Ultimate Guide to Picking a Cubby House

The Courier-Mail recently interviewed Polly Creevey to help assemble the Ultimate Guide to Picking a Cubby House!
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Hamptons-style and ‘mini-me’ cubbies, mimicking the style of the main house, are in demand as parents look for ways to get their kids outside and away from technology.

Polly Creevey from Aarons Outdoor says demand for cubby houses and forts is growing as families try to create enticing and challenging outdoor play spaces.

“It’s becoming increasingly challenging to encourage kids to play outside when they have devices like iPads indoors,” Polly notes. “Parents are turning to cubby houses, swings, monkey bars, and forts more than ever.” She adds, “We offer a wide range of options, from Hamptons-style cubby houses to jungle gym forts and agility-enhancing climbing tools, including monkey bars, swings, and expansive treehouse designs.

Pick a Cubby Suited to Your Backyard and Home

Polly says the ‘Taj Mahal’ with Queenslander-style verandah and ‘Castle Cubby’ are the most popular designs, but there are five main things to consider before taking the plunge.

1. Longevity of Use: One of the first questions to ask is how long you want your child to use the play equipment. Kids love having their secret hideout; with the right choice, a cubby house can grow with them. Investing in a larger, wooden cubby house built from high-quality Australian timber allows for continued use through their teenage years, transforming from a play space to a teenage retreat or clubhouse.

2. Backyard Space: Assess how much space you have available. It’s crucial not to overcrowd your garden, as a too-large cubby might dominate the space. Our range includes sizes starting from the compact 1.7m x 1.8m Cottage Cubby, ensuring that even smaller backyards can accommodate a beautiful cubby house.

3. Visibility and Safety: Consider an open-style fort cubby to monitor your children as they play. These structures are designed to foster imagination while allowing for parental supervision, making them a safe and fun choice for younger children.

4. Cubby Height: The play needs of children change as they grow, so consider a cubby house that can adapt. Lower cubbies are great for younger children and can be elevated later as they grow. With five different heights available, you can choose a model that accommodates uneven ground and adds fun features like slides, fireman’s poles, or rock walls.

5. Aesthetic Compatibility: Many parents prefer a cubby that complements the style of their home. Colorbond Steel is an excellent option for roofs and comes in colours that can match your house, ensuring the cubby looks like a part of your home rather than an addition.

You ensure that the kids’ cubby house fits your backyard and becomes a cherished place where your children can play and explore. Whether it’s wooden cubby houses or more modern designs, picking the best option requires attention to these details to create a safe and engaging environment that kids love.

“We’ve designed our cubbies with elevation kits to minimize the need for extensive site preparation. As long as no plants obstruct the area, a cubby house with an elevation kit can be customized to accommodate any slope in your backyard,” explains Polly. “We also construct our cubbies to extend from the front of retaining walls, which is an excellent strategy for maximizing space.”

In design, involving children is crucial to ensure they remain engaged with the play area for over a few weeks. “We love having children come to play in all of our display models, where they can imagine running their shop, home, workshop, or school,” says Polly. Kids are particularly fond of our cubby servery window, which includes a chalkboard, awning, and serving bench. Our cubbies are designed to spark any child’s imagination.”

Polly notes that cubbie prices range from $2,000 to $15,000, with the larger boutique designs at the higher end of the spectrum. “On average, parents spend about $5,000 to transform their backyard into a dynamic play area,” she adds.

Five Top Tips for Parents

Creating an engaging and dynamic play area for children in your backyard involves thoughtful planning and customization. Here are the top five things to consider to ensure they build the perfect play space:

1. Choose the Perfect Size: Start by assessing the space available in your backyard. Select a cubby house that fits well without overcrowding the area. This ensures enough room for the structure and safe play around it.

2. Add an Elevation Kit: Elevating your cubby can add a new dimension of fun and make the structure more exciting. There are five different heights, allowing you to customize the elevation based on your child’s age and safety requirements. Higher elevations are perfect for older children, providing a better view and more adventurous play.

3. Select Climbing and Sliding Options: To enhance physical activity, incorporate elements such as a rock wall, slide, or fireman’s pole. These features make the play area more fun and help children develop motor skills and physical strength.

4. Encourage Imagination with Accessories: Accessories like a servery window, steering wheels, binoculars, flower boxes, sandpit hoists, and flags stimulate creative and imaginative play. These additions transform a simple cubby into a versatile playhouse where children can invent endless games and stories.

5. Choose a Finish: Selecting the right finish for your cubby. Staining or painting protects the wood from the elements and enhances the playhouse’s aesthetic appeal. Choose a colour or stain that complements your garden’s style and makes the play area a visually appealing part of your outdoor space.

By following these steps, you can create a safe, stimulating, and stylish play area that will entertain your children for years and become a cherished part of their childhood memories.

Create Lasting Memories with the Perfect Cubby House

Creating a magical outdoor play space for your children has never been more crucial in the bustling digital age. A cubby house offers a sanctuary where kids can explore their creativity away from screens and serves as a space where childhood memories are made. Whether your child dreams of a quaint cottage or a sprawling castle, Aarons Outdoor has a solution tailored just for your backyard.

By considering factors like longevity, space, visibility, height, and design, you can choose a cubby that grows with your child and fits seamlessly into your landscape. With options ranging from vibrant colour themes to dynamic climbing accessories, Aarons Outdoor ensures every cubby house is a gateway to adventure.

Don’t wait to transform your backyard into a thrilling adventure land. Explore Aarons Outdoor’s range of cubby houses and find the perfect match for your family’s needs. Let’s build a playground to keep your kids enchanted, active, and imaginative for years!

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