Real Life Backyard Renovations

Transforming your outdoor space into a realm of comfort and delight has never been easier with Aarons’ extensive array of backyard renovation products. Whether you’re in the market for a cozy gazebo, an expansive outdoor dining table, or versatile outdoor furniture that marries style with durability, Aarons is your go-to destination. Each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty of your backyard space and withstand the elements, ensuring that your outdoor sanctuary is both inviting and enduring.

We recognize that our products are not just items you purchase; they are the backdrop to your family’s memories and moments of relaxation. That’s why we value customer feedback immensely to hone in on your needs and preferences. This commitment to satisfaction is evident through the glowing testimonials we’ve received, showcasing real-life transformations that fill us with pride.

We’ll guide you through a curated selection of our offerings, illustrate the impact of our products on real customers’ lives, and provide insights into how we can help elevate your outdoor space to a haven of entertainment and leisure. Join us on a journey to redefine your backyard into a personal paradise that beckons for shared laughter, tranquil afternoons, and the simple joy of being outside.

Customer Experiences with Our Backyard Solutions

Delightful Playtime with Castle Cubby

When Lily from Mount Barker decided to give her outdoor area a backyard makeover, she never imagined how a Castle Cubby could become the focal point of her children’s outdoor living adventures. Vibrant hues brought the cubby to life, igniting imagination and providing a burst of colour against the natural backdrop.

R L B RThe elevated design added dimension to her backyard and offered a panoramic view of her blossoming garden. It wasn’t just a play area; it transformed into an outdoor room of wonder. Lily’s story is a testament to how innovative backyard ideas like a Castle Cubby can create enchanting experiences for the entire family.

Versatile Backyard Studios for the Family

Backyard studios offer the perfect amalgamation of form and function, seamlessly blending into any landscape design. They are an excellent place for those seeking a new, low-maintenance addition to their home that caters to the whole family. Whether it’s a quiet play area for the kids, a productive home office, or a creative art studio, the adaptability of these structures is unmatched.


Our studios are designed with customization at the forefront; take the navy and white studio example, which not only complements the nautical theme of the adjacent backyard garden but also provides a little space for tranquillity after a long day. The studio serves as the perfect time-out spot for parents and an unbelievable play zone for children, proving to be a sublime investment for families looking to enhance their outdoor living experience.

Bali Huts: A Touch of Tropical Paradise

A Bali Hut has completely overhauled a lacklustre pool area, crafting a slice of tropical paradise. This open space now boasts an exotic landscape design, where the thatched roof of the Bali Hut whispers of island getaways and the structure itself evokes a holiday-like atmosphere. A low-maintenance hut, surrounded by a lush backyard garden, has become the preferred retreat for the whole family, offering a serene escape after a long day.

T C B HThe Bali Hut installation has provided a picturesque focal point, a practical play area for children, and a shaded lounge for adults, enhancing the summer experience. It’s a tiny space that has significantly impacted everyday swimming sessions into immersive tropical escapades. The huts are a testament to the power of purposeful design in creating a year-round vacation feel at home.

Enhancing Poolside Relaxation

Creating a Gazebo Getaway

Introducing a gazebo to your outdoor area can transform it into a new entertainment hub, especially when integrated with a backyard renovation project. Gazebos not only offer a sheltered seating area but also serve as an elegant addition that provides visual interest to the existing landscape. To ensure the addition appears seamless, matching the gazebo’s style with the home’s architecture and garden is crucial, creating a cohesive look.

F A G T W I Y F MWith the right design choice, the gazebo can become integral to your backyard, inviting guests to gather around a cozy firepit or enjoy refreshments on a chic side table. This well-planned structure enhances the functionality of your space while also elevating the overall aesthetic, making it an idyllic spot for relaxation and outdoor entertaining.

Birthday Celebrations with Custom Cubby Houses

For Tyler’s birthday, the surprise of a new custom cubby house, complete with a vibrant slide, was the highlight of his special day. Customized cubby houses are more than play areas; they are the canvas for imagination and the foundation of countless joyful memories. Placing one in your backyard can spark endless excitement for children, turning a simple birthday into an unforgettable adventure.

