Not Just For Kids: The Best Cubby Houses For Adults

Who said cubby houses just have to be for kids? People are really always kids at heart. After looking at the designs of cubby houses, it’s hard not to want one for yourself. So we’ve found the best cubby houses for adults.

Compliments Nature

As an adult, you don’t need to bother with those bright, candy colours that are often found on kids cubby houses. Instead, you want a cubby with a colour scheme that complements your backyard. Having a green cubby is a fantastic choice. It allows you to blend in nature and make it look more sophisticated. Include a path leading up to the cubby for an extra element of elegance. This cubby house looks so sophisticated, you’re sure to find yourself spending far more time in your cubby than in your house.


If you’re looking to add an extra element of romance to your backyard, why not consider a cubby? Probably not something you have thought about before, but if you add in a few extra elements it can work as a great romantic place. Consider adding in candles, lanterns, fairy lights, cushions on the seats. Just bring some drinks and you’re all set for a romantic dinner in your very own backyard.


You can’t mention cubby houses for adults without mentioning tree-houses. There are tonnes of impressive tree-houses around the world, but the biggest of all may be The Minister’s Tree House in Tennessee, USA. This is a massive 80-room tree-house that any adult who is a kid at heart will want to stay in. This tree-house is 5 stories and nearly 30 metres tall. Unfortunately, adults might just have to imagine staying here, as while it still exists, it has been closed since 2012.


A lot of kids dream of one day living in a castle. This cubby house can help make those dreams a reality. This wooden cubby house is tucked away in the trees and makes for the perfect private getaway for adults. For those who never got to live in a castle as a child, this could be a dream come true. This really is proof that cubby and tree-houses aren’t just for kids!

Too Good For The Kids Tree-house

The name says it all – this tree-house is for the adults, NOT the kids. Blueforest makes tree-houses that are specifically for adults. This project was designed to capture the atmosphere and aesthetic of hideouts we dreamed about having when we were growing up. This tree-house could be your home-away-from-home. This is the dream tree-house for any adult that’s a kid at heart. It’s hard not to have serious tree-house envy after looking at these photos. From the design of the tree-house to the tree running through the middle to the rope bridges, this tree-house is the ultimate getaway. Blueforest have various different designs for their tree-houses, each as impressive as the next. You’ll just be left with the question, which one would you want in your backyard?
Aarons Outdoor can help to make the cubby house dreams of both children and adults come true. We have a huge range of cubby houses, with eight different sizes and five elevation kits. While our cubbies aren’t designed specifically for adults, they do have a minimal internal height of 1900mm, so adults can enjoy the cubby houses as much as their children.

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