Top Trends in Backyard Renovation

Is it time to rethink your backyard, but you’re just not sure how to do it? Take inspiration from our list of the hottest trends in backyard renovation.


Small Backyard Modern Design

Source: Top Landscape Design

Keeping a minimalist approach to colour schemes will see you keeping up with prominent urban backyard trends. You will want to stick towards white, greys and blacks to give an urban feeling to your outdoor space. You can add one bright pop of colour as a highlight which helps bring a feeling of vibrancy and energy.
There has also been a shift in backyard design, veering away from “overly showy” backyards and more towards more simplified, natural appearances. With minimalist thinking you can turn your own backyard into an urban paradise.

Bringing the indoors outdoors

The outdoor living area has been one of the biggest trends dominating the past few years. Where once there was a separation of the indoors and outdoors, this is no longer the case. People are now identifying the outdoor entertainment area as not just an option but a necessity. This transition from the indoors to the outdoors is not solely limited to couches and chairs. People are incorporating kitchens, hobby areas and even spa areas into their backyard.
gazeboThese days outdoor entertainment options are extremely versatile and allow for varying weather conditions and backyard themes, meaning that there really is an outdoor entertainment area for every household.

Mixed material outdoor furniture

Along with the shift towards outdoor entertainment, there have been many practical and aesthetic considerations made by outdoor furniture manufacturers. Mixed material designs (such as resin and wood, iron and wood, teak and stainless steel) have grown in popularity due to their unique contrast, promoting the smooth transition from the indoor area to the outdoor area.
outdoor furniture
For many homeowners, the outdoor living area is an extension of their home, rather than a separate area altogether, meaning the mixed material approach offers the greatest flexibility for style experimentation.
As well as furniture, you also want your outdoor accessories to complement the theme and interior design of the home. Try to make a connection between the natural beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of the indoors.

Water Features

Working alongside a minimalist theme, a backyard water feature can serve as a focal point or a natural highlight. It’s a simple way of adding a bit of sophistication to your yard without a massive commitment physically and financially. You can choose between bubbling fountains, waterfalls and ponds, depending on overall theme you want to achieve in your outdoor space.

As well as being stunning to look at, cascading water features also serve to eliminate backyard noise problems, especially for those who live right next to a busy street. Water features are also weather versatile, as they can look great regardless of the weather. Depending on your preference, a water feature can be a sound, inexpensive investment in your next backyard renovation.

What’s next for your backyard?

Whether you’re willing to commit to larger scale or smaller scale project, there is a backyard renovation option for you. So get out there, get inspired, and chase down your dream backyard.
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