A P C H T G Y ITailored to fit the child’s dreams, these cubby houses can complement backyard makeovers, adding function and charm. The personalization aspect ensures that no two cubby houses are the same, just as no two children’s fantasies are identical. This birthday surprise encapsulates the essence of personalized backyard ideas, creating a space where laughter echoes, and childhood merriment is celebrated daily.

Preparing for the Cooler Months

The Practicality of Aarons Sheds

As the cooler months approach, the importance of having a reliable shed to store garden tools and protect them from the harsh winter elements cannot be overstated. Our sheds are not just practical but are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your tools remain in top condition and safeguarded from rust and wear due to moisture and cold.

Integration of a shed into the backyard is a critical aspect of landscape design, and with our Sheds, homeowner-canto customizes its storage solutions. These sheds can be designed to mirror the home’s aesthetic, blending naturally with the existing features, be it a modern look or a rustic charm. The goal is to create a functional little space that enhances the backyard garden’s overall beauty.

G SIn addition to storage, these sheds offer flexibility in their use. They can become a play area for children, a workshop for the hobbyist, or even a cozy retreat after a long day — a testament to their versatility. Their low maintenance nature is a significant advantage, as they require minimal upkeep, allowing families to focus on enjoying the great place that is their own backyard without the worry of constant maintenance.

The perfect time to install a brand-new shed is during the transition into the cooler seasons. It’s an ideal period to organize and store away summer equipment and prepare the tools you’ll need for winter. Incorporating a shed into your outdoor space adds value to your property. It ensures that your backyard remains tidy and well-organized, making it ready and welcoming for the whole family, regardless of season.

Backyard Renovations for Every Dream

From African Thatch to Workshops

Backyard renovations can take many forms, from installing a rustic African thatch to the practicality of a workshop. Each structure has its unique charm and functionality. An African Thatch offers a cool, shaded area that adds an exotic touch, while a Bali Hut provides a tropical retreat in your backyard. Sheds serve as robust storage spaces or hobby areas, and Cubbies bring joy to children, fueling their imagination and play. Workshops can be a haven for DIY enthusiasts or serve as a personal gym.

W Y S A A A T T Y BPersonalization is critical; it tailors these structures to fit each homeowner’s vision and requirements. Whether it’s the choice of materials, size, or additional features like insulation or built-in storage, the aim is to seamlessly merge these structures into the landscape, making every backyard dream a reality.

The Transformation Process

Aarons Outdoor specializes in turning your backyard aspirations into tangible realities. The transformation process is straightforward and client-centric, beginning with a consultation to understand your vision and requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how they assist in backyard transformations:

1. Consultation: To recommend the proper structure to understand the client’s needs and backyard size. We will help guide and tailor the structure’s design to align with the client’s desires and the backyard’s landscape.

2. Selection: Choosing materials and features that fit the client’s lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

3. Installation: A professional installation by Aarons’ team ensures the structure is built to last.

4. Follow-up: Post-installation support to ensure client satisfaction and provide maintenance tips.

Selecting the proper structure for your needs and backyard size is crucial. It affects the functionality and aesthetics of the space and ensures that the renovation enhances the quality of life for those using it. With expert guidance, the perfect backyard transformation is within reach.

The Aarons Difference

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Aarons Outdoor is synonymous with unwavering quality and customer satisfaction. Each product is crafted with precision and care, ensuring longevity and customer delight. Real customer testimonials and transformative before-and-after photos attest to our commitment to excellence, fulfilling their clients’ backyard dreams.


A P C H T G Y IAfter-Sales Support and Services

After-sales support is pivotal at Aarons, ensuring each backyard structure remains pristine. With services ranging from regular maintenance checks to repair and upgrade advice, Aarons is dedicated to providing long-term customer happiness. This comprehensive approach underscores their reputation for quality service beyond the sale.

Your Dream Backyard Awaits You

If backyard transformations, Aarons’ products are a testament to the joy and enchantment a well-crafted space can bring. Their diverse range promises the perfect setting for any entertainment area, echoing the satisfaction of delighted customers. As each testimonial reflects a story of transformation and happiness, it’s clear that the journey to your dream backyard begins with Aarons Outdoor. Embrace the possibility of endless summer nights and serene winter days in your personalized oasis. Contact Aarons today and step into the backyard you’ve always envisioned.

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