Top 5 Ways Colour Can Bring Your Backyard Back To Life

Is your backyard a bit tired and dull? Sometimes the best way to bring new life and revitalise your backyard is to introduce some colour! If you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Plants

Source: Homes To Love

Plants are an easy way to introduce some much-needed colour to your backyard. There are so many plants and colors to choose from! If you’re wanting something bright and bold, consider pink iceberg standard roses. These roses will compliment the green bushes and liven up any backyard. Plant flowers of different heights to add a sense of depth.

  1. Outdoor Furniture

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Your outdoor furniture can be a great way to add some extra colour to your backyard. Consider colour coordinating your furniture with the plants and nature in your backyard. Note how the purple cushions perfectly complement the blooming flowers in the pots. Having outdoor furniture not only makes your backyard a more welcoming, relaxing space where people will want to spend their time, but it can make it far more colourful. Consider what colours are already in your backyard, and decide on your colour scheme from there.

  1. Shade

Source: Decoist

It’s always important to have some shade in your outdoor entertainment area. Otherwise, no one is going to want to venture outside during the hot Summer afternoons. Sails or umbrellas may often be overlooked, but are a great way to introduce colour to your backyard. Using bright colours such as red or orange is sure to make your backyard look far more vibrant.

  1. Pot plants

Source: Botanical Events

Who said pot plants have to be boring? Gone are the days when pot plants only come in grey or brown pots. Now they can be every colour of the rainbow and really accentuate the colours of your backyard. Consider what materials you want your pot plants to be. They don’t just have to be plastic, they can even be ceramic or terracotta. Pot plants can generally come in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to be able to find one that is perfect for your backyard. Fill your pots with green plants to give your backyard even more colour.

  1. Lights

Colour LED lights with Laminar Deck Jets

Source: Pool Pros

No matter what’s already in your backyard, you can use lights to brighten up your backyard. You can use lights around the edges of your fencing, or even to light footpaths and steps throughout your backyard. This will mean your backyard will be bright and welcoming, even at night. If you’ve got a pool in your backyard, why not use this to introduce some colour? Make your pool look even more impressive by installing some LED lights. You can choose colours you like, or have settings where the colours change. Your friends and family will definitely want to go swimming at night when your pool is lit up with colourful LED lights.
Aarons Outdoor can help you introduce some colour and life to your backyard. We have many colourful items which will work to transform your backyard, including outdoor furniture and garden and water features such as ceramic and terracotta pots and ornaments, sculptures, and water features. Our lifestyle and entertainment range is sure to have something that is perfect for your backyard.

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