why studios are a great addition to your backyard. But don’t just take our word for it. We have found five facts about studios that are sure to convince you studios are a worthy investment.


They’re incredibly versatile

So you can’t live in a studio – you’ll need a workshop for that – but studios are good for more than just storage! There are an endless amount of uses for your studio. You can use it for a backyard office, a game room, a teenage hangout, a library, an art studio – the list is endless. The list of imaginative options goes on. A backyard studio can be a solid investment for the whole family.

Tax deductions

If you’re using your backyard studio as an office, you can claim it back as a tax deduction. Backyard studios are often eligible for the depreciation concession. However, you have to be careful with this. If you have a workshop with a bathroom and bedroom, rather than an office studio, you will not be able to claim this on tax, and if you try, your claim will be rejected. If you’re running a small business with less than 20 people and using your backyard office for this use, you can rightfully claim these costs back on tax.

Adding value to your home

Homeowners are often looking for ways to add value to their properties. One way of doing this is by installing a studio in your backyard. You can even consider installing your studio in your pool area and use it as a pool room or for storage. This is a great option if you’re looking to sell your house and are looking to guarantee a profit.

 Studios increase productivity

If you’re using your backyard studio as an office, you’ll find you’ll end up with an increase in work productivity. There are a few simple ways in which studios help productivity. Reasons vary depending on where you usually work. If you:

  • Commute: if you worked away from home and have been commuting daily, having a backyard studio will cut down the time you spend sitting in traffic. Instead of being stressed and spending time driving or commuting on public transport, all you have to do is walk to your backyard. You can, therefore, spend more time working, or have a more relaxing, stress-free morning before you start work in your studio.
  • Work from home: just because you don’t commute doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits for having a backyard studio. When you work from home, there are often numerous distractions, whether that be from family, visitors to the house, pets, or even just giving into the temptation to watch television instead of working. When you build a studio, you remove these distractions and therefore increase the work productivity. By removing your work environment from your house, you create a space that is distraction free and purely for work.

Blend in with your house and backyard

Worried about installing a studio in your backyard because you don’t want to look like you’ve got a shed in the backyard? Fortunately, another way studios are versatile is with the colour scheme. Your studio doesn’t have to stick out and be an eyesore. You can make it blend in with the colour scheme of your house and entertainment area, or use contrasting colours if that is more your style. Whatever you choose, you are sure to impress your friends and family with your new studio.
Convinced studios are a good choice? Aarons Outdoor Living can help you with your studio needs. We sell a range of studios, with twelve standard sizes available. You can even choose to install with or without a verandah and pick your type of finish. Studios can be made to suit your style and taste, with many customisable options available. We can modify the doors, and windows, and even include a balustrade, steps or ramps. All studios come with helpful D.I.Y installation instructions, otherwise, Aarons’ team can take care of all of the delivery and installation for you.
Think you want to buy a studio for your backyard? Contact one of Aarons friendly staff today, who will be able to help find the perfect studio for your entertainment area.

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