Re-Thatching is Not a DIY Job

Having a thatched roof on your Bali Hut or African Thatch gives a fantastic exotic feel to any backyard, and can quickly transform something dull into a tropical paradise. However, from time to time, that thatched roof will need repairing. There is no use grabbing a ladder and attempting to do it on your own. This is a job for the pros at Aarons Outdoor.

Wear and tear

Aarons Outdoor Living produce high-quality Australian-made products using the highest-grade materials. These products are built-to-last with proper care and maintenance, but unfortunately, even well-constructed thatched roofs will be in need of repair or replacing at some point. There are things out of our control that can contribute to wear and tear to outside thatched roofs, such as harsh weather conditions or wildlife.

Trust the experts

Trying to patch up a thatched roof on your own is not always the best idea. If you are unfamiliar with the architecture of a thatched roof, you can often do more damage than good, or have it end up looking like patchwork; especially if you aren’t using the right materials. Plus, you may find yourself having to re-do the work again in a few months if the job was not done correctly.

Leave the thatch work to the experts. Our re-thatching specialists are trained on getting your thatched roof looking like new again. We don’t mix and match products. Instead, you will get quality Alang Alang Bali Grass or African Cape Reed tiles that match. Whether it is thatch repair or complete thatch replacement, leaving it to someone who knows the ins and outs of thatched roofs will ensure you have the very best end product possible.

A simple change to the feel of your backyard

Re-thatching isn’t just for roofs that need repair or maintenance. You can often transform the look of an existing structure with a thatch roof. You won’t need to buy a whole new structure, but this simple change can really change the feel of your backyard. Give Aarons Outdoor Living a call to see if this is something we can do for you.

Reduce the need for repairs

You can help keep away the need for significant repairs that can be costly by having regular thatch maintenance. It’s good to check for irregularities that can easily be repaired. Otherwise, these small problems can become big ones. This will help put off the need for a greater re-thatching or complete thatch replacement.

Professionals can help with insurance claims

If your re-thatch is to be claimed back on your home insurance, then a professional company will be able to help you in your claim. The process will often run a lot smoother if you let professionals handle it. We can submit a quote right to your insurance agency on your behalf. All you need to do is a make a phone call to Aarons, and we will take care of everything, leaving you with nothing to stress about.

If you suspect your thatched roof needs a repair or maintenance, then Aarons Outdoor Living is here to help. For over 20 years, Australia has been relying on Aarons to provide maintenance and repairs to thatched roofs, leaving them with a fabulous area to enjoy again.

Explore Our Re-thatching Service

Don’t have a covered area with thatched roof yet? If you’re wanting to transform the look of your backyard, then a Bali hut or African Thatch from Aarons Outdoor is the perfect feature to start with. Check out our outdoor thatched roof products and accessories to add even more to the atmosphere.

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