Not Just For Kids: The Best Cubby Houses For Adults

Who would have thought cubby houses, traditionally the realm of children’s play, could offer such a delightful retreat for adults? These charming structures provide a sanctuary where grown-ups can unwind, indulge in leisure activities, or take a whimsical journey back to the carefree days of their youth. With its intimate size and rustic charm, a wooden cubby house invites adults to savour a moment of solitude or engage in hobbies without interruption.

T B C H F AThe appeal of these cubby houses extends beyond mere nostalgia. They are designed with the understanding that adults also value a private haven, a cozy nook to read, meditate, or pursue creative projects. With an array of styles ranging from classic kids’ cubby houses to more sophisticated and contemporary designs, there is a cubby house to suit every adult’s taste and backyard aesthetic. This article will showcase the finest cubby house designs, each offering a unique blend of privacy, comfort, and a dash of enchantment.

Compliments Nature

When selecting a cubby house for the serene environment of one’s backyard, adults tend to steer clear of the bright and flashy palettes that often characterise kids’ cubby houses. Instead, they favour natural colour schemes that enhance the existing beauty of their outdoor space. A wooden cubby house, with its earthy tones, perfectly complements the surrounding flora and fauna, creating a harmonious backdrop for relaxation and contemplation.


To further integrate these structures into the landscape, pathways can be crafted that meander through the garden, leading up to the inviting entrance of the cubby. Such thoughtful designs add sophistication and beckon adults to immerse themselves in the tranquillity of their outdoor haven.

The best cubby houses respect and elevate the natural setting, offering a subtle yet impactful presence. With a vast range of designs available, finding a cubby that respects the aesthetic of mature gardens and provides a delightful retreat is simpler than ever.


Imagine a secluded nook in the garden where romance flourishes under the stars. Far from just a kid’s cubby, Cubby houses have evolved into enchanting spaces for couples seeking a whimsical backyard escape. The soft glow from lanterns and fairy lights weaves a spellbinding ambience, perfect for an evening of connection and warmth.

T B C H F ATo enhance the allure, the cubby’s interior can be adorned with plush cushions, pillows, and blankets, creating an inviting cocoon that beckons couples to linger in comfort. These excellent features transform a simple structure into a cosy retreat for two.

Whether it’s an intimate date night dinner or a laid-back wine tasting, the charm of a new cubby house elevates any romantic encounter. With the addition of a particular organic treatment to the wood, these spaces promise magical moments and ensure a natural and eco-friendly setting that complements the tender occasion.


The allure of treehouses is timeless, and no discussion about cubby houses is complete without acknowledging these lofty retreats. Across the globe, adults marvel at some of the incredibly impressive treehouses built, with the Minister’s Tree House in Tennessee being a prime example. This colossal structure boasted 80 rooms and embodied the grandeur of arboreal architecture.

T B C H F AAlthough this particular treehouse is no longer open for public exploration, it remains a testament to the ingenuity and creativity that adult treehouses represent. They embody childhood dreams, allowing for a life nestled among the rustling leaves and sturdy branches.

Adult treehouses often come with excellent features that integrate seamlessly with the natural environment, offering excellent quality in materials and design. With special organic treatment for the wood and the addition of elements like a swing set, these structures provide a unique experience—a new cubby in the canopy, blending the best cubby aspirations with the majesty of mature trees.


The concept of a castle cubby house is where fantasy meets physical form, conjuring an enchanting retreat that satisfies the whimsical yearnings of both young and old. These tucked-away wooden sanctuaries are more than mere play areas; they are architectural reveries that transport adults back to the fabled tales of their youth.

T B C H F AWhen adults step into their castle cubbies, they are transported to a realm where they reign supreme, surrounded by the tranquillity of their private forest kingdom. It’s an ultimate backyard fantasy, offering a taste of regal life where one can live like a monarch in their territory’s comfort.

These majestic structures serve as a vivid reminder that the wonder of cubby houses transcends age. A castle cubby house is a testament to the enduring allure of personal realms, proving that such spaces are not solely the domain of children but a canvas for the imagination of all ages.

Too Good for the Kids

Aarons Outdoor, an innovative company at the forefront of luxury treehouses, has redefined the concept of the cubby house. These structures are far from the simple kid’s cubby houses of yesteryear; they are bespoke hideaways crafted for those who seek an elegant refuge that evokes their most cherished childhood dreams.

Stepping inside one of Aarons’s creations, you’re greeted with sophisticated interior wood elements, from sturdy oak beams to polished mahogany floors. The exterior boasts enchanting rope bridges and expansive wraparound porches, emphasising the luxuriousness of these adult-only escapes. Among the best cubby houses we offer, one might find an ultra-luxe design featuring a wine cellar or a private study with panoramic forest views.

T B C H F AOne particularly striking example is a wooden cubby house perched high among the leaves, accessible only by a swing bridge that sways gently in the breeze—a feature that, while cool, is not intended for the vitality of children. These are spaces of excellent quality and exquisite detail, designed to fulfil the fantasies of grown-ups.

As you explore the vast range of possibilities, you can’t help but ponder which of these magnificent treehouses you would choose for your backyard. Would it be the one with a rooftop garden or perhaps a hidden art studio? These cubby houses raise delightful questions of preference and imagination, underlining that they are not for kids.

Forever Young: The Grown-Up’s Guide to Backyard Bliss

The world of cubby houses has expanded to embrace the whims of adults, providing sanctuaries where relaxation and fun prevail. The best designs blend seamlessly with nature’s palette or fulfil long-held fantasies of fairy-tale fortresses and lofty treetop havens.

These structures are more than mere aesthetic additions to a yard—they are cozy nooks for respite, fostering romantic interludes beneath the stars. Aarons Outdoors understands this dual need for quality and enchantment, offering a range of cubby houses that adults will find as delightful as any child.

A cubby house from Aarons Outdoors reminds you that maturity doesn’t mean relinquishing the joy of play or the peace of a quiet retreat. A profound truth is within the walls of these grown-up playhouses: you never have to fully grow up as long as there’s a cubby house waiting for you behind your back. Call us now and get a free estimate!

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